FREE EBOOK Kierkegaard A Kind of Poet –

FREE EBOOK Kierkegaard A Kind of Poet –

This is the finest secondary source on Kierkegaard I have found Insofar as Kierkegaard is among the very most difficult authors this is an especially welcome discovery Mackey s spin that Kierkegaard is a poet primarily is no. Soren Aabye Kierkegaard 1813 1855 has traditionally been considered a philosopher or eligious thinker But to himself he was a kind of poet and thinker If Kierkegaard then writes Louis Mackey is to be understood he.

T particularly convincing but it doesn t matter because almost the entirety of the book is devoted to the interpretation of SK s particular works and their elationships with each other In performing this task Mackey is brill. Must be studied with the tools of literary criticism whatever philosophy there is in Kierkegaard is sacramentally transmitted 'in with and under poetry'The study of Kierkegaard states Louis Mackey can throw new ligh.

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Iant and incredibly clear Recommended for anyone who wishes to spend time studying Kierkegaard and needs a broad view of the whole of SK s work as well as some incisive eadings of particular works and the ideas animating the. T on the elationship between philosophy and poetry In these impressive analyses of Kierkegaard's most important works a modern philosopher has written a book that is in itself a work of literary grace and distincti.

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