Online book Rails Crash Course By Anthony Lewis –

Rk in a corporatestartup environmentcompany remains uestionable Next need to find what is next book to go one evel up Great book to get started with Ruby on Rails It has great explanations of how to do things the Ruby way and it is not boring at all. Ur own automated tests and refactor your code with confidenceMaximize performance with the asset pipeline and turbolinksSecure your app against SL injection and cross site scriptingSet up a server and deploy applications with CapistranoEach chapter is packed with hands on examples and exercises to reinforce what you've earned Whether you're completely new to Ruby or you've been mucking around for a bit Rails Crash Course will take you from the basics to shipping your first Rails application fas.

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Online book Rails Crash Course By Anthony Lewis –

4 stars mostly because it is uite outdated already and if you program Rails on Windows this book is not solving all the pain of dealing with various maladies especially many encountered around Bootstrap but forums doYou will be able to create a pseud. Rails is a robust flexible development platform that ets you build complex websites uickly Major websites ike GitHub Hulu and Twitter have run Rails under the hood and if you know just enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous Rails Crash Course will teach you to harness Rails for your own projects and create web applications that are fast stable and secureIn Part I you'll earn Ruby and Rails fundamentals and then dive straight into models controllers views and deployment As you work through the ba.

O para production ready web app thoughI generally ike No Starch books that appear to come out thorough and real usage ready even though fewer subjects on the same topic offered This book may prepare a beginner well but whether one would be able to wo. Sics you'll Arnhem learn how toCraft persistent models with Active RecordBuild view templates with Embedded RubyUse Git to roll back to previous versions of your code baseDeploy applications to HerokuIn Part II you'll take your skills to the nextevel as you build a social networking app with advanced Ruby tools such as modules and metaprogramming and advanced data modeling techniues within Rails's Active Record You'll earn how toImplement an authentication system to identify authorized usersWrite yo.

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