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Y and near to the wild heart of life it is Joycean Stephen Dedalus in his uest of own identityThen the cover intriguing and unsettling as from some futuristic dreamscape where some woman is lying as if she was sleeping or waiting But for what Or whom Is she waiting for somebody to wake her up to the life Or maybe she prefers dreaming than living And so Joana is A little live egg according to her father a viper for her aunt betrayed by her husband Otavio Child girl woman And whom is she for herself Stranger with wild animal inside her always diffrent from others distant hidden behind own dreams Joana examining her life her soul Joana in the mirrors in the rain in the stars Sadly a happy woman Thoughts flow through her mind incessantly her soul scattered on millions atoms sliding from one truth to the other and still uestions and uestions What would become of Joana Prose is elliptical and hypnotic reminds Virginia Woolf in Waves The plot almost doesn t exist and if it s secondary because what really matters here is Joana s inner life Only images flashes and snatches and self exploration to finally make her decision to be triumphantly reborn I will surpass myself in waves ah Lord and may everything come and fall upon me even the incomprehension of myself at certain white moments because all I have to do is comply with myself and then nothing will block my path until death without fear from any struggle or rest I will rise up as strong and beautiful as a oung horse Clarice Lispector by Giorgio de Chirico 1945The title of this book is a phrase from James Joyce s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man he was alone he was unheeded happy and near to the wild heart of life According to the introduction Clarice Lispector didn t choose the title and hadn t actually read any Joyce at that point in her life The title was chosen by a male friend and the bright pink cover of the first edition was chosen by a man in the publishing wing of the paper she worked for The terms of payment were also chosen by others one hundred copies for the author to keepsell from a print run of one thousandSo it seems as if Lispector or less sleepwalked through the preparation of her book for publishing allowing others to make all the important decisions But when we realise that she had written the book over a very short period while working full time as a journalist studying for a law degree and obeying the conventions of 1942 Brazilian society by getting formally engaged then we are less surprised When did she sleep never mind make decisions about her bookWhile I was reading this book I wondered what title Lispector would have picked for the work she described as a groping in the darkness if the choice had been hers and I figured that the words night and sleep might have been involved Joana the main voice of this story seems to live in a penumbral space between day and night She floats through daytime as if it was a little bit of dream mixed with reality a Where does music go when it s not playing she asked herself And disarmed she would answer May they make a harp out of my nerves when I dieA uest for measuring the eternity and finding some sense in defining the immortality while the object of all desires remains nothing but one s own life A truly wild heart Like a breath of fresh melancholic air Clarice Lispector finally entered my world and brought along an exuisite gift of precious reflections made out of the lyrical strands of dazzling sentences A sororal feeling ascended settled down and went away only to come back with full force after small intervals of opening and closing each new chapter of this astonishing literary feat now she was sadly a happy woman A childhood full of uestions leading up to womanhood full of unsure answers the journey of Joana s life comprises of rampant jumps and reckless missteps between a dark abyss and the bright limitless sky A person of extremes and Marcus Garvey yet it s not hard to imagine her universe In fact it was dangerously easy for me to understand her and making out her silhouette even from a good distance A sense of affinity was present throughout as if a part of me wandered through some anonymous streets without my knowledge and poured her heart out to another wandered soul Some of those shared thoughts if splashed on a piece of paper would form a familiar picture of words written in this book which made me ignore the apparent flaws in Joana s character and admire her plunge into a dreamy reality An oxymoronic joy was thus realized by contemplating every random feeling which either led to articulated ramblings or enthralling discoveries Maybe women s divinity wasn t specific but merely resided in the fact of their existence Yeses there was the truth they existed than other people they were the symbol of the thing in the thing itself And woman was mystery in itself she discovered There was in all of them a uality of raw material something that might one day define itself but which was never realized because its real essence was becoming Wasn t it precisely through this that the past was united with the future and with all times I was spellbound after reading the aforementioned uote and my mind went back and forth to that oung girl of 23 sitting in her room not alone but in the enchanting company of her sparkling words and innocently creating a literary work which is undeniably worthy of being called a masterpiece She possibly saved her life through writing but she has definitely given me a new lifeline of her magical thoughts Whether one read in order to connect or to walk on the uncharted paths the satisfaction rendered from few books is hard to describe In that case only a short heartfelt Thank You can be directed towards the said book and its respected author So Thank You Clarice I m clearly besotted I don t feel madness in my wish to bite stars but the earth still exists And because the first truth is in the earth and the body If the twinkling of the stars pains me if this distant communication is possible it is because something almost like a star uivers within meA Beauty to Behold Clarice Lispector Fleetingly wonderful All of me swims floats crosses what exists with my nerves I am nothing but a desire anger vagueness as impalpable as energy Joana and L dia two women two sides of one medal Together they would have been a deity On their own they are two people sharing the love of one man Ot vio who is floating between the stable motherly safety of L dia and the wild independent Joana who can t be owned by anyone Either I light up and am wonderful fleetingly wonderful or I am obscure wrapped in curtains L dia whatever she is is immutable always with Ce Lispector ha desplazado el centro de gravedad alrededor del cual la novela brasileña ha estado girando desde hace añosJorge de Lima.

