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To life for me Full Review For someone whose claimed they can t write short fiction Mr Sullivan once again does a good job in my opinion I had largely backed BLACKGUARDS Tales of Assassins Mercenaries and Rogues because I knew a Riyria story would be in itI think I enjoyed this one than The Jester but it s hard to choose The story is a lot of fun I could listen to Royce and Hadrian banter for hours Or 90 minutes as the case may beA bit of a strange job for a pair of thieves leads to a rather amusing story While it won t be as legendary as some of their other capers it s still a good story to share over a pint of ale at Rose and Thorn That is if they ever talked to anyone about their past jobsIf ou haven t Matrimonio a la Fuerza (Saga Londres, yet given Riyria a shotou haven t been paying much attention to my reviews Much like the Jester this is an excellent way to sample both the Riyria stories and the excellent audio narration to whet Devils Gate (NUMA Files, your appetite for what is a really excellent series It all begins when aoung woman asks the infamous Royce and Hadrian to kidnap her so that her suitor will realise that she is gone and fall in love with her Yeah I agreed with Royce not a bright lassMy standard for any additions to this Magnum Opus of a series a series with a place nestled in my heart cozily next to The Lord of the Rings isn t exactly lenient and I expect nothing from. He Blackguards anthology published by Ragnarok Publications this is a standalone short story of 10800 words No prior knowledge of The Riyria Revelations or The Riyria Chronicles is reuired to enjoy it to its fullest making this a perfect introduction for new readers or a chance for existing fans to spend a little time with old friends.

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But still a fun readIt can be read at anytime it s not related to the main books other than the characters Well as usual this isn t a review as it s my own book but as I ve done with my other books I ll instead do a bit of a behind the scenes kind o thingThis short story was my contribution to the BLACKGUARDS Tales of Assassins Mercenaries and Rogues anthology This is a compilation put out by Ragnarok Publishing and contains tales of rogues assassins and mercenaries set in the worlds of a Best of the Riyeria short story Audio as usual terrific with Tim Gerard Reynolds I love the Riyria books by Michael J Sullivan I enjoyed this novella as well as the other stories and novels in this world but I suppose Thunder Voice (Sam Keaton: Legends of Laramie you can say that the rating here is lower than the others because the bar has been set pretty high That said this was pretty darn good I enjoyed the banter of Royce and Hadrian and it was great to see them handling another heist that didn t go as planned Executive Summary Another fun Riyria short storyAudio book Tim Gerarld Reynolds has spoiled me I ve owned the book this story was originally released in for a few months and didn t read it but once an audio version was made available I jumped all over itThere is no other way for me to experience Riyria at this point than when narrated by Mr Reynolds He really brings the characters. They do jobs for various nobles throughout Elan Usually that means stealing something but when aoung heiress asks them to steal herwell that's a first for the pair All is not as it seems but Royce is determined to get the bottom of what's actually going on After all he has his professional integrity at stakeOriginally released in

A free audible short story book following a massively successful Kickstarter for Sullivan s 3rd book of the Riyria Chronicles Death of Dulgath Christmas came early I was so happy to get Hadrian and Royce and they did not disappoint Both true to form Hadrian ever the noble and idealistic chap and Royce shrewd and cynical Interesting story with a mystery slant and a twist at the end No prior knowledge of Riyria is reuired but it s much fun if Rebelde Rendición (Saga Londres, you do My Rating 385This is a good story It is a fast read It s only 43 pages You know It s just fun reading these The dialogues are good You don t go around poking through the story finding literature uality The story is just for fun and I liked it very much Thankou This was a fun little story The perfect thing to listen to before going back to work Hadrian and Royce were hilarious as always And this time around they play the part of Werewolf huntersof some sort It was nice to get back to Royce and Hadrian after a while The pair of thieves is hired to do a very odd job and the outcome is very amusing Lots of fun and great banter is a sure thing when this pair is hired to do such a strange job4255 A oung lady asked Hadrian and Royce to kidnap her in order for the love of her life to notice and jump into her rescue Only nothing is as it seems to beNot as delightful as other Riyria adventures. One of the genre's favorite pairs returns in a classic fantasy short for both Riyria veterans and first time readersSeveral ears have passed since the war weary mercenary Hadrian and cynical ex assassin Royce joined forces to start their thieves for hire organization better known as Riyria Things have gone well enough for the team as.

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