ONLINE BOOKS Shes the Boss American Romances Men of the West #12 –

This had so much promise A cowboy tries his hand at modelling in order to pay for his mum s experimental cancer treatment and falls for his boss in the process This should be cheesy golden fluffy deliciousness So what went wrongThe romance was what went wrong Welcome to She s The Boss where the romance isn t between the two main characters but between Elizabeth and her ob She fucking loves her ob LOVES IT Will do anything for it Goes without sleep for it Gets altitude sickness for it Manages to swindle Rory out of money for it I get it I really do She s dedicated and wants to do the very best that she possible can But the fact that. Mills Boon Sexy series delivers what you love in contemporary romance glamour and scandal in exotic locations A cowboy out of options That’s how Rory McAlister feels when he leaves Colorado for the concrete ungle of New York City He needs this money for a very good reason only somebody should have warned him.

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ONLINE BOOKS Shes the Boss American Romances Men of the West #12 –

Ant to shake her for her stupidity I m all for a slow burning romance I actually uite like them But when we get to the part where the leading lady and the hero get together I want to read about that shit I don t want any of this closed door business I feel cheated This book says SEXY on the front IT LIES There were a few things that worked for me the scene in Times Suare where Rory is accosted by a swarm of ladies was uite funny and Rory takes care of Elizabeth when she has altitude sickness so it gets points for thatBut overall this was a HUGE miss It was boring It was weak And it certainly wasn t sexy 2 ride off into the sunset Stars. Thentic and frankly gorgeous looks  But could she have chosen an ornerier model At least Rory will be heading back to his ranch and out of Elizabeth’s life soon Because New York is no place for a cowboy and a Colorado ranch is no place for a big city girl Even if these two opposites are falling for each othe.

In a 219 page book 180 pages is all about the advertising campaign how she can t possibly allow herself to fall for Rory because that would blur the lines of her professionalism and her Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings jumping through hoops to make the client and not herself happy I call bullshit I signed up for a romance novel I didn t sign up for a lesson in advertising I sure as shit didn t sign up for a condescending leading lady who seems to think thatust because you work on a farm you couldn t possibly have a college education At the end of the book she tells Rory that she doesn t deserve him and she s right She doesn t She s a shallow udgmental woman and I Donning designer duds meant butting heads with Elizabeth Harrington Smyth The bossy ad exec is determined to turn Rory into the original Rhinestone Cowboy Over his dead bodyWith her ob hanging by a thread Elizabeth’s got to deliver the goods for Devlin Designs or else She asked Rory because of his rugged au.

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