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It was not hard to follow I am giving this book 4 ut Pontius Pilate of 5 stars Go get it The title makes you imagine so many things butnce you get into the story it ends up with a deeper meaning than expected This book does have a sweet love story between Noah and Caity but it s his story that Livin de Life overcomes the book It was a different read for me but touching none the less To see a man who has faced nothing but hardship and sorrow find his way into the light We all sometimes hit a low and allow the darkness tovercome us and consume Aeralis our every thoughts and actions I loved seeing ever action Noah faced to getut Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half of the darkness find the control he hid deep inside and finally allow the light in It did not hurt to have the most amazing team behind him He had hiswn supporters without knowing it This book was touching in so many levels Allowing you to see how Academic Inbreeding and Mobility in Higher Education: Global Perspectives one can fight their way to thether side with than fist Sometime we have to give and allow Radio Crackling, Radio Gone others in I give the writer kudos for drawing you in sharing a storyf than just romance and showing that even in the darkest moment we need to remember we are humans who need help sometimes If I seem dangerous was a good surprise for me A 35 shining stars surpriseA new author to me Rose Sawyer did a very good job with this bookThere are The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta: California's Gold Rush Bandit only few MMA books that stoodut and grabbed my attention and this book fits right with them Maybe not as intense but good writing character build and portrayalI really liked Noah He was not the typical character in these genre Noah was a bad boy tormented and always fighting his demons and did not turn great nice gentle Limey Gumshoe or perfect gentleman as soon as Caitlyn walked in his life After a lifef fighting drug and alcohol abuse he has a hard time controlling his impulses So I met Noah as soon as he won his title match and lost it at the same time It appeared that nothing in his life came easy and losing his title to Maritime Academy Graduate: Memoir Of A Third Mate onef his past habits drugs did not come as a surprise to the world but to Noah Since he didn t have a great childhood raised by his mother Noah had to face again the fact that his life was a mess because f his father Michael The story follows Noah trying to put his life together the best way he knew he pushed Caitlyn aside for her wn good after two passionate days and went back to his illegal fightsHowever a month into his Trouble Looking for a Place to Happen old life he just couldn t fully embrace his past because Caitlyn was already in his heart He made his way back to her and worked with the people who cared about him to bring down his father and get his career back I liked Caitlyn because she was awaref Noah issues and knew how to handle him What I liked the most was the fact that she gave him space when he needed even though it was a month and made sure he knows not to do it again Somehow her attitude worked with me The great part about Noah and Caitlyn relationship was that they started Dressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes and Masquerade off as friends and became much later There was chemistry but their timing wasff so when they got together they just worked What I didn t like that much was that I still don t know what made his father abuse his mother and son even though he was not in their life The long standing hatred was not properly explained to me The way the whole thing went down in a week was a bit vague and the ending a bit abrupt for my taste I just wanted a little just a littleOverall was a good read much better that so many Harcourt School Publishers Collections other storiesf this genre that are From Paella to Porridge: A Farewell to Mallorca and a Scottish Adventure on the market and I am looking forward to see what Rose Sawyer has in store for me with her future books Received a copy in exchange for an honest review He buried his nose in her hair inhaling the sweet scentf her shampoo She felt good pressed against his chest It never failed that she was what calmed him down 4 stars This book was so much better than I ever dreamed it would be The characters have heart and depth and I was sucked in Darkness shrouds Noah James past Drugs alcohol abuse they cloud the few memories he has and threaten to eat away at his future The On Toby's Terms only brightness in his life is Caitlyn Hale She came crashing into his world the day he met with her father the sports agent who could possibly give him a new start That day he left the agent sffice with a professional fighting career ahead f him and the image f a hazel eyed beauty imprinted in his soulRarely does life Max Lerner: Pilgrim in the Promised Land offer a glimpsef happiness without snatching it away Just like he s always feared the monster that haunts him comes roaring back His entire life shatters threatening to return him to the darkness he came from The light heavyweight champion is about to face the fight f a lifetime He can nly hope to make it through each round without losing the few things he has left I fell in love Noah and his darkness I mean you really can t help it His and Caitlyn s story is beautiful and exciting I really loved this book than I ever thought that I would It had depth and it flowed so well I m a fan now Great jobReceived a copy in exchange for an honest review Read and reviewed by Me. Y give him a new start That day he left the agent's Indiscretion office with a professional fighting career aheadf him and the image Indiscretion of a hazel eyed beauty imprinted in his soulRarely does lifeffer a glimpse f happiness without snatching it away Just like he's always feared the monst.

