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Contemplating alone It s uite a strong poem definitely my favourite in here The poetry of Wang Wei is very much driven by descriptions of nature Regardless of what s happening in the world whether it s war or a woeful departure nature remains a beautiful inspiration Nothing can change that for him as he marches on as he plods through life the splendour of nature remains Like so On Leaving the Wang River retreat At last I put my carriage in motionGo sadly out from these ivied pinesCan I bear to leave these blue hillsAnd the green stream what of that Again it s deceptively simple These four lines carry so much meaning The narrator is leaving but that doesn t matter The reason for his departure isn t important The real world isn t important The issues are small and perhaps petty when faced with such glory His surroundings here mean to him in this instance than the whole of mankind combined Leaving the purity of the ivied pines behind is a lamentable loss Walking away from the blue hills the hills of stability of intelligence and of heaven itself is no asy departure They represent much It s all about the colours The sky and the sea are both blue as are these symbolic hills And the stream the green stream that represents oneness with nature that is the hardest of all to walk away from The line at last I put my carriage in motion says it all The reluctance is palpable Li Po wasn t my favourite That doesn t mean I dislike him I just think his poems in here were weak in comparison to the other two Maybe the ditors just didn t pick out his best most representative poems Some of them just didn t speak to me on any level although they do portray a great deal about the man s life and the time in which he wrote I picked out the one I liked the most belowDrinking with a gentleman of leisure in the mountains We both have drunk their birththe mountain flowersA toast a toast a toastagain anotherI am drunk long to sleep Sir go a little Bring your lute if you likeearly tomorrowThe narrator isn t drinking alcohol that s for sure he s drinking in the sights around him he s njoying nature and relishing in the The Outlaw Jesse James experience He s gone to sleep on the flowers in the mountain and tomorrow only brings another good day It s a good poem but like I said I much prefer the other two poems I copied here So this was a rather gooddition one of the best I ve read in uite a while Penguin Little Black Classic 09 The Little Black Classic Collection by penguin looks like it contains lots of hidden gems I couldn t help it they looked so good that I went and bought them all I shall post a short review after reading ach one No doubt it will take me several months to get through all of them Hopefully I will find some classic authors from across the ages that I may not have come across had I not bought this collection An old man knows no where he is going On these wild hills footsorehe will not hurry Tu Fu Vol 9 of my Penguin Little Black Classics Box Set It contains poems by three Tang Dynasty Poets obviously1 Wang Wei b 6992 Li Po b 7013 Tu Fu B 712One of the great things about poetry is the ability of poems to strip us down to our humanity I read these poems written over 1300 years ago and realize that these men are not too different from me They love their wives are inspired by nature feel pain regret desire They are modern and I am ancient Their branches and mine touch in time as I read these poems I loved their pastoral beauty their simplicity and the way they reflect both the divine and the human in their veryday The Spiral Dance experiencesI ve read a bunch of Li Po before but haven t been asxposed to Wang Wei or Tu Fu I was impressed by the The Erotic Mind editor s delightful ordering of these poems The first poem by Wang Weinds up referencing the last story in the collection Beautiful Has poems by three of the greatest Tang Dynasty poets Wang Wei Li Bai and Du Fu I have read Li Bai poems before but the other two were new to me Loved many of the poems There is a Wang Wei poem which is about the legend of the Peach Blossom Spring the legendary place which is the inspiration behind the Shanghri La of James Hilton s Lost Horizon Loved that poem I read Arthur Cooper s Li Po and Tu Fu in the 70 s and loved it This selection by Robinson and Cooper not so much I was particularly disappointed by the Tu Fu section I also preferred David Hinton s translation of Wang Wei s poems overall Of course I have no idea which selections are most true to the originals or which translations better captures the Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, essence of the poems This is one of the problems with poetry from a language and a culture so distant from our own Apart from the very fewxperts that xist most of us know nothing about itStill I have found memories of sitting in the house in Donegal listening to the winter wind roar and reading Li Po and Tu Fu while sipping tea late into the night I d like to find that book again I think I have it around here somewher. Ge; poems pic and intimate; ssays satirical and inspirational; and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions Wang Wei roughly 699 761Wang Wei's Poems is available in Penguin ClassicsLi Po 701 762 Tu Fu 712 770 Li Po and Tu Fu is available in Penguin Classics.

