Online book From Body to Community By Cristian Berco –

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He body and reform the soulUsing the sole surviving admissions book for Toledo Spain's Hospital de Santiago Cristian Berco reconstructs the lives f men and women afflicted with the pox by tracing their experiences before during and after their hospitalization Through an innovative combination f medical institutional and notarial sources he

Known in early modern Europe by many names the French Disease the Bubas and eventually syphilis the Great Pox was a chronic disease that carried the stigma f sexuality and produced a slow and painful death The main institution which treated it the pox hospital has come down to us as a stench filled and vercrowded place that sought to treat

Xplores the physical and social lives f the patients What were the social repercussions f living with a shameful disease What did living with this chronic illness mean for careers and networks love and families and everyday relationships From Body to Community is a textured analysis at nce touched by the illness but not solely defined by it.

Online book From Body to Community By Cristian Berco –

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