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Running for their lives and yet they have time to stop and make out when the bad guys are practically breathing hard on their necksI owned the second book so I ll probably read it but no rush Jill Shalvis is currently one of my comfort authors and I usually love her recent books This one though was neither comforting nor good and I definitely did not like it I wonder if it is due to the book being released in 2007 or because it s released by Brava I remember Brava having sex contents Anyway I m not going to say much because other negative reviews have said it better The only reason I didn t DNF was because I was behind my Goodreads challenge so I didn t want to I did a lot of skimming thoughBottom line the heroine was weak and too stupid to be even alive the hero was often thinking with his dck because he have gone 6 months without sex boo hoo and of course they needed to have sex like bunnies during a life and death situation Bleh What a sad excuse of suspense in a romance book no not going to call this a romantic suspense it was just ridiculous Not going to even bother with the next books in this series Lucky that I bought only this one and not all three during the Kobo 50% event Love you Ms Shalvis but NOT one of your better books I hate the heroine She s too contradictory she s a pussy and I ll eat glass before I believe the Smart in this book title refers to Bailey No way I ve read over some pretty horrible heroines and I have high standards for the girls that try to take on the bad guys all by themselves If they re TSTL I put the book down I don t want to suspend my disbelief so a character doesn t seem too stupid to not get illed I mean really Vampires werewolves explosions not The Darkness killing people guysicking ass after taking a bullet I can suspend my disbelief for those things But when some stupid blonde should have been dumped on her ass by the hero and left to rot because she s not only a shitty person but a dangerous waste of time I m not buying itNoah is a great character I liked him a lot and continued reading this crappy book for another hundred pages just because he was yummy But Bailey is retarded and I can t stomach her any She s supposed to be terrified her life in danger etc But she spends all her time either a swooning over Noah s hard body b trying to run off into the frozen wilderness all by her lonesome and c shaking like a leafIf the author tells me that this character is too scared to function WHY THE HELL DOES SHE KEEP TRYING TO MAKE THAT CHARACTER FUNCTIONThis is just a mess I can t finish it I think I feel betrayed because this is Jill Shalvis and I expect so much I started then put this away for than a month and finally ran out of other things to read Aside from a TSTL whiny heroine dismal characterization and completely gratuitous sex in the middle of life and death situations this book contains cringingly awful attempts at Spanish El ir de la subsistencia Gasolina de la necesidad Seriously That just finally broke the camel s back for me and brought this down an extra star and a half Had the book been good I would have sighed and moved on But the pesky detail of the language It s just a symptom of a general sloppiness that I ve never seen in other Shalvis books Maybe it is the editor s fault but either way it certainly rubbed me the wrong way just when I was getting increasingly exasperated with the silly plotAuthors please either stick to a language you Flyboy know or make a basic attempt to get the right phrase hint Babel Fish and Google Translate won t always get you the answer If you plan to put something in print and sell it may I respectfully suggest cracking open a SpanishPortuguese Frenchwhatever language you plan to butcher textbook or perhaps even asking an actual speaker of that language for advice Do this out of respect for your readers If you need to immediately add the English translation in your writing you probably shouldn t have. He stash of money hidden by her conniving thieving late husband before the bad guys he owed find her It's a long shot but nothing compared to the gamble she's taking by being so close to Noah Every minute in his company has Bailey thinking about doing crazy reckless things like touching grabbingissingand oh wow being issed right back Suddenly seat of your pants seems like the only way to fly and maybe it's the altitude playing tricks but this is one trip she never wants to en.

