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I hate to bring a heavy hand to a snowball fight but this book is actually important to me You know how some books act as landmarks in your life either as a reader or as an acutal liver of the world outside the window and the page This is one of mineI bought it years ago with trembling glee as the post 911 world of politics had become my insomniac obsession and I was in need of not only some rhetorical weaponry but an insightful informed take on what I knew in my bones as so many of s lefties new or abiding did know and were right about all along was a shitshow non pareil I trusted Al Franken then as now for his wit his humor his sense of the absurd and patently obvious He s not only a humorist but an educated tasteful sober observer of the scene It s beyond cliche to talk about how comedians are truth seekers in disguise as funny monkeys and so I won t or will at least try to avoid saying this about Mister FrankenNo Al s gotthe human touch dignity authenticity and even a certain kind of silly nobility in his bones Not only does he know what he wants to say but how to say it what the goons ll yammer about it and why it might not only be truth to power but proper policy for an earnest statesman At this point I d like to mention that poetic minded as I am I have never interpreted the phrase truth to power in the literal sense of bending the ear of the high and mighty so much as a mode of speech in which the truth is made active illuminated vivid in a word irreducible That s part of what Al s got And so I was tickled all kinds of pink when he was FINALLY elected Senator of the great state of Minnesota He beat out a stuffy affluent shmuck who tried to wear him down by constantly recalling and thereby prolonging a truly close election probably tacitly hoping that an exhuasted Al would concede He didn t Good for him and good for sAnyway there is a ality to this book which is dated Taking swipes at Bill O Reilly and Coulter and the bunch doesn t have the same oomph it did back when there were still relatively important Fox blowhards twisting the national discourse smearing ostensibly interesting and complex kitchen table debates with well liesand damned liesand innuendoand green fog of self righteousness and persecuted self pity Luckily these yahoos burned out on their own gluey corruption and hypocrisy which was of course bound to happen some day just not as far along as it took I still think you can divvy p the GOP field. Al Franken one of our savviest satirists People has been studying the rhetoric of the Right He has listened to their cries of slander bias and even treason He has examined the Bush administration's policies of suandering our surplus ravaging the environment and alienating the rest of the.

Between the archetypes represented by Billo and Hannity Hannity is the purist the innocent the foot soldier the ignorant true believer who would take a bullet for his master Hannity sed to smoke cigars this is true now and he enjoyed this lesiurely activity ntil one day his tiny son came p to him and asked him why daddy smokes those smelly things aren t they bad for you Ol Hannity couldn t take it He took one look at the stogie and the other at his lil tyke and chucked it forever As a longtime smoker I can appreciate the gesture But you know what IN the grand scheme of things an eually appropriate answer would be to say you know what kid Daddy s had a hard day of payin the bills Don t you have some homework to do or something and that would be thatAnother case one day he had a couple of working girls from the Moonlight Bunny Ranch on with their portly patron Dennis Hoff The girls explained the general Heffner line about America being hung The Ascent of Man up about sex it s just a job yes we have relationships outside of work etc Hannity couldn t believe it Heoted Psalms but what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his SOUL The bunnies just looked at him blinking It was an odd momentCompare this with O Reilly s indiscretions calling The Grand Sophy up his employee and not only verbally fantasizing about her to her face but remarking on how he happened to be following suit in the privacy of his bedroom if you catch my drift Falafel the list goes onJust look at this years race for the GOP nominationthe point being that the GOP can be helpfully dividedp between sleazy oppotunistic hypocrites who preach family values and of course get caught with their 20 something campaign staffers becoming their third wives blahblahblah and psychotic purists who buy the party line to the nervous systemAnyway it s this kind of stuff which reading Al has inspired in me take it for what you willI actually was able to meet someone who worked for him an auxiliary member of the grinning Team Franken in the back pages and he happily reported that Al has his down sides like anyone else but was an essentially decent hardworking and conscientious boss Good to hearAnyway this book wouldn t really do much than further any interested parties in their desire to learn get a bit of perspective and enjoy the process while they re at it Not a bad accomplishment all things considered Viva Al 05 stars Okay this one was entirely my fault After reading and hating Rush. World He's even watched Fox News A lot And in this fair and balanced report Al bravely and candidly exposes them all for what they are liars Lying lying liars Al destroys the liberal media bias myth by doing what his targets seem incapable of getting his facts straight Using the Right's.

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ebook online Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right – latinboyz4play.com

Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot I was still somehow drawn to open Winners Dream up and read this book Big mistake and I freely admit it As for a review of the book my best summary would be blah blah joke that isn t funny blahhalf truthblahout of contextoteblah blahpolitical attack without evidential or even logical basisblah blah blahsay the same thing ten different ways none of them rightblah blah blah mean spirited bomb throwingblah blah still jokes that aren t funnyblah blah blahthe end All that said if the book had been funny I would have looked past the flaws as I don t look to Al Franken for political insight However when you waste my time AND are boring all of the other flaws jump off the page at me In a wordOUCH I actually listened to Al Franken read this on Audio CD and I loved it The advantage here is that Al plays all the O viziune a sentimentelor uotes by the people he s bashing with a little context and he himself is just very funny how he readsI know the subtitle s supposed to be a joke but this book is WAY MORE fair and balanced than anything by bona fide Ass Holes capitalized like Bill O Reilly and Ann Coulter they are the Zeus and Hera of assholes This book exposes them and all their logical fallacies for what they really are Racist Elitist and Deviant I don t think it s a good book for converting far righters but it makes a lot of good logical points It s also heart felt and apolitical at points something Bill O Reilly can t ever accomplish Grownp love means actually Harveys Revised English Grammar understanding what you love taking the good with the bad and helping your loved one grow Al Franken Lies the Lying Liars Who Tell Them A Fair Balanced Look at the Right45 starsI guess one s enjoyment of this depends on how much they like Al FrankenThis was the first book I ve read by him and I found it to be a warm human andtterly hilarious read Al takes on FOX News in this this book in particular Bill O ReillyThis book has a very interesting back story as supposedly I would recommend this book to intellectual conservatives so that they simply have ammo to disassociate themselves from the neo cons I actually respect true conservative thought and this administration was not it At all And Franken gives a funny sometimes enraging flogging of the neo con mediaIt s a great book I think however it preaches to the choir since the person who would read this is a liberal to begin with in the first placeAnd he DESTROYS Ann Coulter and Bill O Reillythis in and of itself are good thing. Own words against them he takes on the pundits the politicians and the issues in the most talked about book of the yearTimely provocative nfailingly honest and always funny Lies sticks it to the most right wing administration in memory and to the right wing media hacks who do its biddi.

Alan Stuart Al Franken is an Emmy Award–winning American comedian writer progressive political commentator and recently politician He gained fame as a writer and a performer for Saturday Night Live eventually writing and appearing in several films Since then Franken has become known for his political commentary writing numerous bestselling books and hosting a nationally syndicated