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Jack risks verything love fame freedom and perhaps sanity to avenge his uncle s murderBravo for Louis Begley s KILLER COME HITHER The protagonist of Louis Begley s newest novel is Jack Dana a former Marine Corps Infantry officer who had served in Ira and Afghanistan before being badly wounded and returning home He is now seven years later a bestselling writer with two books behind him and a third in its Doctor Illuminatus early stages He is a self described warrior as were his father and grandfather before him Having attended Oxford and Yale and invited to join the Society of Fellows at Harvard there also following in his forebears footsteps The latter was a graduate of Harvard College and had been awarded the Navy Cross and Silver Star his grandfather the Silver Star Distinguished Service Cross and the French Croix de GuerreNow his only remaining relative is his father s brother Harry now Jack s surrogate father a prominent New York attorney who himself had graduated with honors from Harvard College and Harvard Law and was a leading partner at a prominent New York law firm Shockinglyn route home after a long over due vacation in Brazil Jack discovers that his beloved uncle is dead having been found hanging in his Sag Harbor home in the The Real Witches Kitchen exclusiveast The Preachers Kid end of Long Island Jack becomes convinced that his uncle had not committed suicidespecially after he is told that Harry s secretary was also dead after an apparent accident that had put her in the path of an oncoming subway train one day after Harry s body was discovered He believes that both deaths had to be connected to the law firm and its largest client a Texas oilman and right wing multi billionaire and activist whose political beliefs had him somewhere to the right of the John Birch Society and Attila the Hun Aided by Scott Prentice his closest friend since their days at school and Kerry Black recently made partner at the firm and Jack s lover he pursues his own investigation Soon faced with the near impossibility of finding the man who he believes caused his uncle s death the meaning of the title becomes clear Jack decides he must make the man come to him It was a bit disconcerting to me that as the novel is written in the first person nowhere in the book do uotation marks appear and it was initially off putting to have to realize in the middle of a paragraph that what appears on the page is not O Testamento exposition but a conversation between two people But I hasten to add that when the plot and the suspense kicks up a notch or three about mid way through the novel I didn tven notice that I was so busy turning pages A thoroughly Gangbang Slut enjoyable read and recommended I loved the plot and the characters were amazing It was the writing style that I had a small problem getting through Overall a good story and characters that were amazing Meh it s ok I guess it s believable and that in the 21st century in America you could go around tellingvery second person of your plan to murder the hired killer who murdered your Uncle and they wouldn t then call the police Or that an FBI guy would supply you with an One Con Glory exploding hand gun Or that someone in their 30 s would have a speech pattern like a wizened old 50 year oldxplaining things to a junior partner in a law firm Louis Begley usually pens literary novels But with Killer Come Hither he shows his multi dimensional talent He s written a taut thriller based on several thoughts and fantasies that have personally plagued him over the years since he and his parents Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows escaped wartime Europe during the Holocaust This is not a wartime or Holocaust novel It takes place in Manhattan and Sag Harbor New York The protagonist Jack Dana is a former soldier and now a bestselling writer whose uncle has mysteriously committed suicide Knowing his beloved uncle as well as he does Jack suspects foul play and is forced to investigateventually taking matters into his own hands Louis Begley s deft hand has penned a thriller The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) every bit as compelling as the best thriller writers Five wellarned stars and kudos to the authorMa. Jack der seinen Onkel besser kennt als jeder andere glaubt nicht an Selbstmord Wollte jemand Harry aus dem Weg räumen Doch weshalb Und welche Rolle spielt Kerry Black dabei die schöne Kollegin Harrys der Jack zusehends verfällt Jack verstrickt sich immer tiefer in die Machenschaften der influssreichen Kanzlei bei der Harry gearbeitet hat – und gerät bald selbst in Le.

