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Lar to it that are currently being tested along with therapy that could indeed alter impact or erase memories Overall this is super smart perfectly paced psychological thriller uniue and original and I really appreciated the challenge it presented how it held my attention and the way everything wrapped up There are still a few secrets held close to the vest but the reader knows all and I had to ive the author a big nod of approval for Dead Taboo giving me that insider knowledge which was a nice touch and a perfect way to conclude the story I think the book deserves the five star treatment Please check out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom When I first saw the reviews for All Is Not Forgotten start to pop up on friends pages I was intrigued It sounded like exactly the type of story that I would love It was dark suspenseful and a total mindfck Everyone that read this book seemed to love it I knew it would be my next read so I went to com and that s when it happened I saw the atrocious price of 1299 for the Kindle edition Yep you read that right Not 299 or 199 but a whopping 1299 So I said to hell with that and picked another book to read After all this author was a complete unknown to me and even bestselling authors that I know I can count on to deliverenerally don t charge than 599 for a Kindle edition with very rare exception Maybe I m a cheapo but the price tag on this book was a huge deterrentno matter how much the blurb and the reviews called to me Granted most of my friends who wrote these early reviews had received ARCs and didn t purchase this book at it s over inflated price It is really a shame too because I know that many readers feel the same way and this book deserves to be read I m no marketing Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, guru but I d bet that this book would top the charts and be much profitable if offered at a reasonable priceNow that I veotten my rant about the ridiculously high price out of the way let me say that it was worth every penny Months later I continued to hear about this book I couldn t uit wondering about it and kept coming back to it Eventually being the book addict that I am I caved and bought it I don t regret it for a minute but I also know that I am an obsessive reader and most people would have walked away and never The Subtle Beauty given it another thought That makes me very sad because this story was phenomenal All Is Not Forgotten tells the story of a teenagedirl Jenny Kramer whose innocence is stolen in the most brutal of ways She is tortured and raped when she steps outside to clear her head just yards away from a raging house party Readers are immediately confronted with Jenny s traumatic experience Ms Walker not wasting any time or holding back any punches The entire story is told from the POV of Dr Alan Forrester as he recounts his encounters with the various cast members that were tied into this story You see Dr Forrester became the Psychiatrist that treated Jenny as well as her parents He helped them both collaboratively and separately heal following Jenny s assault In addition Dr Forrester was tied both personally and through his professional practice to many other characters that prove to be integral to the storyAlthough it took a little Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, getting used to at first looking back now I couldn t have imagined the story told in any other way No other character had such an expansive knowledge of Jenny s case or could have connected the dots like Dr Forrester did Ms Walker did a masterful job of writing this story It was absolutely brilliant In the hours immediately following Jenny s rape her parents are forced to make a very tough decision They areiven the option to treat Jenny with an experimental medication which would suppress her memories of her attack The drug designed to prevent PTSD in soldiers creates a type of amnesia The theory is that if the patient can t remember the traumatic event they won t suffer the negative psychological effects that follow the trauma Jenny s father Tom opposes the treatment He wants Jenny s rapist brought to justice and realizes that this is unlikely if she cannot remember the attack Jenny s mother Charolette wants to pretend that nothing ever happened and move on with their lives She sees the treatment as the easiest way to make that happen In the end as the dominant person in their marriage Charolette wins out It is a decision that has conseuences that nobody could have anticipated Some events are too horrific to be entirely erased They leave their mark even if the person living with it doesn t even know it Such is the case with Jenny who spirals into depression after the treatment I don t want to ive too much away because this is a story that needs to be experienced I will say that it is a story about far than just rape although that is clearly a crucial component of this story It is a story about the connection. Ss pós traumático eliminando as memórias do incidente Contudo nos meses seguintes Jenny é surpreendida com sensações ue a fragilizam psicologicamente levando a a tentar o suicídioO pai Tom está determinado a descobrir o culpado e fazer justiça A mãe Charlotte age como se nada tivesse acontecido Os pais.

