Read ebook The Fortunate Brother by Donna Morrissey –

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Read ebook The Fortunate Brother by Donna Morrissey –

How is it that Donna Morrissey can take you inside characters whose lives are so bleak and yet somehow you love being there Review copy courtesy of Canongate Books via NetGalley many thanksI haven t ead the previous two books in the series so came to this fresh There is plenty of back story to be fed in and I have no idea how this would suit people who had ead the whole series but for me it meant I could ead the book as a stand alone I was sucked into the lives of the inhabitants of the small coastal community from the first page a superb feat of characterisation and was ooting for them all even the least likeable personalities The story is a whodunit with great emotional atmosphere and it ollicks along at a tremendous pace Highly ecommended This is the third in a trilogy which began with Sylvanus Now and was followed by What They Wanted Readers who are familiar with the Now family will want to ead this third installment but the book can certainly be ead as a standaloneThis book focuses on Kyle Now who is still mourning the death of his brother Chris who died working on an Alberta oil ig The family is a troubled one Sylvanus the father takes efuge in alcohol Abbie the mother is facing breast cancer and Kyle s elationship with his sister Sylvie is strained because of what he sees as her ole in Chris death Then a local bully Clar Gillard is murdered and suspicion falls on the Now family with whom he has had confrontations Characterization is amazing All characters are fully developed ound characters their traits consistent with those in the first two books of the trilogy Kyle is a dynamic character At the beginning he sees nothing positive in the world Felt like the one long day for three years now The one long dull day caught on a cloud of grief hovering over his house He has no hope Nope Kyle Now was done with wishing He does not talk and share his grief with others but worries about everyone else his constant fingernail chewing and foot jiggling clearly indicating his tension His typical esponse is to un he d pushed Sylvie away and an and was still unning Running from everything The novel shows how Kyle goes from such desperation to finally unning towards someone and seeing the beauty around him The moon s broadening smile ose above the hills and glimmered amongst stars that were mostly dead and yet whose lights still shone through the eternal sky Kyle s foil is his mother Addie despite all her troubles always emains hopeful Chris is struck once by her fortitude That whatever this new thing thickening her cloud of sorrow hope was already ignited in her heart and offering itself as a shelter for him and his father The contrast is obvious when Kyle is described But he was done with hope It took her babies and Ch. The Fortunate Brother is a dark atmospheric and compelling novel about the aftermath of a murder in a claustr.

Ris and he had no courage for hope Hope had failed her too many times Rather that she had never hoped Rather that it was just those babies she grieved and not the pain of lost hope as well Kyle needs to learn what Addie has that hope eventually creeps through darkness making inroads through to an easier tomorrow and that There s good to be found in everything even grief There are of course other lessons that Kyle must learn Some people have illness everybody has something It s how you carries it that s what you take into the other world with you That s the only thing we takes and You can t go getting down and blaming yourself for stuff you got no control over and You needs to be like everyone else tending to your own concerns I love the eferences to Job We e blessed like Job then when we feels the fear of something and does it anyway and we e sainted like Job when we can stand the pain and thrive in the end A person may be given advice but does not necessarily listen and part of the interest of the novel is in seeing ifhow Kyle will learn these lessonsAs suggested a major theme is that of hope It is introduced in the epigraph a uotation from George Eliot s Adam Bede There is no despair so absolute as that which comes with the first moments of our first great sorrow when we have not yet known what it is to have suffered and be healed to have despaired and to have ecovered hope Repetition is used to emphasize the need for hope And you can t lose hope either You got to trust some things and Hope s a powerful thing It s what takes us into the next world hopes of a better life and There s always hope and Hope s contagious like that if one believes then another might It is not just characterization and theme development that are amazing There is such pleasure in eading Morrissey s style The dialogue is truly that of a Newfoundland outport The images are also wonderful An abstract like guilt is made concrete Guilt otting him like an old shack built on wet ground leaving no shores strong enough to shelter himself or his family And descriptions of setting say so much Sulphuric smells ose from a smoking pulp mill that headed the harbour while nice shingled homes and shops and oak trees encircled the mill s land side as ibs might encircle the life giving heart I strongly ecommend this book it is literary fiction at its best If you haven t ead Sylvanus Now and What They Wanted ead them first but if you have been fortunate enough to meet the Now family eunite with them by eading The Fortunate Brother You will not be disappointedNote I eceived an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalleyPlease check out my eader s blog and follow me on Twitter DCYakabuski So I m pretty terrible at writing eviews for literary fiction novels. Ophobic ural community in Newfoundland When a body is found in the lake suspicion falls on the troubled Now.

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Because I m not particularly elouent and I feel like you need to be for these books So please excuse the lack of detail in the following eviewI picked this novel up not eally sure what to expect from it I suppose I imagined a slow moving murder mystery with a strong focus on the characters And guess what This is a mystery literary fiction so that s exactly what I gotThis was a slow going novel and there is never eally a point until maybe ight at the end where the pace picks up so you slowly plod along through the story As to be expected eally when the story is based in a un down slightly behind the time s little village However after around 20 minutes of eading I already found myself immersed in the story and its charactersBefore going into this book I hadn t ealised it was the end of a trilogy It doesn t say anywhere on the actual book that it s part of a series and honestly it ead perfectly fine as a standalone novel I think one of the things that could be benefitted from starting this series from book 1 is that connection and background information you get about some of the charactersAs with most literary fiction this is a stunningly beautifully written book with picturesue descriptions and in depth ealistic characters Kyle and his family in this novel are brutally honest portrayals of people living in small easonably poor towns and their family elationship was beautifully ealIn terms of the story this was nothing evolutionary but it was interesting to watch the events unfold and see how everyone s stories came together to conclude the murder of a villager I can t say the eveal of the murderer was particularly clever or surprising but I felt the why was far interestingOverall I eally enjoyed this ead Although it was emotional I cried at the end and uite poignant as it touches on some difficult subjects it was still an easy book to ead Thanks to Netgalley and Canongate Books for giving me the opportunity to ead this in exchange for an honest eview I did not ealise until I started eading this book that it is the third book in the trilogyThe story is about the Now family who are mourning the death of their son Chris who died while working on an Alberto Oil Rig Sylvanus the fatherhas turned to alcohol Abbie the mother is facing breast cancer and Kyle the son elationship with his sister Sylvie is strained Then the local bully is murdered and suspicion is on the Now familyThe book is mixed with suspense emotion loyalty and tragedy It has also covered love guilt and grief and the families bond I wish I had ead the first two books before this one but I do think this can be ead as a standaloneI would like to thank NetGalley Canongate Books and the author Donna Morrissey for my ARC in exchange for an honest eview. Family As the mystery unfolds other far deeper secrets are evealed Compassionate and wise beautiful and brut.

Donna Morrissey has written six nationally bestselling novels She has received awards in Canada the US and England Her novel Sylvanus Now was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and she was nominated for a Gemini for best writing for the film Clothesline Patch Her fiction has been translated into several different languages Born and raised in Newfoundland she now lives in Hal