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I loved this book The Cowboy s way is part of the Billionaires and Babies series I read it as a standalone If the rest of the books are as ood as this one I can t wait to read the rest of the seriesTJ and Heather are neighbors They don t know each other The only time they have met is when Heather s horse jumped her fence and TJ bought it back to her He was mad that she couldn t keep her horse off his land TJ was raised by a single mother that worked hard to ive him all that he needed When he was 10 he and his mother ot sick She could only afford to take him to the doctor He Communicating Effectively got better but she ended up dying Later he went into foster care and later to the last chance ranch where he met other young men that he now considers his family I loved how close the big family was in this storyHeather is a single mother I feel in love with her two year old son he was just so darn cute Heather lost he father and her fianc right after she found out she was pregnant She works hard to keep up with the ranch but the bills are stacking up She does have her stubborn pride She vows she will never be anyone s charity s case When TJ see s Heather stranded on his side of a flooded creek he can t just walk away He invites Heather and her son back to his home Up to this point he had no idea she had a son He also didn t know how beautiful Heather was This was a delightful story I could feel the loverowing between TJ and Heather I also loved reading about TJ playing with her son This was ok very boring I didn t feel any connection to or between the characters Honestly I wish I could et a refund for this 399 for a book that I didn t really like at all Although the story was a bit predictable I always enjoy a ood billionaire and baby story T J Malloy s family saga is a perfect story or should I say series of stories I enjoyed his characterization than I did that of Heather Wilson the heroine I found her a bit too stubborn while being needy at the same time I like my heroines to be stubborn when needed but sensible It is a personal taste There are uite a few typos such as T J new wouldn t be wiseOn my Kindle the book ends at 88% meaning 12% of the book is back matter It is my understanding that anything than 10% is not acceptable to Perhaps on another s Kindle settings this is different I surely hope so Good readAn interesting story line between feuding families Some plot twists to keep the reader intrigued too I like a ood Mills and Boon read 45 Star RatingIn this story we have our hunky hero rancher T J Malloy his very seldom seen next door neighbor Heather Wilson and her two year old son TJ has been feuding with his neighbor for months because her stalli. When a cowboy rescues a single mom he promises to do things the right way his way in this story from USA TODAY bestselling author Kathie DeNosky Rancher T J Malloy doesn't think twice before.

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Online kindle The Cowboys Way The Good the Bad and the Texan #4 author Kathie DeNosky –

To buy her ranch so he starts burning down barns or taking shots at her Unfortunately we just et lots of Heather being a moron When TJ Malloy across a car on a flooded out road went to try to help not knowing was his neighbor had words with several times But had been raised that you always helped someone in needFinds out even to his neighbor that he realized She is a single Mom and really needs help Feelings run high but can he convince Heather he wouldn t hurt her or the little boy A fast pace lovestory The Cowboy s Way by Kathie DeNosky is the continuation of the Billionaires and Babies series It can be read either as part of the series or alone As I enjoy reading series books I recommend reading the seriesTJ Malloy is a rancher and one of the boys who was taken in by Hank at the Last Chance Ranch as a young teen His mother was poor and she made sure TJ never went hungry but when they both Enzymes Enzyme Therapy got sick and she made sure he had the medicine she passed away from complications of pneumonia He was placed with hisrandmother until she passed away and was then put into the Foster system He made something of his life but can t sit by and watch history repeat itselfHeather Wilson is a single Mom because her fiance passed away She took over the Family ranch but due to her Father s illness and the medical bills she s been one step behind the tax collector She s been a thorn in TJ s side since her stallion kept jumping the fence and would mate with his brood mares What TJ didn t know is that she too was a single Mom with a young son They Blindsided got to know each other after Heather and her son were caught in some flood water on their way back to their ranch Both are sick but Heather doesn t have the medication she needs toet better because of her lack of funds Thankfully she was able to At Land get some medication for her sick little boy and they were on their way home TJ refuses to let history repeat itself The only problem is that he doesn t tell Heather about his past and she thinks he s just sticking his nose in to where it doesn t belong Great story Loved it5 out of 5 stars D2347 Jan15 4 of the foster brothers in The Good the Bad and the Texan series TJ Malloy discovers there s to his neighbor Cassidy Wilson and her toddler son Seth when a flood traps them near his ranch He won t let them stay in her car insisting they stay with him Her stallion had broken through the fence toet to TJ s brood mares and he was not happy about that She s been alone on the ranch since her fianc and her father diedJT Is one of the brothers mentioned in the series The Good the Bad and the Texan 1 His Marriage to Remember D2161 June12 and in D2242 Jul13 A Baby Between Friends Ppingly beautiful and in desperate need of the kind of help only he can On the Run give As the floodwaters rise so does their passion and TJ will do whatever it takes toet Heather to stayon his terms.

On continues to escape and impregnate his maresThis books comes from a The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, great series The Good The Bad and the Texan about six foster brothers who ended up at Last Chance Ranch instead of juvie or jail They were mentored by the owner Hank and he helped these six troubled teensrow into Russian Winter good men Each book tells one brother s story and they are allreat readsThe area has been receiving a lot of rain and it just won t uit The town is now flooded and it only worsens TJ heads for his ranch and when he is about to turn off onto his drive he notices a car further down the way and clearly sees it s in trouble He drives down the road and when he arrives at the other vehicle he ends up rescuing his neighbor and her baby from a uickly sinking car They are both drawn to each other but they are stubborn individuals It is interesting to watch these two Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, grow a little closer then retreat Advance and retreat several times A veryood story that I will re read in a few months I highly recommend this book as well as the series Another sweet installment in The Good The Bad and The Texan series 25 stars I m not even sure how I Pregnant Man got this ebook if it s not even released yet and it s not my type of story but whateverKind of annoyed with Heather Her ex s parents accused her of being aold digger so she s determined to never ever accept help of any kind from anybody for any reason This oes well beyond prideful or stubborn and right into fucking stupid Because it results in things like trying to take care of a working ranch all on your own while sick with the flu and carrying around a two year old the whole time Or contemplating crossing the road that s underwater while driving a tiny sedan with a sick child in the back seat Heather doesn t even have any friends she s so convinced she has to and can do everything on her own by herself and alone It s frustrating to read about somebody shooting themselves in the foot over and over again If that horrible attitude weren t enough she also ets offended by everything that comes out of TJ s mouth She s rude and contrary She doesn t want anyone else bonding with her son as if she can somehow be the only person he ll ever need or come into contact with She jumps to conclusions I mean leaps She was about to move to another state because she refused to open an envelope and find out the truth It was simply ridiculous and I did not enjoy her at all TJ was a little slow on the uptake but he made an effort Heather was just a oddamn mess Her son Seth totes adorable thoughNothing special Kinda boring really Not much happens aside from Heather being a moron I was almost hoping a threat would appear like some shady character wants. Saving a woman and her baby from raging floodwaters and taking them to his ranch So what if it's Heather Wilson the neighbor he's feuded with for months Heather also happens to be heart sto.

Kathie writes at night with country tunes playing from a local radio station while the rest of the world sleeps It's the uiet time of the night that inspires her to craft her stories with a uniue style of sensuality interspersed with a little humorKathie has been a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist twice Her June 2001 release His Baby Surprise received the National Readers'