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This ets five whopping sparkly stars from me Wow Oh my The Billionaires Runaway Bride goodness this was an extraordinary read ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN by WENDY WALKER is a psychological thriller that is extremely tenseripping and a suspenseful read which I thought was absolutely brilliantThe writing the details the reveal the voiceI knew I was oing to love this one right awayAlthough the first chapter was somewhat disturbing for me to read it brought back memories of a similar experience that I had when I was a teenager but nowhere near the horrific ordeal that Jenny went through I was still hooked right from the very first few pages of this book The details of Jenny s actual attack is uite raphic and definitely made me a bit ueasy and emotional but I think that the author needed to include this in the story The plot was extremely interesting and had uite a few surprises that I didn t see coming which made this novel exciting to read I only figured out who actually done it but not the why or the reasoning behind it There was a lot happening in this novel but I found it easy to follow along with the storyline and all the characters involved We don t know who the narrator is for the first few chapters although we are Caught on Camera with the CEO given some clues and we have our suspicions it was still a nice surprise when we do actually find out who it is I found that the details and information that we areiven throughout this novel is enlightening and very pleasing for a complete reading experience uite a bit of the narrative resonated with me and I think that is why I enjoyed it so much I always like to figure out why an author chooses a particular title for their novel and see if I can decipher the reasoning behind it The title of this book was brilliant and I found the cover uite appealing as well To some it all up it was well written Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, gripping interesting fast paced uick and easy read with a very satisfying ending Would highly recommendAll of Brenda and my reviews can be found on our sister blog All is not Forgotten by Wendy Walker is a 2016 St Martin s Press publication Oh man did this book mess with my head Compared to some psychological thrillers that keep your heart rate up with an easy on the joints low impact workout this book was like a high impact workout for the mind So much so my poor brain needed time to recover before I could write this review After Jenny Kramer is brutally raped she isiven a drug to make her forget what happened But instead of helping her cope it only stymies her ability to heal emotionally and move forward with her life which leads her into a very dark place In the meantime Jenny s parents Tom and Charlotte deal with the fallout which turns the cracks in their marriage into asteroid sized craters Shocking secrets spill out and the investigation turns up evidence that suggests the attacker might not be a stranger but someone living right there in their small communityThis novel kept me on edge from the first page forward There is so much to think about so many layers and corners filled with dark shadows paranoia revenge and anger But often it s the morality and ethical uestions that really added the spice to the pot on several different fronts One of the most compelling topics this book addresses is the use of a drug that could erase your memory of a traumatic event On the surface this may seem like an act of compassion but it raises a plethora of uestions which could certainly inspire some interesting debate But there are other dilemmas that arise and frankly I was just as torn over those issues as with anything else Arabian Nights going on Not only that we see every individual in treatmento through intense therapy both as individuals and as a Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place group Watching them all come to terms with their pasts taking slow measured steps toward healing and seeing real promising results despite the incredibly bizarre circumstances was often a harrowing but fascinating process With so muchoing on these individual threads could have easily spiraled out of control but the author kept them right on track and then slowly merged them until I was sitting there watching what was sure to become a spectacular eruption frozen in my seat unable to tear my eyes from the impending collision I really really liked this book It s absorbing thought provoking troubling tense and riveting I could not have Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss guessed the way things would turn out was never sure who to trust and had to ask myself on than one occasion What would I do in this situation Be warned however that there areraphic descriptions of rape with some very disturbing passages to read through but because of the memory erasing side effects it was necessary to delve deeper into the physical trauma and was relevant to the story Also it is worth mentioning that while the drug featured in this story has not been marketed in real life there are drugs simi. Na pacata cidade de Fairview no Conneticut a vida parecia perfeita até à noite em ue um acontecimento trágico chocou a comunidade Jenny Kramer uma adolescente com uinze anos é brutalmente violada depois de sair de uma festa Os médicos decidem administrar lhe um fármaco usado nos casos de patologias de stre.

