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Another fantastic science fiction book sent to me by a publisher I had no idea what this book might be about so I decided to read it and find out Am I ever lad I didThis is probably one of the best written books I have ever read I don t mean that the story and everything is perfect it s just that the writing flows so easily that it is an extremely easy book to read even though it has a ton of technical science jargon The two main characters well three really are an Egyptologist a Physicist and a Molecular Biologist That s two men and a woman who live in very different parts of the world The Egyptologist Dr Syed Azad is an Egyptian. Dr Jake Banner physicist receives a call from Dr Azad an Egyptologist in Cairo Egypt informing him of a remarkable find An ancient Egyptian tablet containing a modern euation from uantum.

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Download Ebook Inevitable î Steven Cotton –

Antic threadIt doesn t dumb down scientific ideas it adds to them and runs away with them to create a novel which leaves you panting at the end thinking Blimeythis could actually happen Is this a huge thought experiment laid out as a novel by Steven Cotton or is it a description of what is to comeDr Jake Banner s Egyptian friend Dr Syed Azad discovers an ancient stone tablet which bears Schrodinger s euation on it Jake enlists help from a friend and colleague Dr Linda Cooper and together they visit Syed in Egypt to lean information relating to the tablet it s origin and how the message came to be there Analyses show that there is ad. Ove of scientific discoveries covering future achievements in physics enetics and cosmology Their worldview is shaken as they begin to uestion the true nature of reality and consciousne.

Muslim who lives uite nicely in Cairo His at first professional acuaintance Dr Jake Banner lives in California and specifically is on the faculty of Stanford University teaching mathematics and physics The female of the roup Dr Linda Cooper also is a member of the Sanford University faculty and so lives somewhere in the close vicinity of Dr Banner She is a very close friend of Jake but it is right now just a professional friendship in which they discuss mutual scientific stuff on occasion Linda doesn t know Dr Azad Syed yet but she will Inevitable is a superb mix of hard core science with philosophy delicately underlined with a rom. Mechanics Dr Banner enlists the help of Dr Linda Cooper a molecular biologist to unravel the deepening mystery Follow Drs Banner Azad and Cooper as they uncover a remarkable treasure tr.

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