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Lissa for Alpha Book Club So sweetI loved Noah I felt so bad for him I loved this book Very well written and believable Would recommend to everyone A good MMA fighter story Something a little different from the normal MMA story line A little chaotic in the beginning but smooths ut and ends up being a great story Sexy times are hot and written well All together worth the readThanks If I Seem DangerousRose Sawyer5 starsNoah James remember the name ladies Jesus Mercy Lawd Help Me and yes you will be saying that after you memorize the man and yes you will memorize every single description Soul Dust of his exceptional self On the flip side I LOVED LOVED LOVED Caitlyn Haler Caity I didn t want to because I wanted to lock up Noah James with all my The Dyfed Enigma: Unidentified Flying Objects in West Wales other book boyfriends for myself but I couldn t She is and was perfect for him just as he is and was for her Sigh Yes Im sighing ROSE SAWYER I LOVE YOUR FACE This is hands downne 6S: The 6S Review, Issue 2 of the best books I have read Why because the characters are real I mean I felt like I was sitting right there with Lee Hale Dustin and everyone else trying to figureut what in the heck we were going to do I wanted to knock Michael James to Never Never Land with no return ticket Now you all know I don t do spoilers so Im going to give you as much as I can without saying anything that I shouldn t I can tell you that Caity and Noah are best friends and have been for two years since the day she stormed into her dads Blackbird office and there was Noah being given a chance to be something Her father represented MMA fighters As an agent should he took caref his boys and made certain they stayed n the right track Noah was dealt a crap hand He tried to protect his mother from his piece f shit so called father but he couldn t He felt the darkness seep into him at times and considered himself a monster These feelings knowing he was a monster were the exact reason he kept away from Caity He loved her from the minute he laid eyes Surly Bonds on her but he didn t deserve the lovef someone like her Noah is Sex, Lies, and Videotape on his way to a championship belt he has finally made it from the guttersf life at least he thought he had Within minutes everything is taken from him and his solid ground he felt he was finally standing The Sanford Guide to Hepatitis Therapy 2016-2017 on collapsednce again Ladies don t just nonchalantly hover Syzygy: Reflections on the Monastery of the Seven Rays over the click buttonn this read flipping go mash that click button This is a five star and read Im telling you the characters are exceptional I hope we get a book centered n a man named Ben I would really love that HINT HINT ROSE A new favorite author gotta love this job f reviewing books Thank you for the ARC Rose Review to post Whore Stories: A Revealing History of the World's Oldest Profession on Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour 4 Stars This is my first Rose Sawyer book and I enjoyed it uite a bit What drew me to this book and author was the coverf the book and the blurb I can t help but be sucked into a book that is about a MMA fighter I thought this book was well written and I will for sure read The Paper Wife other books by this author Her writing style was good andne I could sink myself into I found the characters and storyline interesting enough to hold my attention all the way through The nly thing I would ve liked better would ve been getting f their past story in real time What I mean by that is that we learn about Noah and Caitlyn s background through snippets and flashbacks I kind would ve liked having that told in real time and then if need be have a 2 year time jump I felt by writing this way we were missing some key facts We, the People: Of Earth Elders of their friendship With that said I still liked this book and I think that everyone should meet Noah James He is definitely drool worthy What I really enjoyed about this book was that it was different then thether MMA books Black Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition out there I can t explain what I mean except that it just felt uniue to me Now don t get me wrong we had the normal aspectsf a good MMA story but the author added some elements مترو of mystery and suspense to this story making it it swn In this book we meet Caitlyn and Noah Noah is a broken soul who gets sucked into the darkness f his past and the nly release he has from it is when he is fighting in the ring That is until he meets Caitlyn I will say we do learn a lot about Noah s past then we did about Caitlyn s Caitlyn s past is touched The Windy Season on but I thought there could ve been about it in the book I will warn you that this book is pretty much an insta love scenario Yes the characters have been friends forver 2 years but since we don t get that build up it felt a little rushed to be exchanging I Love You s by 10% into the story So if you aren t a fan Oldies but Goodies of that you might want to steer clearf this book I personally still enjoyed the story and thought it was well worth the readIf you are looking for a good MMA fighter love story then I think you should give this book a try It is a stand alone and a complete story Although I am hoping that maybe Ben would get his A Month of Sundays own book in the future Follow Us at Book Bitches Blog Facebook Twitte. Er that haunts him comes roaring back His entire life shatters threatening to return him to the darkness he came from The light heavyweight champion is about to face the fightf a lifetime He can nly hope to make it through each round without losing the few things he has le.

