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Later Gator by Jana Deleon is the 9th book in the Miss Fortune Mystery series An alligator poacher is at work in Sinful and when a relative of Gerties is arrested Fortune Ida Belle and Gertie set off to find the real culprit Lots of fun and lots of laughs as usual although a tame cookie loving alligator being led on a leash was a bit too unbelievable and over the top It was nice to see Fortunes and Carters relationship progress a little Very ntertaining and fun Jana does it againHonestly I m set to buy anything Jana writes The adventure continues with the Swamp Team 3 and of course Gertie s hi jinks Their scapades are laugh out loud funny If they made this series into a show I would pray that they. A poacher is at work in Sinful Louisiana and Deputy Carter LeBlanc is hot on the trail of the outlaw trying to apprehend him before the state gets wind of the crime and sends a game warden to take over his investigation Unfortunatel.

Summary Later Gator Miss Fortune Mystery #9

He Swamp Team 3 spring into action Now that Deputy Carter LeBlanc knows the trio s secrets he is watching them very closely to make sure they stay out of his business I really wonder why he bothers xcept nasty Celia Arceneaux the current mayor is looking for anything she can use to get rid of Carter discredit Ida Belle and Gertie and get rid of FortuneThat the The Time It Never Rained evidence found by the game warden was planted is the starting point for the Team to track down the real poacher This leads to another hilarious trip to the Swamp Bar and Carter pounding on the door but coming up with nothingxcept a handful of Fortune With a few suspects it s time to narrow it all down and catch the poacher before he takes off. Of Gertie’s Carter is left with no choice but to arrest the boy The Child of the Soul and Other Stories even though no one thinks he did it With Carter under the watchfulye of Celia and the state Fortune Ida Belle and Gertie decide to catch a poacherbefore he gets aw.

Could capture those moments as perfectly as I see them in my mind as I m reading it Great for pandemic binge readingIf you need something to get your mind off current Childrens Phantasies events jump into this series Fast cars fast boats crazy old ladies walking gatorsit really is a lot of fun I say itvery time I write a review for this series I love it I won t say it is the best I ve ver read but it is sooooo fun I love the characters the setting the slow heat romance the lite mystery and the humor Escapist reading at its bestThere is a poacher is at work in the bayou near Sinful Louisiana and Gertie is afraid her pet alligator Godzilla will nd up on the BB When a relative of Gertie s is pinched for the dirty deed Y he’s hindered The Soviet Union every step of the way by Sinful’s current mayor and all around horrible person Celia Arceneaux who wants nothing than to drive Carter to resign When a game warden turns up withvidence that implicates a relative.

Free Download Later Gator Miss Fortune Mystery #9 –

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon was raised in southwest Louisiana among the bayous and gators Her hometown is Carlyss but you probably won't find it on a map Her family owned a camp located on a bayou just off the Gulf of Mexico that you could only get there by boat The most important feature was the rope hammock hanging in the shade on a huge deck that stretched ou

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