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Work 3 starsI ll admit that I was a little disappointed in this book It had the potential to be a reat story with Arabian Nights great characters Unfortunately halfway through I found myselfetting irritated at the repetitive themes The characters also Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place got a little frustrating because of all the back and forth forgiveness and deciding whither or not they wanted to be in a marriage together I just wasn t able toet into the story and the ending seemed to come together a little too uickly It was a fast read Good clean historical fiction Such a sweet story of learning to forgive as well as learning to accept forgiveness but esp. Once broke her heart marrying another woman to save his family's farm He's blessed Rose agrees to be his nanny If only she'd look at him again with the warmth she shows little MillyRose's tarnished past hasn't uelled her spirit

This is a beautiful example of how difficult it is to forgive ourselves sometimes even if others have forgiven us long ago Silas and Rose both need to learn that but in different ways I love the little Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss girl Milly How precious she is and how special Grief and how different people express it also plays a big role in this story I felt like I knew all of the characters well and Danica Favorite s writing style is very enjoyable This is a delightful book For the Sake of the ChildrenVery nice story Really enjoyed it s development I received ir free as aift but would have ladly paid for it Will look for of this authors. The Nanny Agreement Widower Silas Jones needs a mother for his daughter and marriage could help his former sweetheart repair her tattered reputation Yet he can't blame Rose Stone when she refuses a marriage of convenience after he.

EBOOK DOWNLOAD For the Sake of the Children – latinboyz4play.com

Ecially to be able to forgive yourself not acting like one still has to serve out penance for their sin One of my favorite lines is forgiveness was a processwhen Jesus said you had to forgive someone 70 X 7 He meant it almost literally because some things hurt so much that you had to keep forgiving even when it hurt until the pain went away It s also a story of 2nd chances and true integrity The children in this story are adorable the story is well written This is the 2nd book that I have read by this author and I have really enjoyed both I won this book from Goodreads and I chose to write my own free honest opinion. He's building a ood life in Colorado with her infant sonand the limmer of a future with Silas But when his in laws try to claim Milly Rose must decide if the makeshift family she and Silas have forged can reopen her heart to lov.

A self professed crazy chicken lady Danica Favorite loves the adventure of living a creative life She loves to explore the depths of human nature and follow people on the journey to happily ever after Though the journey is often bumpy those bumps are what refine imperfect characters as they live the life God created them for Oops that just spoiled the ending of all of Danica’s stories Then