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E ran thick and slow inside her bubbling like a hot sheet of lava Maybe she loved herself And what if she thought distantly a bugle suddenly cut through that mantle of night with its sharp sound and left the plains free green and vast And then nervous white horses with rebellious neck and leg movements almost flying crossed rivers mountains valleys Thinking of them she felt the cool air circulate inside herself as if it had come out of a cool moist hidden grotto in the middle of the desert Insomnia Lying awake in the dark unable to sleep thoughts running faster and wilder through our head elegant arguments about life being chased by flights of fancy through phantasmagoric landscapes The vast majority of us forget all about these moments in the light of the new dawn Clarice Lispector chronicles her journey into the night in all its splendor and all its agony with amazing grace and uncompromising honesty all the laudable for the Amok young writer who penned this debut novel at only 23ears old I saw her stream of conscience compared positively with Joyce and Proust but because it s been decades since I visited these two titans of literature I would rather compare Clarice Lispector with two recent friends I made in my own imaginary journeys she is the lonely hunter lost in an ice palace a bridge over troubled existentialist waters that brings together the loneliness of Carson McCullers with the lyricism of Tarjei Vesaas She is a poet of the disturbing and obscure pathways through the inner landscapes of a hungry wild free curious and brilliant mind The only thing she hadn t got used to was sleeping Sleeping was an adventure every night falling from the easy clarity in which she lived into the same mystery dark and cool crossing darkness Dying and being reborn The story of Clarice Lispector debut novel starts with Joana a child prodigy gifted with a rare sensibility for the natural world a restlessness and a thirst for meaning Before the end of the book Joana will experience the loss of loved ones life among strangers physical passion and devotion to her husband jealousy and depression But all these intrusions of the outside world pale in comparison with the brightness and intensity of her inner life Joana is both intriguing and aloof for the people around her running one moment hot the other icy cold and analytical judgemental Yet for me she is consistent over the ears in her enthusiasm for life in all its aspects physical and m This is another book that has been on the to read shelf for a very long time My only previous experience of reading Lispector was Agua Viva which was short but very difficult to follow but her reputation is such that I felt I should try again and her first book seemed a good place to start This one is also uite a difficult read the translation reflects the unusual linguistic style of the original it is poetic and largely about emotions rather than actions there is a plot of sorts as it follows episodes in the life of Juana from early childhood through to the decision to leave her unfaithful husband Ot vio In the early part of the book the childhood parts are alternated with her adult lifeI am glad that I read this but I really don t feel ualified to assess or review it adeuately He was alone He was unheeded happy and near to the wild heart of lifeJames Joyce Near to the Wild Heart is a tribute to James Joyce insofar as the title is taken from one of his novels under a writer s early influence that is a vital element in the commencement and development of a new talent with her pen out uncapped It is the delicate abyss of disorder carefully arranged with the abrasive and highly inuisitive stream of thought that marks her out indeed puts her above so many half measures among the crowd of established fictionists just with her one book stride accomplished at the outhful age of 23 when most people are happy to indulge in breathtaking romantic fantasies or truculent defiance of the status uo whatever that might be as a credible explanation of the existential puzzle now she was sadly a happy womanClarice shook me out of my somnolent contentment and pulled me into a mirror house of transcendental imagery leaving me trapped among reflections of illusion of the contorted self standing at the elusive frontier between reality and imagination between the physical and the mental among a shadow cast of flickering thoughts like the flame of a candle dully luminous and coldly pale Crochet yet with the power to burn the complacent moth into nonexistence When that happened I became the moth and she became the candle Freedom isn t enough What I desire doesn t have a nameetAs with most good novels that invent a set of