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En eager to read has landed at my doorstep and I m putting this aside Sorry Fat Bob You may not be dead yet but you re dead to me I received this book via the Read t Forward program Thank you for sending me a copy Sorry I wasn t keen on Risking It All it DNF 25%I was looking forward to a fun uirky story I ve read 25% of the story and I just don t have any desire to pick this book up again I haven t found anything to be even remotely funny and I don t care about any of the characters This book just does not work for me at allARC provided by Penguin First to Read Thiss one of the strangest and funniest crime novels I ve read Dog Food 2 in a long time It s also very endearing with a cast of oddball characters that you simply can t help rooting forThe storys set Santa In Montana (Calder Saga in New London Connecticut and opens with a tragicncident A would be con man named Connor Raposo picks up a pair of shoes and walks out of the cobbler s shop to see a garbage truck suddenly back out The Moonshiners Daughter into the street rightn front of a Harley Davidson Fat Bob belonging to guy named Fat Bob The bike slams Emmas Orphans into the truck and body parts presumably belonging to Fat Bob go flying everywhere It s not a pretty sight It s a terrible accident ors Saints on Stage it Two bickering detectives named Manny Streeter and Benny Vickstrom are assigned tonvestigate and things rapidly become very confusing Connor Raposo the main witness Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, is working for a gang of grifters called Bounty Inc They ve appearedn town running a scam collecting donations for various charities like Prom ueens Anonymous Free Beagles from Nicotine Addiction and Orphans from Outer Space Since there s obviously than one sucker born every minute childhood happy hours it s a pretty good racket but the last thing Connor needs to to get entangled with the copsConnor also runsnto trouble with mob enforcers angry wives a sexy woman for hire and his own brother It s not an easy life It does make for a very entertaining novel however one that should certainly appeal to readers who enjoyed the comic novels of Donald Westlake for example All n all a very good rea. It was an accident But then he sees a familiar man who else would wear an Elvis pompadour n this day and age lurking around the crime scene Where does Connor know him from And why does everyone he knows keep showing up dea.

Online Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? –

35 I love offbeat stuff like this Before anyone gets all freaked about the dog on the cover smoking a cigarette no animals were harmed or caught smoking Publish and Perish in this novel The smoking dog represents just one scam run by a couple of very odd people who solicit money over the phone telling selected callers that their helps needed to Free Beagles from Nicotine Addiction FBNA referring to dogs who are used Given Time in research Another selected group of unwary customers gets calls to support Prom ueens Anonymous directed at fading beauties who never uite grew out of their prom ueen days while yet another specifically targeted group receives pleas to support Orphans from Outer Space So don t worry about the dog or go and boycott the book because the dog mayncite teens to take up smoking nothing like that goes on here But I just know someone will complain or take offense you heard The Book of Lamentations it here folks I laughed myself silly throughout the first half of this book and a little beyond When I d finished the book very very late last night I took a look at what readers on goodreads had to say and discovered that I must have a strange uirky sense of humor because not a whole lot of people found this book at all funny Then again I m known for enjoying the unconventional and the strange My points that Guide Through the Old Testament it s a novel that may not appeal to everyone butf you like absurdity snark and sarcasm you ll find plenty of The Best-Case Scenario Handbook it hereIt s not so much the story but the characters that really drive this novel and there are any number of lunatics who populate this book The two main cops have a serious passive aggressive thing going onn their work partnership Manny Streeter The Last Days of the Romanovs is crazy about karaoke and has spent a lot of money turning one of the bedroomsnto a karaoke lounge complete with tables and rules his partner Benny Vikstr m really wants out of the partnership but finds that the only way out The Fate of the Romanovs is to become a bike cop He also catches a lot of flak on the job when people joke about him being a famous Swedish detective The scam artists at Bounty Incthe perp. Stephen Dobyns whom Stephen King has described as the best of the bests back with his newest novel Is Fat Bob Dead Yet a comic suspense novel about a small time con operation a pair of combative detectives and the pride re.

Etuators of FBNA are just Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, insane but they have given the main character Connor a job working for them and say they are prepping him to take over the business Even the bad guys but so their wives are sort of silly with one exception a crazy lunatic named Chucky There s also a homeless guy who thinks he has a tail every time he gets through a bottle of Everclear Then there s Connor himself the guy who through no fault of his own ends upn than one situation he s having trouble keeping under control There really LOSER isn t one sane personn this book and when you combine them all what you get Home-Ec 101 is a rather crazy mix of characters who keep things beyond lively Oh yes and then there s the murder mystery Now the downside to this books that even though Exterminating Angel it s terribly clever at the endt was like I was watching a movie It s like the novel was really fun up to that point but the ending had all of the trademarks of those films that feature the hapless hero and all of the crazies Culture and Customs of Norway in hisher orbit I could actually see things playing outn my head exactly to form If you ve read this book you ll know precisely what I m saying The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, if not well you will I would like to think that the author did this on purpose but who knows So the bottom lines this as the dustjacket blurb notes t s an entertainingly absurd novel and A Private Midnight it made me laugh out loud for most of the book I don t know that I d sayt s a novel for everyone because clearly some readers couldn t get The Weavers Idea Book into the humor oft all I say The Mission of Mooney Rooney if you comento The Road to There it with no expectations making your mind a blank slate and not worrying about the whole mysterycrimeplot thingt will probably make for fun reading I have this tendency to favor the unconventional so Templars in America it was a good book for me I m over half wayn this book and still not engaged I get how there were comparisons to favorite authors of mine Hiaasen Dorsey and Westlake Used (Getting Inside of V, in humor Russon portrayals of town life but the effort just hasn t panned out for me I find neither the characters or the plot engaging In the meantime a book I ve be. Venge and deception that guide us all Richard Russo meets El LeonardIn the seaport city of New London Connecticut and newcomer Connor Raposo has just witnessed a gruesome motorcycle accident on Bank Street At least he thinks.

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Dobyns was raised in New Jersey Michigan Virginia and Pennsylvania He was educated at Shimer College graduated from Wayne State University and received an MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa in 1967 He has worked as a reporter for the Detroit NewsHe has taught at various academic institutions including Sarah Lawrence College the Warren Wilson College MFA Program

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