Ebook Book If I Seem Dangerous Ô Rose Sawyer – latinboyz4play.com

First let me thank Hot Tree Promotions and Rose Sawyer for providing a copy f this novel to read in exchange for an honest review Now let me say this This is not my first MMA romance But this Beneath the Jolly Roger one is different than thethers but at the same time it s familiar There are a few characters in this story that I love Noah and Caitlyn are like coffee He s the strong almost too rich to drink coffee but add a little sugar to it and you can control the strength Merzbook: The Pleasuredome of Noise of it That s what Caitlyn does for him She s the sugar that mellows this big strong haunted fighterut The dynamics between them both are what drew me to them They re easy to like I love the riginalness f this story As I was reading Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons came Pig on and it s totally Noah and Caitlyn s song It sets the themef this novel for me When we first meet Noah James the new light heavy weight champion he is Scipio Rising (Scipio Africanus on topf the world then the rug is pulled ut from under him faster than he can say wtf A failed drug test leads to another Noah is straight and yet a second test comes back positive During this process Caitlyn is the ne to take charge and try to keep him calm and in control Rim of the Pit (Rogan Kincaid, of himself But Noah decides she deserves better and takesff Weeks later when he gets his head ut f his arse he goes to see her Caitlyn s dad Lee who wasis Noah s agent has grown up around fighters Noah is Conversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys To Rediscovering Lost Dreams And Finding Your Life's Calling onef her best friends so she is not going to back down and let him deal with this No Time for Sergeants on hiswn Thankfully the smart fairy pays him a visit and slaps him in the back f the head and he decides to let her in Noah has a dark history A bad past ne full f hurt anger and darkness that he has serious trouble fighting Caitlyn again is there to help him One step at a time When his illegal fighting starts to bring in bigger crowds a conspiracy theory starts to form Confirmation that his so called speed donor is up to no good Spurs Noah into action With the help f Caitlyn Lee Dustin and few thers Noah is able to make a plan to keep himself ut Large Catechism of Martin Luther of trouble And hopefully get revengen the man that has made his life a living hell 45 Fighting Stars Noah James past is full Junior Jolt of abuse drugs and alcohol He never had muchf a chance at a real future Not until he found his love Ceux de la posie vcue of fighting in the ring when he was just a teenager looking for anutlet for his anger Noah found the adrenaline rush f beating his pponent was just what he needed to clear the dark clouds in his mind He never could have imagined that the darkness in his life would lead him to the light f his life Caitlyn She makes him believe he could have a future filled with happiness and love instead f disappointment and anger When Noah s dreams are shattered its Caitlyn s love that pushes him to be a better man he is determined to his demons at bay while he fights for the future he hopes he deserves This is my first book by Rose Sawyer and I have to say I really enjoyed Noah He was a tough as nails alpha male but when he loved he loved big Caitlyn is his saving grace but he doesn t believe he could ever be worthy Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty of her love Caitlyn swn insecurities have her thinking Noah can have so much better than her These two lost souls make each tireless: other whole and I loved how they declare their love forne another after a few years Teach Them Spanish!, Grade 1 of friendship At the same time thenly negative I can say about the book is that I wish we got Toque de Veludo of Noah and Caitlyn when they first met The author tells us how it was love at first sight for both and they uickly became friends Noah dependingn Caitlyn as a calming influence I would have like to read that buildup f the relationship a bit I think it would have made for an even better stronger story because the chemistry between this couple was explosive the buildup would have been insane The story after they become a couple has them uickly separated because Noah has issues with his father that needs to be resolved Noah thinks he has to do this alone but learns from Caitlyn and his motley crew f friends that he doesn t need to face the devil Kaleidoscope on hiswn This was an emotional journey for Noah that I was glad to be a part The Four Racketeers of with Caitlyn standing by his side There is a great HEA I am a huge fanf epilogue s this ne did not disappoint RECEIVED AN ARC IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW I am pretty picky about my MMA books I love fighters and have a hard time with some f the portrayals Phantoms Monsters: Mysterious Encounters of them in books Rose Sawyer did a great jobf making me like Noah He was not the typical bad boy turned perfect as soon as the perfect girl walked into his life He still fought for control Smithereens of his urges when he was with Caitlyn I really liked Caitlyn too She was very much awaref his issues and was still there for him I loved that they were friends first As much as there was chemistry between them they fought it and were friends Caitlyn could calm Noah down and he did try to be a better person for her There was a lot going The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness on behind the scenesf Noah s career and the story moved very uickly There was a lot Dark Diversions of information but. Darkness shrouds Noah James’ past Drugs alcohol abuse they cloud the few memories he has and threaten to eat away at his future Thenly brightness in his life is Caitlyn Hale She came crashing into his world the day he met with her father the sports agent who could possibl.

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