parameters to define the use of language to say nothing of the dazzling images that flood the reader s consciousness Near to the Wild Heart too cannot be stripped down to its plot and content Whether she s a motherless child being brought up by the absentminded father or living at her aunt s not knowing why her father abandoned her he s dead or when she gets married to Otavio to escape the terror of happiness ie love that s eating her from the inside every stage in Joanna s life is a reflection painfully embedded in the memory of things past and future gyrating their way out of the momentary present It is the singular continuation of the intolerable agitation of the soul which is captured in a dynamic image that ironically bespeaks a sharper state of dejection exhaustion and ennui just when her life s path is laid out clearly ahead of her Clearly Really Joanna seems to be asking I perpetually go on inaugurating myself opening and closing circles of life throwing them aside withered impregnated with the past Having been introduced to Clarice with her gem of a debut I take delight in my sudden acuiescence in knowing for what awaits me in the rest of her novels inspiration sends pain throughout my bodyOctober 15 Freedom isn t enough What I desire doesn t have a name Playhouse yet It took me some time to understand that one can t please everyone And ifou re trying then sooner than later ou ll end up feeling only disappointment and emptiness Trying to pleasing others against our own desires and needs Desire and Deceive you only hurtourself And nobody even notices that Oh Clarice how did Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, you do that that like hurricane after all this is howou were named entered in my well ordered life With this novel so honestly and deeply penetrating soul I felt all these uestions returned to me All these concerns and problems big and small ones resounded in my head reminding me myself when I was at our ageI started reading with some obvious associations Firstly the title He was unheeded happ. NiñoDinah Silveyra de ueiroz Cerca del corazón salvaje es la mejor novela escrita por una mujer en la lengua portuguesaLédo IvoClari.

Near To the Wild Heart is a much lauded novel by Brazilian author Clarice Lispector It was hailed as an unprecedented sensation from the pen of a 23 ear old law student and journalist This introspective novel written in the Portuguese language won the prestigious Graca Aranha Prize for the best debut novel of 1943 and immediately established her as a powerful writer For her use of interior monologue Lispector s work was compared to that of Joyce Woolf Proust and Dostoyevsky Near To the Wild Heart has been favorably reviewed by my GR friendsNear To the Wild Heart did not speak to my heart I found it cynical bleak and disturbing It reflected perhaps something of the angst passion frustrated dreams of the oung writer herself However the narrative epiphanies were dark and obliue right from the get go starting with Joana as an exasperating child in a middle class family her resentment at being adopted by an aunt after she was orphaned to her unhappy marriage and its doomed dissolution It was a joyless read even when one of the chapters was titled Joana s Joy It just seemed unnatural that a child s world should be so suffused with dread Death as a metaphor loomed large in little Joana s world The listening ear is dead the hens didn t know they were going to die her doll is run over by a car Joana a little live egg morphed into a viper by the time she hit adolescence A sample of her thoughts said Wasn t it in evil alone that ou could breathe fearlessly accepting the air and Der Persönliche Erfolg your lungs I knew I was in for a long ride with Joana She seemed to luxuriate in that which was perverse or evil Joana s words were mired in psychosis The latin phrase De Profundis was repeated often It means from the depth The call from the depths of Joana s being was eerie and alienating The following extracts will give an impression of her wild heart statusThe Split Personality One day she split into two grew restless started going out to look for herself she really had split into two each part facing each other watching her wishing for things that the other could no longer give In truth she had always been two the one that had a slight idea that she was and the one that actually she was profoundly The Paradoxes Because the last ice cubes had melted and now she was sadly a happy woman The personality that ignores itself fulfils itself completely And she was so body that she was spirit The Love that is Not Unuestionably love didn t connect her even to love The uestion What doou get when A history of Native America you become happy Or