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PDF KINDLE The Middle of Somewhere – latinboyz4play.com

Hinking this is a generic plot I like my women s fiction to have substance and this book has plenty of depth Most of the story takes place during an 18 day backpacking journey on the John Muir trail in the western United States where Liz is looking to find a truer life Do not think that just because you have ead or seen the movie Wild which I have that The Middle of Somewhere has been done before It has not This novel is a character study an adventure a thriller and a love story Liz is highly complex and Ms Yoerg gives us a detailed look inside her head by telling the tale from Liz s perspective 3rd person point of view and using flashbacks to help us understand how she came to be the way she is She is a strong independent woman whom I liked very much She and her boyfriend Dante who accompanies her over a major portion of the trip Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, run into a number of perilous situations and the last 125 pages of the book had my pulseacing The story was so compelling I ead the entire second half of the book in one sitting which is something I just don t do I usually fall asleep when I try that As engrossing as the adventurousthrilling aspects of the book are I found Liz s personal story to be the most powerful arc To go into that in detail would be isking spoilers There are other elements I like about this book Ms Yoerg s prose is beautiful and highly communicative That and the intricate nature of the protagonist s personal issues are two areas that I think are done even better in this book than in her debut novel Further the author clearly did her esearch She has wonderful true to life descriptions of the wilderness through which the John Muir Trail traverses I felt I was ight there in the scene with the characters I also learned a tremendous amount about the ins and outs of backpacking I have done many day hikes but hiking 8 hours a day for several weeks is a whole other sport Finally this story is very eal including the complex dynamics between Liz and Dante It touched me There was nothing I did not like about this book except that since it is a stand alone I will not encounter these wonderful characters againI am very impressed with Sonja Yoerg She is a cut above in her genre which is a scary good thing considering she has only written two novels I ecommend The Middle of Some. S literally Her emotional baggage weighs her down than her backpack but a three week trek promises the solitude she craves at least until her boyfriend Dante decides to tag along His broad moral streak makes the prospect of confessing her sins difficult but as much as she fears his judgment she fears.

Middle of Somewhere is part self discovery part suspense part love story Liz Croft is elying on the JMT for some self atonement trying to work out her guilt over a act she s kept secret Her boyfriend Dante decides to tag along despite being an inexperienced hiker and you can tell Liz is less than entralled I couldn t figure out how this book would play out Dante making mistakes Liz being annoyed Not in the very least I loved this book The layers to Liz and Dante are peeled back so carefully that each eveal was a pleasant surprise and kept me turning pages I did not expect to eally like Dante as much as I did by the end Despite Liz obviously growing you could eally see Dante s character be pushed to his own limits I absolutely adored their elationship by the end of the bookThe end is harrowing and there is a moment where I literally got goosebumps no spoilers When you get there you ll know it The conclusion felt both surprising and inevitable Highly ecommend I enjoy books about personal journey how we grow learn and love through life eventschallenges There were a few parts that felt forced or a little much and others where I wanted just a little but overall this book held my interest to the end I could sympathize with both main characters throughout and ultimately gained a deeper espect for both in the end Thanks netgalley for the arc A special thank you to Penguin and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest eview Talented Sonja Yoerg eturns following her smashing debut House Broken with impressive and complex THE MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE an exploration of intense emotions on the oad to ediscovery forgiveness and love A gripping tale of facing the past An unknown wilderness mixed with temptations fears doubts betrayal anger and evil life its ob Many thanks to New American Library of Penguin Random House and Ms Sonja Yoerg for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an unbiased eviewWOW This is a most impressive follow up to Ms Yoerg s debut novel House Broken I eally enjoyed House Broken but I love The Middle of Somewhere even This is the story of Liz Kroft a very bright 29 year old engineer with a difficult past that has left her wondering whether she is capable of engaging in a normal happy elationship Don t let this one sentence synopsis fool you into If you loved   Wild you can't miss this A troubled young widow hikes from Yosemite Valley deep into the wilderness on the John Muir Trail to elude her shameful past in this emotionally gripping story from the author of House Broken With her thirtieth birthday looming Liz Kroft is heading for the hill.

Where to all eaders of women s fiction and literary fiction I will definitely ead everything this author writes An easy 5 stars for me 35 starsYou e gonna need hiking boots for this trip A potent mix of self eflection adventure and mild suspense Sonja Yoerg effortlessly transports the eader to the varying elevations of the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada mountains Even if you aren t someone that enjoys camping that s totally me or trekking through the forest there s still something sort of alluring about this trip I thought Liz was gutsy for planning an eighteen day hike alone What better way to face your demons head on and find clarity than to surround yourself with natural beauty and isolation Never in a million years would I personally want solitude to that extent though I watch enough horror movies to know anything could be lurking out in the woodsMuch to my elief but definitely not Liz s her boyfriend Dante ends up crashing the trip She couldn t open up her mouth and tell him that though She completely sucks at being vulnerable and honestly it makes it hard to connect with her on some levels The miles on her feet the easier it gets for Liz to blurt out the secrets that have been eating away at her That was just one of the many fears she had to face along the trailThings take a bit of a sinister turn when two creepy brothers start popping up at different points along the way The lesson to learn here trust your instincts and un It s better to survive than to take a isk and ignore bad vibes I thoroughly enjoy suspense and while that s not what I expected when I picked this up I wish that aspect of the storyline had been amped up a notch I felt like the author was teasing me With bated breath I waited for something big to happen but she failed to fully deliver It all sort of fell flat in the endThere s no doubt this is an atmospheric ead The vivid descriptions of the scenery make it easy to conjure up the trails streams and campsites along the way For the setup of the story it was great but after awhile the momentum of the story gets lost among all of those details I found myself wanting to skip ahead in search of dialogue or one of Liz s flashbacks It just became too much for me That s not to say I didn t enjoy this trip it just wasn t my favorite vacatio. Losing him Maybe They set off together alone under blue skies but it’s not long before storms threaten and two strange brothers appear along the trail Amid the jagged towering peaks Liz must decide whether to admit her mistakes and confront her fears or face the trail the brothers and her future alo.

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