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Ough I appreciated this story I still highly suggest you re read the original version BEFORE starting this one For me there were some deleted conversations or scenes between Katy and Daemon for example most of their moments in school at lunchtime in class or after school were cut from this book perhaps that s because they had nothing to do with Daemon s POV but I felt a little bit hard to relate whenever the plot abruptly jumped to his own situation Thus it s a good idea to connect the two books together if you want to get a better nderstanding about what s really going on in this series The reason I kind of enjoy reading this is that I totally miss those awesome characters so much If memories serve I read the entire Lux series several months ago and all I clearly remember is how much I love this story but can t fully describe the plot in details Daemon s great Katy s remarkable Dee s funny The Thompsons not bad and there are memorable roles as the story goes on and on And now I can experience the extraterrestrial journey once againwith DAEMON No matter how many times I read about his interaction with his sister Dee I can t help but burst out laughing hard They were really adorable Where is the ice cream Her voice was strained I leaned against the counter What ice cream What ice cream she repeated slowly disbelief ringing in her voice The half a gallon of rocky road ice cream that was in the freezer yesterday Huh I can t believe you ate all the ice cream Daemon I didn t eat all of it Oh so it ate itself Dee s shriek could burst eardrums Did the spoon eat it Oh wait I know The carton ate it Actually I think the freezer ate it I responded drily Much to my surprise there s bonus content in the version I read And it s super duper amazing I can t believe the tiniest interaction between them could be that sweet beautiful and heart warming even I really love this Sweet Valentine unseen moment a lot Then without really thinking about it I placed one hand on the arm of the couch braced myself and then bent down I pressed my lips to her cool cheek and then drew back Onyx As for Daemon s view on the second book of the series I personally think that it s so much shorter than the previous one It seemed that he spent most of his time patrolling around the state and figuring out what was going on with Kat after view spoilershe was mutated hide spoiler. Wanting tose my powers to protect her She makes me weak and I’m the strongest of our kind tasked with protecting The Rancher and the City Girl us all So this one simple girlshe can mean the end fors Because the Luxen have an even bigger enemy the Arum and I need to stay on my gameFalling for Katy a human won't just place her in danger It could get s all killed and that’s one thing I’ll never let happe.

Oblivion Yeah I just basically read the first three books of this series after I finished the finale but told from his perspective because I looove the characters and their world so much 5 Pretty much made of awesome StarsI took my sweet time with Oblivion and not because I didn t enjoy reading it But this is Daemon freakin Black So why rush especially when you have the below in your head for the entire time you are readingAt just over a thousand pages Jennifer Armentrout hasn t skimped on giving s the full Daemon Black experience either and I have to say it was a refreshing to read the first three books of the series from his point of view I found Katy s inner musings to be a little annoying at times must be the whole teenage girl thing I just found Daemon s whole perspective and inner monologue highly entertaining and sometimes a little Some Like It Hotter unexpectedI ll take what I can get for as long as I can get itYou don t need me to write a long drawn out review for this one if you have read and loved The Lux series then you are going to love Oblivion and fall even in love with Daemon Black Lots of love all round basicallyARC generously provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for the above honest review 25 stars She appeared of average height Actually everything about her seemed average her dark brown hair pulled back from her face in a messy knot You know what I ve got zero fucks to give when it comes to anything you ve got to say Technically it is 35 but I am rounding itp because I canAh Daemon Daemon I ve really missed your asshole ish self it is true Even if many deem your own book More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm unecessary rest easy my son I have enjoyed reading the story once again from your perspective And I even enjoyed the fact that we got your POV for all the first three books Yay from meJoking aside I knew I was going to read this book the moment I came across it on goodreads because a it s Daemon s POV b I wanted to have a re read of the series and c it s Daemon s POVI honestly don t care what you but I sure as hell enjoyedNow to be specific on ratings Obsidian 35 stars Onyx 3 stars Opal 4 starsAbout Obsidian I knew I was going to be at least a little pissed of at Daemon so naturally certain parts ticked me off but it was certainlyite nice being inside his head and seeing everything that was happening at the time from his perspective Obviou. In this special eBook version experience OBSIDIAN ONYX and OPAL as told by Daemon BlackThis book is enhanced with exclusive content two original songs inspired by the novel resulting in a large file that may take longer to download than expectedI knew the moment Katy Swartz moved in next door there was going to be trouble Lots of itAnd trouble’s the last thing I need since I’m

Online Pdf Oblivion Lux #15 25 35 Â Jennifer L. Armentrout –

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Sly those Marrying Well ups and downs in his mood and his actions was what pissed me off but hell I enjoyed it in the end Very muchNow Onyx Aaaah long suffering sigh I knew reading Onyx was going to be rather painful because I remember how stupid Katy was during that book And surprise surprise she still annoyed me reading this one as well And I have to admit to taking Daemon s side on this one Miscommunication is a nasty bitch and we saw it first hand in this Other than that it was good seeing that other Elder that I had no idea even existedntil now Lydia was her name I still don t remember if we ve ever seen her somewhere elseAnyway moving onOpal is probably my favourite book of the series I don t know why be it the ending be it Daemon s and Katy s relationship evolving be it Dawson I just know that I really really love this and it s my favourite from both Kat s and Daemon s POVExtra What was that little tidbit in the end about Luc Did that seriously happen That kid is scary Is it possible we ll ever get any info about him in the futureOverall I don t regret reading Oblivion but on the contrary I enjoyed it What made me realise though is if I did a re read of the original books right now I probably wouldn t have rated them that high So I m just going to avoid that re read At least for nowBlasted review is everywherePre readWhy would you pick a cover like this cringesSOMEBODY HOLD ME Latest Update 01012016Have you checked out the special soundtrack made for this book The lyrics fit Daemon and Kat s story so well and hope you like it Listen to it now I m Awake by Jolie Original Review 12182015Yay I just conuered the biggest book I ve ever read in my life As you know Oblivion is a three in one book from Daemon s POV so I m going to tell you what I think about every single section independently Obsidian This version of Lux is like retelling the story again from a different character s point of view and luckily it happened to be Daemon s It s actually enjoyable to live in his head all the time and though he was the biggest jerk in the original Obsidian the we know what he s thinking or what he s feeling the less I think about him that way Honestly I ve always thought he was a man mm an alien with few words because of how he acted but after seeing his real mind I was surprised he had lots of complicated thoughts when it came to Kat Alth. Ot exactly from around here My people arrived on Earth from Lux a planet thirteen billion light years away Plus if there’s one thing I know it’s that humans can’t be trusted We scare them We can do things they only dream about and honestly we make them look weak as hell ‘Cuz they areBut Kat is getting to me in ways no one else has and I can't stop myself from wanting her or.

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