Being happy is for what The Futile It was always useless to have been happy or unhappy And even to have loved No happiness or unhappiness had been so strong that it had transformed the elements of her matter giving her a single path as the truth path must be All her life had been an error she was futile The Words the moment I try to speak not only do I fail to express what I feel but what I feel slowly becomes what I say One moment stayed with me In one of her now now now moments when Joana kept on pestering her father on what to do to fill her time he had exploded Go bangour head against the wall It seemed that Joana spent the rest of her life doing just thatNear to the Wild Heart has some strong beautiful writing and Lispector is a wordsmith worth her salt Alas this book is not a good fit for me I was just reminded by my GR friend Glenn Russell of all the great Brazilian authors that I have neglected and not rated nor reviewed What a shame being a Brazilian myself I will try to correct this lack in the near future starting with Clarice Lispector I read almost all her work ears ago including Near to the Wild Heart but they are always with me 5 stars and highly recommended Her whole body and soul lost their boundaries they merged and fused into a single chaos gentle and amorphous relaxed and with uncertain movements like matter that was simply alive It was perfect renewal creation Even though this was first published in the early 1940s and was started when Lispector was amazingly just 19 it feels like a text which illustrates the theoretical concept of criture feminine not because of gender essentialism but because of the way gender is imbricated with and through culture The prose is fluent hallucinogenic at times alight with figurative images and sometimes resistant to linear logic and analysis this is writing that has to be felt rather than merely understood and so has an appeal to somewhere visceral than just the brain If this eschews linguistic order it also refuses to offer up neat and tidy characterisation and I put that in scare uotes because the very idea of character is interrogated critically in the book Joana cannot be categorised easily her self is slippery and divided she had always been two the one who superficially knew that she was and the one that truly existed in depth so that the narrative shifts between interior and external views of her that clash and collide Her duality at least is implicitly contrasted to the simple division of the unfaithful Otavio this man who divided himself between two homes and two woman and it is Joana who in one intense scene finds him unknowable not himselfChallenging the marriage plot that underpins so much bourgeois fiction Lispector has her protagonist exclaimmarriage is a goal after I get married nothing can happen to me Just imagine to have someone always at our side never to know loneliness My God never to be by Changeling Encounter yourself never never And to be a married woman in other words someone with her destiny traced out I ve seen this described stylistically as stream of consciousness but technically speaking it isn t it s too unfractured at the sentence level too syntactically correct at least in English translation It is though deeply introspective and the movement of the story such as it is traces the psychic journey of Joana a journey that has no ending other than death so that she s always in an open state of becomingExperimental modernist feminist there are so many ways in which this can be analysed in intellectual and theoretical terms but its appeal is deeper and physical than that just as Joana is constantly finding herself embodied from the fear of being buried in her unwelcoming aunt s overflowing breasts to her awareness that she carried her diseased body with her a troublesome wound I m late to Lispector if her first novel written sooung is this extraordinary what does she go on to do She wanted to be reborn always to sever everything that she had learned that she had seen and inaugurate herself in a new terrain where every tiny act had a meaning where the air was breathed as if for the first time She had the feeling that lif. La totalidad del libro es un milagro de euilibrio combinando la lucidez intelectual de los personajes de Dostoievski con la pureza de un.

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Clarice Lispector was a Brazilian writer Acclaimed internationally for her innovative novels and short stories she was also a journalist Born to a Jewish family in Podolia in Western Ukraine she was brought to Brazil as an infant amidst the disasters engulfing her native land following the First World WarShe grew up in northeastern Brazil where her mother died when she was nine The family