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This part of the series is in Rhys POV and I laughed out loud through much of the story especially when King Caedmon tries to decipher exactly what the Rhys is trying to sayD I will miss Faedrah and Rhys by far my favorite alpha male of AJ s however she DID leave room for a continuation of the series with Faedrah s brother Vaighn hint hint I can t wait to see what AJ Nuest comes up with next They say the best is yet to come well it s definitely here Faedrah and Rhys are kicking ass and taking names It was amazing to watch the love grow between them and to see Rhys care for her kingdom and family as much as Faedrah does This is uite an amazing story and Ms Nuest has my utmost respect and gratitude for such an amazing and exceptional series Absolutely positively undeniably fantabulous now and forever This story will not only keep you captivated and on your toes throughout but it will stand the test of time becoming a well cherished favourite in your collectionOnce again Nuest has created a work of art This story is a perfect melding of old and new fantasy and the everyday This is a fast paced and adventurous tale Nuest continues to develop her vivid and larger than life world in such a way that you can t fail to picture it Romance abounds in its truest form The relationship between the characters is full of that deep lasting love that transcends ages while also being hot and steamy in the here and now This works its way into every aspect of the intricately crafted at times very suspenseful fantasy tale that Nuest tellsNuest writes with characters that really stand out on their own Rhys in your face attitude never ceases to pull me in Together these main characters have explosive chemistry that truly enhances the story Their personalities are extremely well developed allowing readers insights into their hearts while also thoroughly enjoying them as individuals The supporting cast of family and friends rounded out the story nicely allowing Swoon worthy characters and a magical adventurous story how can you go wrong This is a hot fast paced novella that s the perfect ending to a series that I ve very sorry to see end I definitely can t wait to see what comes next from this fantastic author Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review You know that moment when you finish one of the BestBooksEver for the second time I might add How do you describe it RHYS How do you say how much talent this author has with so few words RHYS How do you tell of the character development and growth RHYS How do you encapsulate the action adventure and romance RHYS How do you convey the dire straits this world is in RHYSAJ Nuest never ceases to amaze me with her words her dedication to reaching down and creating ANOTHER spellbinding tale filled with romance RHYS unlikely heroes who not only step up the plate but are willing to sacrifice all for those they love RHYS Once again the evil destroying Austiere is growing and the world depends on Rhys and his powers to take on the vilest of the vile on both sides of the veil Yep Dad has to go down and Rhys is the only wizard with enough power to do it but are his untested skills up to the task against the most powerful wizard ever Has his love for Faedrah taught him about selflessness and sacrifice AJ Nuest wields the power of her pen like a mighty sword when it comes to dialogue If anything can bring a character to life it s their dialogue it is our picture into what is going on in their minds Wit charm humor snark and attitude it s all there in than one character I feel like I m getting ready for battle with good friends no filters needed Daring fantasy heart racing action blush worthy romantic tension off the charts amazing characters A Time of Reckoning is coming get it Did I mention my crush on RHYSI received an ARC edition from AJ Nuest in exchange for my honest reviewSeries The Golden Key Legacy Book IVPublication Date March 5 2015Publisher HarperImpulseISBN 13 9780008123147 Genre Fantasy RomancePrint Length 106 pagesAvailable from Barnes Noble Reviewed for. Both worlds With the stakes so high only one advantage has been cast in their favor The sigil of utmost protection inherent in Rhys’ signature If not enough to thwart the evil awaiting at the Austiere gates she could find herself imprisoned in the future while her kingdom and all those she has sworn to protect are lost to the mists of ti.

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ONLINE READ A Time of Reckoning The Golden Key Legacy #4 –

Rhys and Faedrah are determined to take down the evil wizard Gaelleod in his lair in austiere however it is soon determined that would result in Rhys dying Faedrah and Rhys must teturn through the armoire back to present day chicago and take Gaelleod out once and for all I have one suggestion for anyone reading the Golden Key Legacy books if you ve already read the first three before you get A Time of Reckoning go back and read all four after you finish the final chapter Or before if you want to prolong the suspense then read it all as one tale As good as they are with the pause between books the excitement is actually elevated when you can skip said pause and read it all as one long bookAs with the origi Review Courtesy of April HollingworthThis is the fourth and final part in the phenomenal The Golden Key Legacy It is a wonderful book that shows the strength and loyalty of Rhys and Feadrah not ust to each other but everyone else too This book is all about choices and becoming who you are destined to be I loved it and adore not only this series but also The Golden Key Chronicles the series that started it all off Both series I completely recommend AJ Nuest manages to bring two different worlds with two different types of dialect together and make them sound like the sweetest music you ll ever hear I can t wait to read her future booksOpening Scene From there we shall scour the cliff side until the entrance to Gaelleod s tomb is revealed The Review Rhys had one Making India Work job to do it should have been easy what with the nature of his powers But when an old enemy reappears detailing the results of his actions Rhys is forced to make a choice A future with Faedrah or dying before his time Out of options he agrees to her suggestion of leaping once into the future Only thing is his powers might be a kiss in the wind of memories back in his time Flying blind with no plan they prepare to fight for everything they love against a wizard of insurmountable powerThe sides are suared in a war of who controls both worlds Gathering allies the stakes are high and they have only one ace up their sleeves the sigil of utmost protection built into Rhys signature If it s not enough to thwart the evil closing in on them Faedrah could find herself imprisoned in the future while her kingdom and those she has sworn to protect lost to the mists of timeNotable Scene He faced Faedrah but she started toward her Dregg Yep He d reserved himself a night in the doghouse all rightSnagging her wrist he stopped her mid stomp and yanked her shoulder to his chest I m going to pay for that ridiculous idea comment at some later date aren t I She boosted her chin At the moment it s least expected And there it was The flash of anger in her eyes that made him rock hard and aching to be buried inside her God I can t wait He chuckled at her exasperated huff wagging his brows at the sway of her perky ass as she marched off His gaze landed on Grommel and he eyeballed the Dregg from the tufts of its pointed ears to the deadly talons on its feet This entire task force should have their heads examined Too bad the crazy train had left the station sometime last weekFTC Advisory AJ Nuest provided me with a copy of A Time of Reckoning by AJ Nuest Published through Harper Impulse Kindle Edition No goody bags sponsorships material connections or bribes were exchanged for my review Iust finished reading A TIME OF RECKONING the final installment of THE GOLDEN KEY LEGACY and my heart hasn t stopped pounding yet AJ Nuest has masterfully penned a romantic fantasy of epic proportions Her world building rivals that of Terry Brooks in The Sword of Shannara and CS Lewis Narnia Ms Nuest has created a world where magic is the order of the day and where love really does last foreverFrom the time our fair beautiful and all together kick ass princess meets her leather clad motorcycle riding rough around the edges hero Rhys the throttle is wide open The author takes us from one twist and turn to the next at breakneck speedThis is a ROMANTIC fantasy so unlike the two comparisons of world building I gave ab. Rhys had one ob to do One measly errand that shouldn’t have been a problem given the nature of his powers But when an old enemy reappears detailing the result of his actions Rhys is forced to make a choice between a future with Faedrah or dying before his time Frustrated and out of options he agrees to her suggestion they to leap forwar.

