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Life of Ismene in danger Will Alistair be able to protect her Will their arranged marriage turn into a love marriageI really like Ismene she is a strong woman determined often stubborn Alistair is ood and kind to her and do anything to protect her They are a lovely couple and I loved seeing change their feelingsIt s a clean novel well written and very addictive a total page turner once you start it s really hard to put it down There are many twists and action it s So Far from the Sea good mix of romance and mysteryI recommend it to those who love historical romances in particular taking place during thereek rule in Egyp. Ll of suspense and romance The General’s Wife follows Ismene as she learns what it means to be a Greek citizen in the land of ancient Egypt If you like Michelle Moran and Rebel ueen you’ll love Sara R Turnuist’s historical romanc.

Inated by this historical period but I ve read a few books set in this era As soon as I discovered this book I couldn t wait to read it and didn t disappoint me It s a very romantic story with an excellent historical reconstruction It also allowed me to make a virtual visit to the legendary Library of Alexandria Ismene has had to leave her beloved homeland Greece to The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge go and live in Egypt and marry aeneral who worked for Pharaoh Alistair Her father has combined this marriage and she can not help but accept Alistair treats her like a ueen but the Egyptian people don t accept her indeed threaten her Is the. Husband departs for battle threats of violence arise Amidst heightening attacks culminating in death threats and evidence of a spy in her household the safety of Ismene and the entire ruling class hangs in the balance Intriguing and fu.

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EPUB BOOK The Generals Wife author Sara R. Turnuist – latinboyz4play.com

To start the reader is The Draft given the opportunity to visit the Library of Alexandria in this book I enjoyed this book much as I enjoy cozy mysteries The arrangement marriage plot with the Greek heroine being married to a Greek Egyptianeneral under pharaoh is developed well as the relationship Bible Prophecy grows through respect and friendship culminating in love A suspense subplot where the heroine is in peril from anti Greek factions is well plotted there are some religious aspects in the plot but they are subtle and do not detract from the suspense or romance This is a G rated book suitable for both one I m very fasc. A Greek noblewoman in a foreign land The Pharaoh's highesteneral preparing for battle Beholden to duty Ismene marries Pharaoh’s top military officer But she’s determined to remain true to the man she left behind Right as her new.

Sara resides with her family in Middle TN Though she has enjoyed her career as a Zoo Educator Sara's great love of the written word has always drawn her to write An avid reader she has been for many years what she terms a “closet writer” Her travels and love of history have served to inspire her to write Historical Fiction Sara has made several trips overseas to the Czech Republic for shor

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