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Sacred texts but she almost is anyway She feels alive in the musty cellar where the history of her village is hiddenAli thinks he fights for God That s what he s heard for months of training and he is happy when they finally move forward to start to fight Until people ie that isThere are side characters that are well fleshed out on both sides and I think it made my comprehension of what is happening in some places in the world much better Writing style Blood and Ink is written in first person point of view past tense Some chapters are from Kadi s perspective others from Ali s Feels All the feels with Blood and Ink It really Croma Venture: The Spiral Wars, Book 5 does convey both the hope and theespair very well The righteousness of the leader and the strong sense of belonging and history with the villagersI love this sound of exploding bottles It is the sound of purity and wisdom the sound of God returning to TimbuktuOur very first song will be the political song Alla Le Ke It tells the story of two princes in a kingdom called Tumana One brother stoe the chieftaincy from the other and banished him from the land Eventually the rightful heir returned and the cieftaincy was given back to him This is a Rancher Daddy (Saddlers Prairie, difficult book to know what too with On one hand it s a fairly boring typical Romeo and Juliet story with a twist On the other hand it s based on real events in Timbuktu in 2012 which makes it both relevant educational and sad all at once Historical Content Importance Blood and Ink is set in 2012 Timbuktu when radicals Muslims took over the city These are real life people who believe women should always be veiled in public Now Timbuktu had been to The Tycoons Very Personal Assistant date a very progressive Muslim society in which many women chose not be veiled So this was an obvious infringement on their rights Among many other things that happeneduring that time of occupation Timbuktu had public lashings I cannot even begin to tell you how One Girl One Dream disturbing I find this Not only that it happened a mere five years ago but also that my sheltered Canadian self remembers hearing of the occupation of Timbuktu and not thinking it meant much at the time Let me stand corrected now Stephen Davies has opened my eyes to the radical violence that came and in some cases still comes from these jihads I find it trulyisturbing I pledge from here forward to be aware of the actual circumstances that fair practicing innocent Muslims undergo And that if anything is in my power to act or The Amazing SAS do something I will Even if it s only to bring awareness Why that s not enoughHowever no matter how important or world shattering a book may beue to its context and content that The Conquerors Lady / The Mercenarys Bride / His Enemys Daughter doesn t make it good writing or characters interesting Without aoubt the main events based on true stories are compelling and horrifying in Blood and Ink but that s really where it ends Everything Davies added to the book his characters motivations etc are Broken Prophecy dull and cliche To take an event like the protecting of the manuscripts andumb it The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, down to a couple children being responsible seems offensive to the original folks who actually spent weeks achieving his smuggling act To indicate somehow that the entire occupation somehow laid on one little boys shoulders in many ways is also ludicrous What I would normally accept in completely fictional stories extraordinary children I just cannot abide by when the events actually happened in a completelyifferent way What was wrong with telling the story the way it happened Historical Fiction is Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, differentI read a lot of historical fiction based on true events This is one of a rare few where it s historical fiction written for the young adult crowd This intrigued me at first but after reading Blood and Ink I think that Davies has taken complex human emotions motivations and acts andumbs them The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker down to lowest commonenominator I m not a fan of this as it seems to o isservice to the actual history I look at stories like Titanic where the storyline we follow plays no bearing on the ship sinking This I m okay with as our characters Luke did not cause or create the iceberg hit But in Blood and Ink our two main characters appears to be behind almost all the majorecisions and events This The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane doesn t feel right to me FinallyI know there are extraordinary people and children in our world And I love to read about them Buton t A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy downplay the importance of real people by having your fictional characters take credit for things they shouldn t Because somewhere out there now is someones who perhaps believes a teen girl in Timbuktu single handedly actuallyid what this girl The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning does in the book We should be cautious of ever giving too much credit to the wrong people in historical fiction To read this and of my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review. Television football radios even music will be bannedKadija refuses to let go of her former life And something in herefiance raws Ali to herWhich path will he choo.

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(EPUB ì Blood Ink) BY Stephen Davies – latinboyz4play.com