Jill Shalvis ☆ 7 Free read

Read free Smart and Sexy Sky High Air #1 –

35 starsJill Shalvis is a wordsmith She is extremely talented I just didn t fit with this story I couldn t relate or enjoy the constant lust while in life threatening situations It was a little too much for me While I d be shting my pants these two were oblivious to the people trying to ill them a one track mind for bumping uglies Still fabulously written I just couldn t connect with these two as much as I would ve liked What a pitiful excuse for a romantic suspense novel More like plotless sex disguised as a storyThe suspense was blah the hero was a cardboard one dimensional dummy the heroine was a TSTL air headed who changes outfits in the middle of a flight for life bitch with trust issues he was in deep shit right alongside her and she still refused to tell him everything because she feared she would put him in dangerhello bullets flyingAnd there was too much rather meaningless sex Jill Shalvis is a fabulous writer Time and again she has seamlessly blended humor and heat with some sort of suspense all while ensuring that an emotional connection between each immensely charismatic hero and intelligent strong heroine not only exists but evolves and deepens in a believable emotional manner That has held true for every single Jill Shalvis book that I have read and I ve read than a few except unfortunately for this oneThat is not to say that the humor isn t there there are some very funny moments and lines And the heat is definitely present and accounted for as the chemistry between Noah and Bailey is intense and translates into truly steamy encounters And the book has suspense there is definitely a thriller aspect to the story that involves the hero and heroine repeatedly being chased by armed thugsIt all sounds good So what s the problem you may ask Well I would say the issue is that disbelief can only be suspended so much and so far before one is in danger of rolling her eyes so often that she runs the risk of permanently injuring herself or at the very least getting one heck of a headache First it s true that Noah has been hot for Bailey for some time yet once she hijacks him and his plane yes hijacks that attraction is evidently than enough of a valid reason for him to risk his life to help her on numerous occasions That wouldn t be such a problem if Bailey were a good heroine She s sweet and certainly ddoesn t deserve to become embroiled in the mess that serves as the impetus for the aforementioned hijacking Unfortunately she enters too stupid to live territory on a routine basis She just seems utterly incapable of taking care of herself and always needs Noah who is a master of all trades apparently and on MacGuyver like levels to rescue her This is a woman who wears high heels when she Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek knows that she will likely have to run and climb on snowy icy terrain This is a woman who begins the story already having the information she needs to figure out where to find what she s looking for in order to get out of her situation yet even though she has exceedingly long stretches of time in which she can think things over she just can t figure it out until Noah prompts her to do so Near the end of the book ReallyPlus and this is something that another review or two has mentioned Noah begins the book heading out for some RR so that he can cavort with as many ski bunnies as possible There isn t anything wrong with that per se except that the reader is reminded of that over and over And over again Throughout the book by not only Noah but also his friends and coworkers It gets old very very uicklyThen there is the issue of repetitiveness Noah and Bailey have essentially the same conversation about a dozen times and the formula for said conversation goes a little something like this Noah reasonably asks Bailey to tell him the truth about what s going on since he s younow risking his life to help her Bailey hems and haws a bit and mentions not wanting to put him in danger though. Jill Shalvis mixes delectably steamy romance and pulse pounding adventure courtesy of Noah Shayne and Brody three gorgeous pilots whose private airline caters to the rich and fabulous Noah is a bad boy rebel who's always gone his own way but when the stowaway on board turns out to be his secret crush he'll make it his mission to eep the passenger satisfied Flying Solo Is Way OverratedNoah Fisher has worked for months to make Sky High the most prestigious charter airline in Cali.

After say page 2 it s a bit too late for that before she eventually gives him a tiny piece of information Noah is hurt understandably because even after all that he s done to help her she still won t trust him but he decides to eep helping her anyway This conversation happens way too many times and by the time Bailey finally finally tells him the entire story it is than blatantly obvious that if had she done so from the very beginning they could ve avoided a great deal of life threatening trouble It is absurd and it s repetitive and all too uickly it becomes boringAnd then there is by far the biggest problem Noah and Bailey are as previously mentioned chased on numerous occasions by armed thugs who demonstrate a willingness to use their firearms in Noah and Bailey s general direction Yet in the midst of chases our hero and heroine take the time to not only think endlessly about how attracted they are to one another and admire each other s bodies but also to contemplate all of the sex they d like to have with one another It gets worse They also take the time to At the Italians Command kiss and grope each other a little actually a lot right smack in the middle of chase scenes Plus there s one instance in which Bailey refuses toeep running regardless of the armed gunmen who are right on their heels unless Noah stops right then and there and tells her about his past Really The first time the inappropriately timed sex related activity happened I chalked it up to adrenaline and chemistry doing odd things to Noah s and Bailey s brains By the fourth or fifth time they stop mid chase so that Noah can let s say make Bailey happy I couldn t believe what I was reading I understand that this is not fine classic literature but this was utterly absurd I actually couldn t believe that Ms Shalvis wrote this because this was not at all in eeping with her talentSo the book has some pretty major problems in my view It does have its good points Noah is a fantastic hero though why he puts up with Bailey is mostly beyond me And if one is able to look past Bailey s flaws she and Noah make a great couple who as I said are pretty steamy and the book does not lack sex scenes though again some occur at incredibly inappropriate times All in all though while there were some enjoyable parts the aforementioned problems proved to be far too significant for me to get past Fans of the author may still like this book for its enjoyable moments that are pretty much classic Shalvis Other than that I think that readers may be better served by choosing literally any other Jill Shalvis book I m not loving this it s above meh There seems to be a bit of story and a lot of groping rubbing and ridiculous running for you lives without a damn answer to why Really who would run from bullets without and explanation for this chick Not one of her better books Now do I DNF it and try another of do I continue with meh I DNF my time is worth than this No meh sandwiches Book Description Noah Fisher has worked for months to make Sky High the most prestigious charter airline in California He s long overdue for a break something involving ski slopes cold beers and hot ski bunny babes not necessarily in that order The itinerary doesn t include being hijacked by Bailey Sinclair gorgeous widow of one of Sky High s wealthiest ex clients But here they are and being crammed in a cockpit with the scared stubborn unbelievably sexy former model he s been fantasizing about invokes Superman tendencies that could get Noah in serious trouble Bailey is desperate to find the stash of money hidden by her conniving thieving late husband before the bad First time reading this author and I wasn t impressed The characters are pleasantly forgettable and the premise of the story reuires some suspension of disbelief It is supposed to be a hot read but considering that they are on the run the lusting for each other just seemed contrived and impractical I mean they are. Fornia He's long overdue for a break something involving ski slopes cold beers and hot ski bunny babes not necessarily in that order The itinerary doesn't include being hijacked by Bailey Sinclair gorgeous widow of one of Sky High's wealthiest ex clients But here they are and being crammed in a cockpit with the scared stubborn unbelievably sexy former model he's been fantasizing about invokes Superman tendencies that could get Noah in serious troubleBailey is desperate to find

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