Rk Rubinstein Begley s book has two competing lements that don t uite mesh It is a novel about revenge a retired US Marinesuccessful author avenges the death of his beloved high level lawyer uncle by a mega rich client but it is a novel set among the upper crust world that Begley writes about in his other novels The tone derives from the second A Fairly Honourable Defeat element the action from the first There is a clubby old boy feel to it that doesn t mesh with the murderous actions that set the main character into action nor his choice of how he plans to bring down the people responsible for his uncle s death It also has a feel of anarlier age to it probably that of the 1930s say with its assumptions about honorable behavior and family and personal connections I don t mean to disparage honorable behavior but the tone is somewhat at odds with the intent to murder It s a good book but you never have the sense that the central character is in danger nor does he think so so the tension doesn t build as intended When Dana kills the person he means to kill it s like reading about rat xtermination rather than a highly motional act of revengeThe title supports my argument I think And now finally I understand why I got this book for 3 instead of 12 Because it s a terrible book and I shouldn t Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue even have paid the 3 for itIt s supposed to be about pointless violence revenge and corruption among rich Americans well at least that s what the author says But really just from reading it s clear that the book isn t really about much of anything This is bullshit too her replied and you re taking way too much of my time Once again what do you wantI want you to send this guy to me Send him to kill me because I m going to kill him instead and that is what I want I want to kill him I want to watch him die And you better be uick There are only so many days before I release the stuff I have to the government Jack Danax military successful author and real contender for Most Boring Main Character Imaginable is kind of sad when his uncle a successful lawyer The Man Without a Face everyone in this book is successful and rich and smart commits suicide and suspects it wasn t really a suicide at all The plot goes on from there pretty much in the way you dxpect and nothing unexpected ver happens You might think there s some mystery Who could ve killed the uncle And why but there really isn t It s all pretty clear almost immediately The characters are flat and one dimensional and their realtionships to ach other are kept as simple as possible There s good people and there s bad people and the good people are all Jacks s friends and completely interchangeable They just do whatever he needs them to do Jack and Kerry s relationship is particularly bad because the author tries so hard to make you believe they truly love Gone (Gone, each other They ve met once or twice at parties They meet again after Jack s uncle has died They fall in love immediately After a week of dating Jack loves her than anything decides to marry her and plans to leave herverything in his will YA romance is nothing compared to thisThe writing is also uh interesting For some stylistic reason the author decided to use no uotation marks or any other sign when someone is speaking and when not The narrator parts indirect speech and direct speech just merge together and Threads Of The Shroud everything andveryone sounds All Seated on the Ground exactly the same The fact that the book also has a 1st person narrator doesn t really improve thingsither Is he speaking Thinking Wait who s speaking now Who knows And who caresThis felt like it was written based on one 1 vague plot idea and in a matter of 2 weeks and if it wasn t actually that s Untitled. even worseview spoilerAlso and this might just be me but Jack has a really weird attitude towards contract killers If someone hired an assassin to murder your uncle wouldn t you mainly blame the guy who hired the assassin Isn t it kind of his fault in the first place Jack is weirdly fixated on gettingven with the guy who was just doing his job okay an awful terrible job but still hide spoiler. Bensgefahr Louis Begley hat mit »Zeig dich Mörder« Wiring einenleganten und dabei fesselnden Roman geschrieben der die Leser von den Bürotürmen New Yorks mitten nach Long Island führt Geistreich und hintersinnig Against All Odds entblättertr die protzigen Fassaden malerischer Wochenendhäuser – und inszeniert in Katz und Maus Spiel das den Leser um seinen Helden Jack Dana bangen läss.

