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L This gets him into trouble and he has to do community service to get out of it Another character is Jack s dad who happens to be the janitor at his school Jack and his dad don t get along to well at school He gets teased by the other kids because his dad works at the schoolRecommendationI would recommend this book to middle school boys who would learn a lesson about how to behave in school The book teaches you about responsibility If you make a mess then it is your job to clean it up I have just finished reading the book called The Janitors Boy by Andrew Clements This boy is chewing up so much gum and makes a mess with it on the seat hiding behind a tall kid He knows that the janitor will have to clean it up and very one calls him john the janitor but jack calls him dad The author gives detail using descriptive words and makes it a very funny story I would never chew gum in the school because were not allowed to so we could never do a crime as jack did and you would get in lots of unwanted trouble As i said since i can t chew gum we i don t really connect with the story much The Janitor s Boy is an amazing uick to read book that HIPPO IN THE GARDEN explores the mind of a 5th grader In The Janitor s Boy the main character Jack messes around in schoolxperimenting on what is the smelliest gum he gathers a bunch of watermelon gum and vandalizes a table in music Then he is ordered to do community service cleaning up gum which isn t as Spinal Trauma easy as you think it is after all who likes to pick up someonelse s mess He doesn t really mind all of this the problem at hand is his dad also known as the head custodian at his school Jack is a normal 5th grader who has a nose fit for a dog He takes the bus to school instead of driving to school with his dad so he can avoid the kids at his school seeing them together Sadly Jack constantly runs into his dad and Jack finds himself caught in the center of attention Even though Jack admires his dad and looks up to him he doesn t like being made fun of after all who likes being the center attention of the peanut gallery The genre of this book is school related mysteries Throughout the book Jack discovers secrets one by one within his dad that he never knew and secrets of the school and its history also are revealed The setting is set at the school Jack goes to the vivid words that Andrew Clements helps the readers imagine pictures in their minds about Jack slowly discovering verything The journey Jack takes make students also want to be brave The first month without the kids catching on Then comes the disastrous day when one of his classmates loses his lunch all over the floor John the janitor is called in to clean up and he does the unthinkable he turns to Jack with a big smile and says Hi son Jack performs an act of revenge and gets himself into a sticky si.

This book had one of those Angry Young Child characters which I loath I almost gave up reading but the last third of the book was interesting and the character somewhat redeemed himself but not nough to get a higher rating from me Very sweet book that would appeal to girls or boys Boy is 細味人生100篇 embarrassed by having his dad as the janitor at his school until he comes to really know his dad Emotions ring true and the story hasnough plot to keep interest alive Classic Clements Not a great deal happens but what does has profound reverberations in a uiet and lasting way Elementary school student Jack is The Gathering (Darkness Rising, embarrassed by his father John the janitor and attempts to sabotage his workplace with chewing gum Things change when Jack is punished by having to work his dad s job and gains unexpected insights into what kind of man he is This works for both kids and adults It s splendid Andrew Clements is just the greatest His books manage to convey the perspective of an adult and the viewpoint of a child They always make me laugh and usually make me cry This one certainly didThe story of Jack Rankin s uneasy relationship with his father a smart guy who somehownded up as a school custodian The Janitor s Boy gently pushes its protagonist toward understanding and conciliationAt the same time the novel has acridly witty criues of a sixth grade bully festooned in logo rich attire and a teacher in a lime green pantsuit who resembles a lizard getting ready to flip its tongue out to snap up a fly No worries Jack gets over on the both of themHighly recommended Personnel ResponseThis book could ve been better but it was alright I like books with action in them I don t think that this book is my type of book It was asy to read and it taught a good lesson about being responsible for your actions Plot The Janitor Boy is about a boy who gets into trouble putting gum under a desk Now the principal says he has a three week clean up duty He was mad at the chief custodian because he s the reason why he got into trouble and that he has clean up duty He gets teased by the other kids at school because his dad is the janitor During the time he spends with his dad he discovers that his dad does other stuff than just being a Janitor Now that he knows that he dad does other stuff in the school besides being a Janitor he thinks he is cool and alrightCharactersThe main character is Jack Rankin he is a boy with a very sensitive nose He wants to find out what flavor of bubble gum has the worst smel. Ordinarily no one would have imagined that Jack Rankin would vandalize a desk But this was not an ordinary school year for Jack When Jack Rankin learns that he is going to spend the fifth grade in the old high school the building where his father works as a janitor he dreads the start of school Jack manages to get through.

Nd courageous his brave guts guide him into wandering a secret room within the school So if you re interested about school mysteries a kid s journey while dealing with being made fun of in school then this book is right for you The author of this book Andrew Clements is awesome writer that usually writes about school and young kids The author also wrote the book Frindle the story of a boy challenging the English dictionary and his English Teacher by causing a phenomenon calling a pen a Frindle which also talks about life as a child in school Reading his books will make kids want to be active within life and xplore places within your reach Andrew Clements books in a way show the daring side of students showing what young students are capable of like causing Chastity everyone to use a different word orxploring unknown places Things can also be considered inspiration to some readers inspiring readers to be courageous like the main character in the book So if you have time and want to read a uick book The Janitor s Boy is a great book to read the book about the student in a school with the head custodian as his dad Readers throughout all ages will Experiential Learning enjoy this book as much as Injoyed this book The book has a lot of mysteries about his dad and his past as the book progresses secrets are revealed to the reader What will Jack find out Well you re going to have to read the book to find out Pick up a copy of The Janitor s Boy after all skools are always kool This book was a nice story based on a relationship between a father and son Through the book the main character Jack learns a lot and grows as a person He is able to learn his family s history and come to terms with it It is great that he understands that what his father does isn t something to be Die Neurobiologie des Glücks embarrassed or ashamed about an important job This was another sweet family story by Andrew Clements I think this book is good because he got busted from his Principal so he needs to take out gum fromach table in his school he needs to help the janitor The janitor was his It was funny because he knows the janitor This was a pretty cool book to read I had to A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings endure a few jokes from friends and family who saw me reading it Any book that carries a positive message or has a valued lesson to be learn is a book worth reading and this book made the cut Granted its a kids book and kids should read it Most important adults can benefit from the message as wellPS Dont sleep on kids book you just might learn somethingK s out peace. Tuation His punishment is to assist the janitor after school for three weeks The work is tedious not to mention humiliating But there is one perk janitors have access to keys keys to secret places In this new novel by the author of Frindle a boy'sxplorations lead to surprising new discoveries about himself and his fathe.

ebook pdf The Janitor's Boy BY Andrew Clements – latinboyz4play.com

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