[A Time in Rome Penguin Travel Library EBOOK] Ð Paperback by Elizabeth Bowen Ð PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

A Time in Rome Penguin Travel Library EBOOK Ð Paperback by Elizabeth Bowen Ð PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Non fiction An Irish woman spends a month in Rome and writes about it Some history some practical advice some walking toursI think that it s possible that this book will be interesting immediately after or while one is in Rome I didn t have the picture of the city in my head vividly enough in order to follow what she was saying a lot of the time It s fine enough but Bowen is no Eleanor Clark Read Rome and a Villa instead This was a huge slog barely making it through 2 or 3 pages at a time If ever something was going to put me off eturning to Rome it will be this book I was hoping there would be some historical context she s writing in the 1950s that might contrast with my own memories Elizabeth Bowen's account of a time spent in Rome is no ordinary guidebook but an evocation of a city its history its architecture and above all its atmosphere She describes the famous cl.

F the city but there s just endless paragraph after endless paragraph of descriptions of what direction all the oads un in and how the Palatine was expanded by X emperor and I can t even emember what most of those 200 pages were filled with it was just mind numbingly tedious I m sorry to not be able to at least appreciate what is considered a classic even if I don t enjoy it but I was so happy to finish this one and it s going straight to the charity shop Lovely but challenging ead Having been to Rome myself I enjoyed this evocation of it s atmosphere However this is not a story or even a journal It is simply descriptive prose How to Write Essays ranging frometelling stories or lives of notable individu. Assical sites conjuring from the uins visions of former inhabitants and their often bloody activities and speculates about the immense noise of ancient Rome the problems caused by the Ro.

Elizabeth Bowen Ò 7 Summary

Als history of Roman society and Bowen s own impressions of great swathes of Rome Difficult to get into and maybe not everyone s cup of tea but I d be lying if I said I didn t enjoy it Very dated And not entirely convincing She wrote this about Rome with a nominally authoritative voice after staying in a hotel in the city for a few months over Easter in the 1950s Come on A strange stream of consciousness combination of tedious descriptions of her daily wanderingshotel oomrestaurant visits dull descriptions of her eading a description of the Forum from a guide book and various historical essays and musings I believe it s considered a classic in some uarters but I found it a eal struggle. Mans' dining posture and the Roman temperament She evokes the city's moods by day when it is characterised by golden sunlight and at night when the blaze of the moon 'annihilates history'.

Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen CBE was an Anglo Irish novelist and short story writer