Paperback Book ò All Is Not Forgotten KINDLE author Wendy Walker ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

S that people make over the course of their lives some healthy and some unhealthy and the lengths that they will Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, go to in order to maintain those connections It is also a story of a parent s love and howood people will do terrible things if necessary to protect their offspringEvery character became a suspect but the truth was not revealed until the very end Every time I thought I knew where something was heading I d be surprised Let me just say that it blew me away I could not believe how twisted the truth really was I didn t see it coming at allI found this story to be multifaceted and absolutely riveting From the first page to the last I could not pull myself away from this book I thought about it for days after finishing it It is the type of story that becomes all consuming Even though this book comes with a hefty price tag I highly recommend it It is worth every penny This book was mind blowing It is easily one of my top reads for the year and a new favorite of mine I cannot do it justice Just read it I wanted to know why she did not behave the way I would have expected I wanted to know why I could not see the rape in her eyes Everything about this book is just repulsiveBut I can sum up my main problem with All Is Not Forgotten into four words I hated the narrator And I also hated the style of narrationStrangely this book is actually written in my favourite narrative style first person minor It s used in many of my favourite novels from Wuthering Heights to Tiger Lily I m not sure why I love it so much but there s something about a first person narrative from the POV of a character just outside of the main plot events a mostly uiet observer that Always You gives me a broad scope of the story and characters but also pulls me in on a personal levelHere though I hated it All Is Not Forgotten is told by a psychiatrist Dr Forrester who treats a rape victim her mother and father as well as several other characters After Jenny Kramer is brutally raped her parents agree to an experimental treatment that will erase her memories of her attack But she soon finds she cannot cope with the not knowing and this leads the family toward Dr ForresterThe doctor tries to help them help Jenny uncover her memories help her father deal with his obsessive uest for revenge and help her mother deal with some childhood issues Through him their stories are told and the rapist s identity isradually uncoveredProblem is this uy is an insufferable douchebag And no I don t mean he s a flawed interesting character prone to human vices like selfishness and jealousy I mean he s a smug pompous know it all who slut shames patronizes his wife and wants to see the rape in Jenny s eyes He introduces himself like this My name is Dr Alan Forrester I am a psychiatrist In case you are unaware of the various credentials that exist among mental health professionals I am the kind that went to medical school I am a medical doctor an MD raduated from Johns Hopkins University summa cum laude Whoop dee doo assholeDr Forrester is a nauseating narrator His narrative made my skin crawl and this tale of such a horrific crime feels so Lucy Carmichael gratuitous through his eyes I can t explain without posting uotes that I honestly just don t want to post but he s not interesting not even evil which would have been preferable he s just plain ickyI mean let me just share some of theems we Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti get from him It is hardly worth the effort to elucidate the vapid motivations of this particularirlMy wife s name is Julie Marin Forrester I love my wife It feels disingenuous to use this phrase after I have proselytized to such a degree about how nebulous love isThis perfect child her body defiled violated Her virtue stolen Her spirit broken I sound melodramatic Cliche But this man ripped into her body with such force that she reuired surgery Consider that For fuck sake Why would I want to sit through this self masturbatory bullshit Consider thatHe does that a lot by the way Side eyes the reader and says something like consider that or don t you think or my personal favourite I know I belabor this analogy yes You have been belaboring this analogy for a whole chapter If you know you re doing it why won t you stop Please Also he One-Click Buy goes off on a million tangents that just drag the narrative down even Weet a chapter full of psychobabble about why Demarco can t be the culprit We et Writing Class 101 tangents where he waxes poetic about human nature and how stupid everyone but he is It made the book very slow and boringIt is true that complex morally uestionable characters are the best kind but a narrator this insufferable simply irritates The reveal at the end elicits little emotion most likely due to my hatred for the doctor and it just further complicates an already messy plotCW Rape raphicBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Stor. De Jenny procuram a ajuda do psiuiatra Alan Forrester Nisto o seu casamento é posto à prova revelando segredos e fragilidades bem como a teia ue une toda a comunidadeAfinal todos têm algo ue não desejam revelar e a busca pelo violador conduz a um thriller psicológico com um desfecho inesperado e perturbant.

Wendy Walker is the author of psychological suspense Her novels have been translated into 23 foreign languages and have topped bestseller lists both nationally and abroad They have been featured on The Today Show The Reese Witherspoon Book Club and The Book of the Month Club and have been optioned for television and film