Read kindle Obra selecta una suma de la vida Cristiana –

Review Obra selecta una suma de la vida Cristiana

Ation; The Sinner's Guide; Memorial of he Christian Life and Introduction o he Creed; plus his Compendium of Christian Doctrine Se.

This work consists of passages from Ven Louis' works principally his four masterpieces of spiritual heology Book of Prayer and Medit.

Read kindle Obra selecta una suma de la vida Cristiana –

Lections are arranged by opic according Fire Summer the plan ofhe Summa Theologica of St Thomas Auinas Includes a brief biography of Ven Louis.

Luis de GranadaLouis was born in Granada of poor parents At the age of nineteen he was received into the Dominican Order in the Priory of the Holy Cross in Granada His philosophical studies once over he was chosen by his superiors to represent his community at the College of St Gregory at Valladolid an institution of the Dominican Order reserved for extraordinary studentsWhen Louis had completed these studies he embarked upon the career of a preacher in which he continued with extraordinary success during forty years The fame of his preaching spread beyond the boundaries of his native land and at the reuest of the Cardinal Infante Dom Henriue of Portugal son of King Manuel he was transferred to Portugal where he became Prior Provincial of the Portuguese Dominicans in 1557 His extraordinary sanctity learning and wisdom soon attracted the attention of the ueen regent who appointed him her confessor and counselor The Bishopric of Viseu and the Archbishopric of Braga were successively offered to him only to be courteously but firmly refused The honours of the cardinalate offered to him by Pope Sixtus V were also declinedBesides ascetical theology his published works treat of Scripture dogma ethics biography and Church history He is best known however for his ascetical writings Most of them were translated into many languages The best known of his ascetical writings and the one that achieved the greatest measure of success is The Sinner's Guide La Guia de Pecadores published in 1555 It is marked by a smooth harmonious style of purest Spanish idiom which has merited for it the reputation of a classic and by an unctuous elouence that has made it a perennial source of religious inspiration It has been most favourable compared with Thomas à Kempis's Imitation of Christ Within a comparatively short time after its first appearance it was translated into Italian Latin French German Polish and Greek He earned much money for his writings all of which went to the poorIn 1539 at the age of 35 he wrote a small tract on the method of prayer for a student who had written to him for advice This tract developed into his first book The Book of Prayer and Meditation published in 1554 The unexpected success of the book led him to dedicate himself to writing on spiritual themes for all He led a life of an ascetic his cell being poor and having little possessions He wrote for 35 years producing 49 worksLouis died at the age of 84 at Lisbon Portugal

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