This short compilation is a taster on three 8th century Tang Dynasty Chinese poets Wang Wei Li Po and Tu Fu I confess I know very little about them but appreciate they are ssential touchstones in Chinese culture comparable to Milton or Baudelaire in the West These three artists were working around the same time Beowulf or the ur an were composed However their poems have the way I see it a kinship with the The One Thousand and One Nights Is it possible that these poets had an influence westward on Indian Persian and Arab storytellers as well as Double Deception (Code Name: Danger eastward on Japanese poetry of the Heian periodBe it as it may thesearly medieval poems hold delicate idyllic descriptions of Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, earthly beauty and human tribulations that convey an almost romantic feel The Song of the Peach Blossom Spring that opens and closes this volume is perhaps the mostvocative and mysterious in this collection Somehow it made me think of Alejo Carpentier s Los pasos perdidos However unmistakably and above all these poets informed Gustav Mahler s magnum opus Das Lied von der Erde one of my all time personal favourites in romantic music Night Thoughts AfloatBy bent grassesin a gentle windUnder straight mastI m alone tonightAnd the stars hangabove the broad plainBut moon s afloatin this Great RiverOh where s my nameamong the poetsOfficial rank Retired for ill health Drifting driftingwhat am I thanA single gullbetween sky and Grave Tattoo earthTu Fu 712 770Jan 28 18 Later on my blog O collection of poems from three different authors Wang Wei Li Po Tu FuIt wasn txactly a great read Where are the sights that I must know alone Wang WeiWhy does one read poetry This simple uestion opens up a vast debate and provokes the proverbial one thousand and one responses I will let this debate be and tell you why I read often not well known poetry by men and women dead for centuries I want to see how they Georgia and the Tycoon expressed in poems passionately that which they could otherwise say to their friends and families in simple ordinary speech I want to know how people living in otherras other places other cultures lent Churchills Trial eternity to their humanmotions I want to learn about the metaphors and images they mplo Wealth and honor were always like this You strive and strive but what do you seek This Little Black Classics contains writings from three of the most famous poets of ight century China Wang Wei Li Po and Tu Fu All three were new to me so I had a lot to Lakeside Redemption explore in this volume and found myself drawn in straight away As all three of them lived during the Tang Dynasty they must have had comparably similarxperiences to draw from they have witnessed the beauty of nature and family but also the sorrows of war and violence It all comes to light in these featured poems which are full of appreciation and grief At last I put my carriage in motionGo sadly out from the ivied pinesCan I bear to leave these blue hillsAnd the green stream what of that Poetry was an important part of people s social life during the Tang dynasty and it was an art form available to In Pursuit of a Princess everyone The important role it played back then is also probably the main reason for the amount of poems that survived all those centuries I highly suspect that part of the poemsxpression was lost in translation and still the language is compressed and simple while also being dense and poignant What interests me a lot about Early Eastern literature is how different it was to what was written in the Western World at that period of time I ve read nough here to hope I ll get to read in the futureRoughly a year ago Penguin introduced the Little Black Classics series to celebrate Penguin s 80th birthday Including little stories from around the world and across many centuries as the publisher describes I have been intrigued to read those for a long time before finally having started I hope to sooner or later read and review all of them Well this was a lot of fun I didn t xpect to highlight as many verses as I did This book of poetry collects the works of three Tang dynasty poets who would ve thought judging from the title I have never read poetry from China before and I have an inkling that much was lost in translation nonetheless I uite njoyed myself and appreciated the insight I got into Chinese cultureWang Wei is a 8th century poet musician painter and statesman He was one of the most famous men of arts and letters of his time In his later years Wang Wei lost interest in being a statesman and became involved in Buddhism and his poems reflected his focus on ZenCh an practice and the beauty of nature Personally I liked the calmness and stillness of his poetry He described his surroundings with such care for detail that it was impossible not to note how connected to nature he felt He mused about water flowing with a purpose clear streams so calm the returning colors of spring and so on and so on The images he voked with his words were beautifulOddly my favorite poem of hi. 'Can I bear to leave these blue hills' A generous selection from three of the greatest and most njoyable of Chinese poets Introducing Little Black Classics 80 books for Penguin's 80th birthday Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Pengu.

