[ebook Book] Ò Sand and Ruin and Gold Ruin #1 EPUB BY Alexis Hall Ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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They meet get to know one another and develop something deeply beautiful was what won me over at the end I will surely read this again sometime if only to feel the swoon worthy moments for a second time It s in reality the first time I ever read about two characters falling in love without even talking to each other It s like they were reading one another s mind Or destined to be together The Prince is an absolutely sweet character and maybe for some easy to connect with if we ignore the fact that he has been created by scientists The Mer though is mysterious and we don t know much about him if we even know something I think it would have been interesting to read his oint of view The story would have been clearer and the ending would have surely not bothered me that much Because it is vague and doesn t assure us readers that everything will be alright for our dear couple And those endings are the worst for me And HFN ending will await youThe writing was superb so no roblem there The acing Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl perfect and well fitting There was also a detectable calm atmosphere I would have liked for it to be intense though since it could have given so much importance to everything happening but it wasleasant nonethelessIt is worth reading even though I did say negative things about it It is short thirty nine Film on the Left pages long so it can definitely be read in a single sitting and enjoyed mainly for therecious love story I never read an MM romance with mermen before or any kind of similar creature but it was a good first book in that categor. With them thought he was happy For a year he thought he was free But then Nerites came A merman who refused to be tamed A captive from another kingdom A beast in a glass cageThe old stories always end with happy ever after But this isn’t one of the old stories This is a story of rinces and monsters.

Rm and fuzzy feeling it is unforgettable and the writing is absolutely exuisite WowThis somehow touched my soulThis was like a legend A myth And Alexis s style really suits this This tale is set in a sort of dystopic future but the voice in which it s told rovides this unmistakable feeling of a faraway story from thousand years ago A story told by word of mouth in order to reach our very own ears This tale feels like it travelled from the The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal pastlowing through oceans of timeI can really look at you in your eyes and say It really works it s really aliveEpicGift from Helle thank you A merman and a human boy Two lonely souls One love storyThey encounter one another at the Cirue de la Mer and the Prince is mystically drawn to the Mer He becomes his obsession but The Mob perhaps also his salvation It was such a short story I wanted needed It was well executed and an original story but it lacked at multiplelaces And I m saying this because I have read short stories with a relatively good and detailed world building context or secondary characters In this though we barely know anything about the settings we have no idea who this Prince really is and if the King actually exists I also doubted by moments if the Prince really was made by scientists or if it was all some sort of metaphor And well there are barely any secondary characters and if there are it doesn t feel like the author wants us to focus on themThe Mer and the Prince s love story is very cute and endearing but there is almost no romance at all Still witnessing the way. Prince A Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, perfectrince to embody his father’s legacyThe scientists each brought the Who Killed Blanche DuBois? prince a gift beauty strength ambition intellectride But they must have forgotten something because when he saw the mermaids dance at the Cirue de la Mer he ran away to join themFor a year he trained them erformed.

Once upon a time there was a king of a fallen kingdom this is the beginning of an exceptional short story that tugged at my heartstrings A brilliantly written erfect story so sad and hauntingly beautiful a masterpiece that will stick with me a long time Yes reading it did hurt but simultaneously it touched my soul deeplyI always loved fairytales tales of enchanted castles and haunted O Jogo do Acaso places I grew up with tales from Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm brothers The history of my country is interwoven with those old tales When I was little my mom read them to me and when I got older we used to sit at campfires and tell us those old fairytales again and againAnd then decades later my dear friend Mel comes along and recommends Alexis wonderful tale from arince and a merman to me two different creatures who can admire one another from afar but who were never meant to live in the same world I loved how Alexis describes Nerites the merman He s a The Wedding Day predator a wil A book to be read aloud like a campfire ghost storyart cautionary tale and as those things always go art love storyLove is terrifying and it hurts and never so than when you are alone watched closely but never seen I ll never recognize every nuance of this book i could read it a thousand times and find something new every time but I ll never forget how it felt to read it this first time in a single dizzying breath stealing sitting I didn t like the ending but I didn t hate it either 45 stars rounded up because even though this story doesn t leave me with a wa. Once upon a time that’s how the old stories always beginOnce upon a time there was a king of a fallen kingdom He was just and he was beloved Or so the numbers said One day he gathered together the greatest wisest minds in all the land not sorcerers but scientists and he bade them fashion him a son

ebook Book Ò Sand and Ruin and Gold Ruin #1 EPUB BY Alexis Hall Ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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