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Hts how written to formula modern HPs are Every book is essentially the same only the language of the foreign endearments change This was the formula with extra I ust can t resist him no matter that he thinks I m a whorethinks I m a thiefthinks I killed his dog nookie and not much else Reasons why this book is different from other HPsWhen the hero finds out he is the father he decides the best way to be a full time father to his child is if he sets the heroine back up as his mistressSo the heroine was the hero s mistress for a few months and then his bodyguard tells him the heroine was sleeping with someone else She tells him she s pregnant but he knows it s not his and kicks her outThen he forgets all about her and starts up with a dozen or so other different womenBut it all comes home to roost when his daughter is dropped off by her great grandmother because the heroine is in the hospital In front of a lot of people the GGM announces that she s not raising another baby that s not hers and he can take care of his own kidThe hero decides that he needs to go nip it in the bud He takes the baby to the hospital demands a DNA test and drags the heroine off to Monaco to perform it The heroine follows him because it s Making India Work just easier to let him have his own way Oh yes and despite the fact that he calls her a whore and prostitute and claims that she was a prostitute for him she still wants him If he kisses her she goes weak at the knees and can t say noSo the hero finds out he s the dad and his solution is to keep the heroine as his mistress so he can be a full time father Cake and eat it tooThe heroine is so good in bed of course he wants to keep her thereMeanwhile the heroine has never been loved by anyone and since the hero loves his daughter and his mother loves his daughter she can t take her away But what about her Well she loves the hero so muchSo when the hero decides that marriage is now the best solution sheumps all over it All her sparkly little dreams come true Until the other woman the one who replaced her in bed and was actually being lined up as a replacement before the heroine was kicked out tells her that he s still having sex with her The heroine is upset but what can she doThis book was so horrible The heroine never got a spine never stood up for herself never made the hero face what a crappy person he was and a poor choice for marriageThe hero doesn t ever have to face his wrong decisions He s Everwar (Cal Leandros, just always right Everything flows smoothly for him Even when he thinks he s not good enough the heroine immediately corrects him He never gets to wallow I m sorry I kept reading it thinking it would get better It s raining tropes Let s watch them drip one by one down this review windowI m pregnant You reust a mistressBut I love youThat can t be my baby because I ve had a vasectomyAnd further my security guard said you cheated on me But I was virgin how can I cheat I d rather live in poverty than ask the hero for one thin dimeI do live in povertyI was never lovedMy baby is happy and well adjustedI was in a car accident and my grandmother dumped the baby on the hero I insist on buying a full nursery for my penthouse while we wait for those overdue paternity testsLet s have sex to pass the timeNo Yes yes yesview spoiler Baby may have meningitisDevoted hospital scene Hero is the baby daddyLet s get married OW Etween them is as strong as ever Zac whisks Freya away to Monaco and back to his bed where he'll get his answers If the baby is his he'll make Freya his wi.

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( READ The Frenchman's Marriage Demand ) AUTHOR Chantelle Shaw – latinboyz4play.com

Sometimes you The Red Hat Society Cookbook just need a break from all the blue aliens kidnapping earth women and lose yourself in a sweet Harleuin with a HEA Yeah I know it got bad reviews but I loved it Horrible but very sexy Hero checkStrong Heroine bad childhood checkAdorable baby checkSweet mother of the hero checkSometimes you need something very Harleuinishy Read this years ago and hated it now I remember why This is one of my favorite tropes in the HP world Heroine is mistress to the hero She gets pregnant but he throws her out convinced she was cheating because he s had a vasectomy But this oneust failed in execution for me Once he finds her again and she has a fairly reasonable explanation of what happened even though he knows that some vasectomies fail he still refuses to consider he might be one of the failures He calls her every nasty name in the book but still gets her in bed every third page it seemed like She was totally spineless I think any man who called me those sorts of names and told me to my fac MORE LIKE 15 starsZac Deverell and Freya Addison had a brief affair The minute she told him she was pregnant he kicked her to the curb Freya didn t know that Zac couldn t have fathered children because he had been clipped He never felt the need to tell her that little tidbit while he was hooking up w this younger girl Of course Freya had been a virgin until Zac and now suddenly she is a raving NYMPH and she can t get enough so she had to have been shagging the local starving artist Zac was informed that she was and despite her denials he couldn t believe her because she got pregnant and there is no way in that one place that he could be the father Now Freya is injured in an accident and her very loving grandmother sarcasm implied dumps the child on Zac and informing all win hearing distance that it is time for her to go enjoy life and stop raising someone else s kids Zac believes that Freya is behind this and means to set her straight He has to take her back to his country to do so and then proceeds w testing to prove that he is not the father of Freya s child You know how this turns out We are subjected to Zac calling Freya all sorts of demeaning names and her putting up w it Never mind that he is also denying this sweet child Oh but then he falls in love w Freya s daughter and is willing to overlook Freya s indiscretion He finds out the truth yes he is the father and instead of proposing marriage he tells her that he will set her up to be his mistress once again Amazing huh Did he grovel even slightly when he revealed that he is the father NOPE he No Way Home just says that he owes her an apology I want my money back oh wait it was a library book I want my time back I wanted Freya to have made him suffer like she claimed she was going to do I wanted a follow through when she said I don t need anything from you Zac certainly not your arrogant assertion that you ll overlook something I didn t even do But one day soon you ll come crawling to me on your hands and knees and hear me now I will never forgive you for your treatment of me Oh that was great but itust fell and there was no follow through He said once he got the results of the test he would personally escort them out of Monaco and his life oh I guess he meant once he was proved right but since that didn t happen he must retain custody of them both Freya apparently is controlle. She was his pregnant mistressTwo years ago Freya Addison fell for sexy billionaire Zac Deverell He gave her everything money could buy and pleasure in the.

