BOOK DOWNLOAD Blood Volume 3 Boy Meets Girl –

Er from the last volume and it covers part of my favorite arcs with Red Shield and David I think some of the action scenes drag and it still has all the stiff writing style of the earlier volumes but I still devoured Nth century explorer Joel Goldshmidt and his long forgotten journal As Saya reads Joel's diary she learns about her past of murder and horror the perverse origins of the Red Shield organization and the grotesue destiny she and Diva sha.


Ents in Paris and London This was my favorite book in the series so far we get some background on James which I appreciate not much admittedly but still than we got from the show The storyline with the Schiff gets bett. Eir attack on Saya's adopted brother Riku has left him infected with the vampiric curse and destined to transform into a chevalier a half human abomination with an unuenchable bloodlust Saya finds herself drawn to the papers of ninetee.

I found this book to be the most boring Really deals with the aftermath of Riku s death Lots of over drawn outed anguish Again see Vol 1 for a complete review of what to expect from the series This book covers the ev. The monsters are winning Saya Otonashi thought she could battle against the chiropterans defeat the undead monsters and avenge the life of her adoptive father But the creatures led by Saya's twin sister Diva have struck a fatal blow th.

BOOK DOWNLOAD Blood Volume 3 Boy Meets Girl –

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