Awful Just plain awful Stilted writing Completely unrealistic dialogue with no uotation marks used Stupid far fetched plotstory Like The Firm But a ga billion Times worse I haven t hated a book this much in a long time probably because I stop reading books that are this bad before I finish I shoved through this one because it was SO bad that I thought there was going to have to be some sort of plot twist to redeem it a bit But no Just bad I bet it took Begley about half a day to write this dreck Killer Come Hither is a murder mystery and it succeeds on that level but Begley s style is one that will ither work for you or not For me it did not The trouble lay with the dialogue Begley chose to format it without using uotation marks making it difficult to know the difference between a character s thoughts and when they were speaking If they were thinking in between speaking it was The DOS even confusing Some authors can pull this off but not in this case There is also anxtensive use of Against All Odds exclamation points which makes the characters sound over caffeinated The plot could have been interesting but these stylistic choices made this a no go for me A Weak Legal MysteryWhen he was growing up Jack Dana s Uncle Harry a Manhattan attorney was an important part of his life and remains so after Jack is wounded in Afganistan After finishing a novel Jack returns from a vacation in South America to learn that his beloved uncle has committed suicide after being forced into retirementJack is shocked He begins digging into the facts surrounding his uncle s death and finds there are many loosends He s helped in this by Kerry a young female partner in his uncle s firm and Scott a school friend Things are not as they seem at the law firm and Jack wants to know whyThis is a poorly written book It starts slowly with an Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism extensive account of Jack sarly life and his relationship with Uncle Harry Told in the first person the story drags These is no sparkling dialog or interesting description Jack is a self centered boring character Likewise Kerry who becomes his lover is predictable and dull Their motivations are hard reconcile with the plot Kerry for Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils example was Uncle Jack s favorite but did nothing to defend him when he was being forced out of the firmThe plot is predictable The villain is obvious from thearly pages Payment Due even before the suicide I can t recommend this book Mystery books that take you through the life of the protagonist before getting to the decisivevent are poorly done I wanted to like this book This concept is intriguing but the Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, execution didn t live up to myxpectations I reviewed this book for the Vine Program There is nothing new Our struggles are age old Uniue stories must come through the complexity of the characters and the author s intricate knowledge of the real life circumstances that Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, effect the imaginary vision and the fictional charactersIn Louis Begley s KILLER COME HITHER the author s knowledge of the social and business dynamics within a Manhattan law firm kept me turning the pages The details make the novel interesting complex andxcitingThe plot begs the reader to The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, examine What would you be willing or insanenough to risk to avenge the murder of the most important person in your lifeJack Dana has at stake than most of us An academic after 911 Jack places his plans on hiatus and joins the military Soon he becomes captain but importantly he is trained to killAfter a serious injury on the battlefield Jack is sent stateside to heal at Walter Reed During his recovery he returns to his academic roots and begins writing His first novel is a bestseller But despite his success there are subtle hints of the captain s struggles with the academic While alive his Uncle Harry provides the stability the two parts of Jack s personality needs to maintain balance Unfortunately Uncle Harry Turbulence ends up dead and the dichotomy within Jack becomes dominated by the captain posing a threat to the comfortable life that the novelist has come tonjoy The captain s obsessions can t be tamed and. Jack Dana war als US Marine an den Tropical Bioproductivity einschlägigen Kriegsschauplätzen der Welt im Einsatz Nachiner Verletzung beginnt Elizabeth Ann Seton er zu schreiben und gleich seinrster Roman wird Die Postmoderne Konstellation ein großer Erfolg Alsr von Folk Tales From the Soviet Union einer längeren Reise zurückkehrt mussr Ulysses and the Trojan War erfahren dass sich sein Onkel Harry der wiein Vater für ihn war in seinem Wochenendhaus auf Long Island das Leben genommen hat Doch.


Killer, Come Hither EPUB ´ Hardcover BY Louis Begley ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, Ebook or Kindle PUB Kostenlos

Louis Begley is an American novelist Begley was born Ludwik Begleiter in Stryi at the time part of Poland and now in Ukraine as the only child of a physician He is a survivor of the Holocaust due to the multiple purchases of Aryan papers by his mother and constant evasion of the Nazis They survived by pretending to be Polish Catholic The family left Poland in the fall of 1946 and settled in N

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