S was not a poem about nature but a poem about war Watching a Farewell deals with the sacrifices boy soldiers make when they leave their home to fight in distant lands I am by no means a person who glorifies the military nonetheless the poem moved me Tears dried he must catch up his companionsSwallowing grief he sets his carriage in motionAt last the carriage passes out of sightBut still at times there s the dust thrown up from the roadI too long ago said good bye to my familyAnd when I see this my handkerchief is wet with tears I don t know about you but I really like the switch of perspective the narrator initially just an observer can t help himself and gets invovled with what he seesLi Po was a Chinese poet acclaimed from his own day to the present as a genius and a romantic figure who took traditional poetic forms to new heights He and his friend Du Fu the last poet in this collection were the two most prominent figures in the flourishing of Chinese poetry in the Tang dynasty The xpression Three Wonders referred to Li Po s poetry Pei Min s swordplay and Zhang Xu s calligraphyIt s funny to see that Li Po just like Hafez stands in the poetic tradition of glorifying alcoholic beverages His celebration of drunkenness can be witnessed in many of his poems However his best poems are the ones focusing on nostalgia and raw Hawks Way (Hawks Way emotions He contemplates the yearning of a man who is seperated from his children the desperation of a woman who married a travelling man an old mother parting from her son Peach petals float their streamsaway in secretTo other skies andarthsthan those of mortals All in all we get intricate themes coupled with an xcellent writing style I couldn t help but fall in love with Li Po He was definitely my favorite poet in this collection Du Fu s greatest ambition was to serve his country as a successful civil servant but he proved unable to make the necessary accommodations His life like the whole country was devastated by the An Lushan Rebellion of 755 and his last 15 years were a time of almost constant unrestHe has been called the Poet Historian and the Poet Sage by Chinese critics while the range of his work has allowed him to be introduced to Western readers as the Chinese VirgilMost interesting about Du Fu s work is definitely the overarching theme of life goes on His poetry dealt a lot with the war and individual suffering however he constantly stressed how unfazed nature is about all of these vents Through Pity all our hoursweeping remembersThese waters and these flowersremain as Creative Participation ever I would argue that he is probably the most realistic of the three however I didn t click with his poetry as well as with the othersOverall Three Tang Dynasty Poets is an interesting collection of Chinese verses Even though many parts felt doggerel probably due to the translation this collection is worthwhile It grands an interesting insight into Chinese culture and unites themes such as calmness in times of upheaval and in depthxplorations of nature Isn t poetry just wonderful I m beginning to appreciate it and I m finding myself reading so much of it of late and it s for pleasure not for university work same thing really I know the Sabina Spielrein exact poem that finally turned on my poeticars so to speak it was Mont Blanc by Percy Shelley and since then I ve been reading all that I can get my hands on It s a shame it s taken me so long to fully realise what was in front of my Cognitive Radio Networks eyes Enough of that there s a whole world of poetry before me toxplore And this Personnel Management in Government edition was just what I needed Here are three poets I d never heard of and here are three poets Injoyed immenselyThe poetry of Tu Fu is the most universal Rather than lamenting over his family or fixating on a natural scene he actually describes real human Out of This World emotions and conflicts This is the sort of poetry I like to read it s the sort of poetry that captures what it is to be human andxpresses it in a way that transcend other forms Here s my favouriteNight Thoughts Afloat By bent grasses in a gentle wind Under straight mast I m alone tonight And the stars hang above the broad plain But moon s afloat in this Great River Oh where s my name among the poets Official rank Retired for ill health Drifting drifting what am I than A single gull between sky and The Time It Never Rained earth The poem is deceptively simple The last stanza recognises a large part of the human condition In reality as hard as it is to accept we re all rather insignificant We re just another being drifting in the seemingly nothingness of life Amongst the back drop of moon and stars of wind a river we are nothing in comparison We are the bent grass the small unimportantlement of a greater whole And Tu Fu as a poet is just another cog in the wheel As great as his imagination may be he will never fully be able to The Child of the Soul and Other Stories express all that he wishes he will never gain the official rank he wanted and be able to compare his words to the vastlements He sits in a boat. In Classics with books from around the world and across many centuries They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan from Tierra del Fuego to 16th century California and the Russian steppe Here are stories lyrical and sava.

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Ebook pdf Three Tang Dynasty Poets – latinboyz4play.com

Wang Wei simplified Chinese 王维; traditional Chinese 王維; pinyin Wáng Wéi; 699–759 and also known by other names such as Wang Youcheng was a Tang dynasty Chinese poet musician painter and statesman He was one of the most famous men of arts and letters of his time Many of his poems are preserved and twenty nine were included in the highly influential 18th century anthology Three Hundred T

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