I received this book for free via Goodreads First ReadsAll I can say is wow The book is young adult and efinitely not a fairy tale Set around real events in 2012 and very well researched it is an always pleasant read it is not Radicalised Muslims are hard to understand in print or in person and the author has given this a good go here I could o an entire review just based on one of the character s hatred of perfume music and football They might be haram to a brainwashed Muslim who has not fully understood the u ran They are not to the majority of the world T Review by Jack Year 10Blood and Ink is hard to classify It is very much in the style of historical fiction but escribes events from just 2012 Also there are elements of war romance adventure and even theology Blood and Ink charts the relationship between Ali a soldier with an Islamic extremist organisation attacking Timbuktu and Kadija the The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated daughter of a moderate Muslim who is a guardian of local religious texts in the ancient cityAli wasrawn from his remote village by Redbeard s a real terrorist fervour and promises of glory On the other side of the besieged city s walls Kadija and her father are working to save their traditional religious texts The contrast between these two lives is perfectly captured in the excellent title Blood Ink The insight into jihadism offered by this book makes it an educational resource as much as anything elseKadija s father is my favourite character because he is brave but not rash planning every move and being consistently loyal to his family and religion The best part of the story is in my opinion the old fashioned adventure section where Kadiji evades the authorities as she attempts to smuggle the precious writings to safety As Ali chases after her with an uncertain mixture of motives the tale gathers paceThis is a very good book with which it was really hard to find any problems at all Within the wider storyline an ending or epilogue featuring Redbeard might have been an improvement but he is a real person and I entirely understand and agree with the historical accuracy reasons for not Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue doing thisI really enjoyed this book and I am going to look for other books by the author to readI give Blood and Ink 55 stars Netgalley copy in exchange for an honest review This book is an important one and the story is one we read in the news rather than in novels It is based on real facts to which the author applied its own characters and plot lines but the essence is real and it feels realI really liked the characters in all their flaws and their peculiarities and vice They are far from being good people at times but they are raw honest and they truly believe in their own right thing too The rawness of the situation the Silent Confessions despair and the inevitability of the action puts the reader face to face with reality and I could not help but fear for what would happen while being afraid of reading on because it felt too real and intenseAs you might have gathered by now it read very easily and it had the right amount of action to uieter moments The emotions were vivid and bright the writing had a great pace and I flew through the pages Basic Keywords and Intro Romeo Juliet meets Terrorism Are you cringing yet A Historical Fiction Novel The 2012 coup in Timbuktu Mali Ali belongs to the Defenders of Faith movement Ali begins to fall in love with Kadi What would he chose Love or Faith Points to addressA Whereo I even start Oh read this uote from the book He was a handsome young man and fiercely intelligent He talked very elegantly about purity and law But then he began to talk about killing Killing infidels Not just infidels Muslims This statement implies that if only Infidels were being killed then it would have been okay This is absolutely untrue but let me explain By A Texas Holiday Miracle doing that the author categorized Muslims into 2 groups terrorists Normal peopleThat is bullshit but I will play along Normal peopleiscovered that Defenders of Faith terrorists weren t only going to kill infidels but they are going kill Muslims as well Only then they viewed this as a problem This implies that even Normal People kind of Muslims approve of killing infidels This means that Muslims are basically violent shitty people That is why I am going to take sentences from the book and explain why is that incorrectB The 2nd part of the uote mentioned above Not just infidels Muslims He told me that anyone who commits adultery should be put to 74 Seaside Avenue death as should anyone who abandons the fiveaily prayers This is another classic example of when non muslims look at the surface of the ocean then I assume they know everything Like no you need to The Note dive in to understand what you are talking about So the surface here is Muslims who commit adultery should be put toeath Dive in There is criteria that has to be fulf. Kadija is the music loving aughter of a guardian of the sacred manuscripts of the ancient city of Timbuktu MaliAli is a former shepherd boy trained as a warrior for.

Illed in order for that to happen The person committing Adultery is married so they are cheating on their partner1 There should be three witnesses2 Those three witnesses must have seen the entire intercourse up until climaxing3 They saw it with their own eyes so things like video and pictures on t count4 If only one of the three witnesses wanted to report that while the other two The Wildcatter didn t then that person shouldn t report what heshe they saw5f that person goes and reports then that person will be punished Now with the praying part Praying is an essential part of being a muslim and if youon t you are probably going to be punished for it Punished by GOD and not another human beingC Terrorism has no religion I know that many terrorism groups claim to be murdering and spreading chaos in the name of God but all of the religions that I know of are against killing innocent people Here are some Islamic laws that should be followed uring war image error Book provided for an honest review through NetgalleyThis book was unexpectedly good I know I ve said that before about other books but honestly The story that this book tells is not what I usually go for when reading anything but there was something about this one that attracted my attention from ay one I learned so much about all the issues countries in the middle east and all these things that are so relevant right now it was an unexpected learning journey and I m so glad books like this are writtenReally recommend it Thank you Netgalley and Stephen Davies for a copy of this book I loved this book I know nothing about Sharia and Muslim Law and the true events that happened in Timbuktu in 2012 But the author wrote this in a way that made you want to find out what happened and idn t bore you with the all facts and although the story is part fiction and true facts the author made this story believable This was an easy read It reminded me a bit of Thousand splendid sons a bitThere was also a bit of romance in this story between Ali who is a soldier in an islamic group in Timbuktu with his own radical views and Kadija who loves her family and friends and would give anything to be a Guardian to protect the sacred manuscripts that has been in her family for generations Their bonds grows when Kadija is taken away to be lashed Ali fears for her lifeI really enjoyed this book and actually learnt uite a bit on how Sharia law and how the troubles started and how you can find the best of people even if you on t think so at first glance Disclaimer I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from the publisher Andersen PressI went into this honestly think that I wouldn t like it too much but wanting to expand the genres I read and I am so glad I A Southern Reunion didAs someone whooesn t watch the news I only knew the bear minimum about this topic but the level of research that went into this novel really showed in the plot and the Let It Go detail Stephen Davies explains how much was based on fact in the afterword and it is staggering how he managed to use horrific real life events into a Blood and Ink is a book that I can t say that I enjoyed but Iid find it important and educational It covers the true story of what happened in Timbuktu in 2012 The story is told in alternating points of view one being that of a local resisting the invasion and the other being that of a young fighter for a branch of Al aeda It s well written and really made me think about what is going through the minds of those suffering in these situations Even though it takes place in our recent past it s just as important todayThis unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher This review was originally posted on unConventional Bookviews Blood and Ink mesmerised me Very well Charade of Hearts done mixing actual events and fiction showing theifferences in muslim faiths how some are stricter than others and what was The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue done by a people to rise against their oppressors Story I was transported by Blood and Ink through the way it unfolded two sides of a story How it showed two sides of a war Two sides of a religion How good and bad can be blurred and howifficult it is to change sides once a stance is taken Because the story is based on true events I think it was very realistic Even ficionalised history can be well Toward a Better Life done and I found the way everything unfolded to be enlighteningTaking a village under siege radical muslims raise against moderate ones And they change the law Little by little one of the followers a young boy who managed to help his brethren over the wall realizes that some of the things he knows about his religion and what is practiced by their leaderon t really meshThere is opposition a lot of courage and a strong sense of loyalty among the villagers Characters Kadi isn t supposed to become the new guardian of the. AllahTonight the Islamist rebels are coming for Timbuktu They will install a harsh regime of law and tear apart the peaceful world within the mud walls of the city.