Ove THE GOLDEN KEY LEGACY will have hot steamy sex scenes to be sure but the story is much deeper than sex It s about the unbreakable bond between two people secure in the knowledge that theirs is a love set in motion and ordained by powers greater than both of themThere is nothing Rhys and Faedrah won t do to protect the other No dark dank hole they won t enter to ferret out the enemy They ll go to the ends of two worlds and Ms Nuest if there are Golden Key volumes to come I believe I d like to tag along Thanks for a wonderful adventure ONCE AGAIN THE MAGIC PORTAL OPENS AND CLOSESi was literally counting down the days for this book to come out since it is the last part of the golden key legacy and i was not disappointed AJ Nuest makes me feel as though i know these characters personally and that some of them may have been friends as well the talent that makes her world so vivid at times i feel as though i can look through the mirror and see the kingdom of austiere myself anyway this time around rhys and faedrah are determined to take down the evil wizard gaelleod in his lair in austiere however it is soon determined that to that rhys will have to die UNLESS he and faedrah go through the armoire back to present day chicago and take him out once and for all problem is rhys might not keep his wizard powers in the present or they might be weaker faedrah might loose her memory when parted from the key and even if they manage to battle their way through the body guards and actually kill gaelleod they might get caught and charged with murder before they can escape back to faedrah s world so an average week for our brave hero and heroine happy to say the uncle on and oliver return as well as violet and the rest of the friends our lady has made when living in modern day chicago a plan is decided and off they go and we get to engage our minds to a fun fast paced uest with lots of sword fighting magical beasts magical powers ride a dregg and then a harley there are also some very intense steamy sexual action between rhys and his lady faedrah i will not tell you how this modern fairy tale ends but leave you with a couple of happy thoughts 1 if you hate cliff hangers fear not you will be able to buy the entire series in a month or so and 2 there are a few things left undone and uite possibly the portal will open for faedrah s brother vaughn as mush as i loved the first series the golden key chronicles i loved the golden key legacy even thanks AJ for giving me a grand tale to read over the winter months and i look forward to reading whatever you are writing next This book is the perfect conclusion to the Golden Key Legacy One of my favorite parts about reading this series was the parallels that mirrored the Golden Key Chronicles The action is this book moves the plot along at an exciting pace I love that there was time spent in both realms Faedrah and Rhys s relationship is amazing I love the raw passion between them The ending is so perfect it really ties the two series togetherI received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review Note I don t give away spoilers in reviews Sigh I can t believe this series is over From start to finish AJ Nuest s The Golden Key Legacy draws the reader in and takes us through a fantastical ourney with a smokin hot brooding alpha male and a kicka alpha female and A Time of Reckoning showers the reader with action packed adventure Rhys and Faedrah are on a uest to to vanuish Galleod once and for all of course nothing can be easy for these two and the ride is tremendous What I like most about AJ s writing is she has the ability to place the reader right smack dab in the middle of the action I could FEEL the crystals in the cave upon my face as she led us through I could smell the burning ash throughout Galleod s lair I could sense Faedrah s every move as she entered the Gantlet Throughout the story I felt like I standing next to Rhys and Faedrah one of their royal guard perhapsD AJ s descriptive prose is poetic and I loved Rhys hard talking candor vs Faedrah s sweet Old English speak Much of. D in time to the futureeven though a good chance exists his powers will be nothing but a memory in his world Flying blind on a wing and a prayer they prepare to fight for everything they love against a wizard of insurmountable power Faedrah does her best to gather their closest allies The sides are suared in a war to control the future of.

Multi published award winning author AJ Nuest resides in a small farming community in NW Indiana A wife mother and freelance editor she shares her home with a variety of spoiled rotten pets She and the cat are currently vying for dictatorship