Free Ebook A Midnight Carol A Novel Of How Charles Dickens Saved Christmas –

R and story creditable Since I have taught high school English for years I know uite a bit about his life and many of those details were ncluded The story picks up with Dickens awaiting the birth of his 5th child while struggling to write a money maker His past works had done well but he seems to have fallen out of favor Once the Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, idea of The Christmas Carols hatched and written he attempts to publish t n a way that will off. But many sinister forces oppose the success of this literary gem And t s only through faith kindness and the nnate goodness of mankind that A Christmas Carol will become a timeless classic and that the young writer Charles Dickens will truly save Christmas for all of Englan.

Free Ebook A Midnight Carol A Novel Of How Charles Dickens Saved Christmas –

Wow was this a bad book The style was probably supposed to be Dickensian but I ve never been a fan The premise If you love Charles Dickens this s a must read I absolutely loved this book I have always loved A Christmas Carol I adore books on Christmas or books set during Christmas I recently realized I did not have this book and had not read Culture and Customs of Norway it Immediately ordered The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, it I couldn t putt down This book was wonderful I really. 1843 London Though the approaching Christmas looks bleak at the home of the Dickens family Charles and his pregnant wife Catherine try to maintain a good cheer for their four young children Debts are mounting food s scarce and Charles' books according to his miserly publisher.

Liked this book I must admit I am a Charles Dickens fan I am also a Christmas Carol fan so to read this seemed like I was going to like t no matter what I really like retellings or seuels to classical pieces tooWith that said this tale of the story behind the writing and publishing of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol was uite entertaining I liked that there were enough factual elements from Dickens life that I found the autho. Are no longer sellingThe Charles has an A Private Midnight idea which comes to himn the ghostly form of Oliver Cromwell the long dead spirit crushing Lord Protector of England A Christmas Carol will be Dicken's most brilliant work yet both for ts mass appeal and underlying political message.

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