D by that one piece of her anatomy that men are always accused of leading w Nice Once would think that she should ust dart down to the drugstore or something I have to admit that I read this book soon after Comfort Object and I could so see Zac as the role of Jeremy and Freya as Nell Except for the fact that Freya does make some nice threats and accusations towards Zac BUT she never follows through FrustratingI know that Zac had a good reason for believing what he did of Freya but really there is usually some sort of follow up for the procedure that Zac had done The fact that he didn t do the follow up is a little irresponsible of him Also he seemed to be irresponsible w the sheaths as well I believe he used the same twice Then I kept wondering if since it is known that he had other rs in the two years she was gone he considered that there could be other little Zacs running around He knows that his procedure want s full proof and he is supposedly careful w Freya now but not once does he wonder about OW Why wouldn t he because HP H s don t wear the coat for disease protection but for saving their money from gold diggers Then of course strong little Freya gives in to easily to Zac and she can t even cope very well w her daughter gets sick Suddenly she is a mass of a mess Hero feels nothing for heroinehow could this be a romance They are together 3 months he took her virginity but never considered having her in his life permanently he s bored and already planning to dump her for his next mistress who he has picked out and moves right on to after dumping heroine Yes he thinks she cheated but he was going to dump her anyway And he specifically notes that hasn t given her a thought in 2 years She s an idiot for not taking him to court for DNA test money in child support or at least a protective custody order terminating his parental rights Even though her daughter is entitled to support snd education all heroine wanted was for him to know she didn t cheat so maybe he would sleep with her again A story about a woman who is slave to arousal can be sexy when the man is crazy about her When he has no redeeming ualities and she means nothing to himnot hot at all She needed to be institutionalize for a mental illness Or get a good vibrator or a real man The H was a complete sht so it was hard to get behind the romance especially as from his POV we know that he never really thought of the h once he got rid of her She does the whole I must resist but I cant cause I love him dance which is par for the course I guessThere s a great line in here from the h about the tinker the tailor and the candlestick maker which made me snigger for some time afterwards Wish she d shown the same spirit throughout The penthouse rooftops of Fontvieille and its new harbour in Monaco on the French Riviera This one is full of angsty goodness badness Who wants to sleep with someone you hate or who hates you Clearly Zac had been surprised by his desire for her and shocked by the level of his need but he despised himself almost as much as he despised her When he released her she swayed unsteadily and for one horrific moment she actually thought she was going to be sick And Freya thinks this is lust Or loveBut wait there is My brain tells me you r This is the third book in a row I ve read from a Harleuin Presents monthly bundle and it really highlig. Bedroom than she'd thought possible But when Freya announced she was pregnant Zac threw her outNow she'll become his wifeWhen they meet again the passion

I grew up without a TV let alone DVD’s computer games etc that my kids spend so much time engrossed in but I learned to read at an early age and from then on I was always entertained – so much so that my friends used to hide their books when I visited them because all I wanted to do was readWhen I was a teenager I discovered Mills & Boon romances in my local library and so began a lifelong lo

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