book You're on an Airplane A Self Mythologizing Memoir –

book You're on an Airplane A Self Mythologizing Memoir –

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S CK b 35 stars would be like it Enjoyably larky with an especially artful and funny opening But at a certain oint the lack of organization gets the better of her like many celeb memoirs the back half of the book suffers I liked her stories about growing up in Louisiana who knew and her fondness for her Hungarian Heroes and Legends parents and elders There slenty here about her childhood but apparently she was never a teenager She goes from 10 to 24 To me she ll always be the mean girl from the class of 77 in Dazed and Confused Anyhow some good LOLs here I was less enad when she goes off on spiritualmystical tangents My book is called You re on an Airplane It s a memoir Land of Fright - Collection II (Land of Fright Collections Book 2) pronounced with the emphasis on me Think of it like an actor who was cornered into writingThe openingremise of You re on an Airplane is that you re sitting beside Parker Posey on a flight and with such close The Elders Speak proximity and time to waste she begins to tell you about her life and her career as an indy actor Theremise is embraced in the beginning with Posey interrupting her storytelling to ask the flight attendant for a seltzer or a warm cookie to ask sporadic uestions of yourself but the concept eventually kind of fizzles out with fewer and fewer references to the imaginary scenario as it goes along Which was fine so far as smooth storytelling goes but it did make the conceit feel slightly The Pharisees Guide to Total Holiness pointless in the end A celebrity memoir is a strange animal the authorresumably wants to tell you about herself but it s not like she owes you her soul and while I learned Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic, plenty about Parker Posey s childhood hobbies and celebrity encounters there s nothing deeply revelatory or shocking here and again she doesn t owe me that anyway Usual caveat I read an ARC and uotes may not be in their final forms I was on As the World Turns at the time fresh from dropping out of college after three years onrobation mainly for a bad attitude because I didn t want to rehearse scenes in acting class referring instead to wing it I had a lazy attitude for things I didn t feel were important like circus class I didn t have the guts to be a real clown and already knew how to juggle I skipped class to clown around and kept my robation letters in the freezer for some reason an act of self Perception and the External World preservation maybePosey reveals an interesting family tree with bigersonalities going back a few generations and her own Popular Representations of Development parents seeming like cool but odd ducks I loved the newbornicture of Posey wearing false eyelashes You were so small I didn t know what to do with you explained her Mom But there s really nothing about how Posey broke into acting all of sudden she s on a Sister for Sale popular soap opera while also filming Dazed and Confused From there Posey recalls filmrojects out of any chronological order a You know that old saying Never meet your heroes Nuf said. Ver indebted to trends as well as her approach to everyday life on and off set Laugh out loud advice from her legendary Greenwich Village therapist Mildred Newman appears alongside The Blue Door (Threshold poignantortrayals of Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity painful relationships and the love she has for her dog Gracie For fans of Nora Ephron's spot on commentary Jenny Lawson's absurdly comical foibles Amy Sedaris's unexpectedly hilarious uips and Carrie Brownstein's cool girl appeal You're On an Airplaneroves Posey has a voice that will enchant fans and old and new alik.

About her life especially her teen years which she seemed to skip over entirely and insight into her The Art of Standing Still personal thoughts on the roles she s chosenI think this would ve been even enjoyable if I d listened to the audiobook which is narrated by Posey herself because I felt by the end of the book that she d created this as an actor s monologueFlaky celebrity memoir or theersonal monologue of an intelligent comedic actress Readers seem divided I feel slightly disappointed that there wasn t insight into her early years but I still had fun on this flight with the eccentric Ms PoseyFor full reviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom It should be no surprise that Parker Posey comes off as a somewhat eccentric character in her book You re on an Airplane While not necessarily certifiable she is not Howard Hughes hiding Mason jars overflowing with her urine in the basement Posey is revealed instead to be on the Aunt Jenny end of the spectrum Aunt Jenny was the crazy distant relative on the Brady Bunch that Jan was worried she was going to become because of their similar appearance as young girls Many A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, people up on theirop culture should know Posey from her acting roles in independent movies I feel most would recognize Posey for her searing and unconventional Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience portrayal of Stephanie from 1993 s Coneheads movie her tendererformance as Rollerblader in the motion The War to End All Wars picture Mixed Nuts and her multifaceted depiction of troubled teen Tess Shelby on daytime serial As the World Turns You re on an Airplane is written as if the reader is seated next to Posey on a fixed wing aircraft The kind ofowered flying apparatus those annoying Wright brothers from back in Kitty Hawk North Carolina are always Death Comes for the Archbishop prattling on about The tales range from Posey s forays into unconventional yoga styles to recipes ofreferred dishes to backstage stories of her cinematic experiences in Tinseltown The text is dappled with black and white Mostly Mama pictures of Posey in oddoses and The Naked Man postures This art layout resembles the cut andasting of those self Damias Children published zines soopular in the 90 s hot off the Cutremur de timp press of the nearest Kinko shotocopier There is a lot of marginal information in the antidotes here many Dad jokes Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes puns and off the wall observations But there are also many hidden gems Posey conveys the sometimes difficult life of a not always in demand contract worker There are moments when money gets tight and instances when it is hard for her as an actress in her 40 s to find work Life can be tough andeople in this superficial industry can be mean Posey is always gracious and kind when speaking of her fellow actors which range from naked bongo Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie playing and deodorant adverse Matthew McConaughey to the suplexing wrestling lug Triple H Interestingly Posey has worked with the controversial Woody Allen and Loui. F its accompanying fame She explores her relationships with brilliant directors like Christopher Guest and Woody Allen as well as the nerves and expectations that come with the territory A funny and authentic childhoodrepared Posey for a life of creating and entertaining which not only extends to acting but to the craft of Patagonia Express pottery sewing collage yoga and cooking all of which readers will find in this highly entertaining book In You're On an Airplane Posey delves into herersonal style uniue famously inspiring and ne.

I ve found Parker Posey s film roles to be weird and random and usually brilliant so I ve always imagined her to be a weird and random individualTurns out I was rightYou re on an Airplane is Posey s memoir written as if she finds herself bored on a long flight and decides to spend her time telling stories about her life to the Predator person seated next to her on the airplaneThe stories she chooses to share are told in noarticular order spanning childhood and near resent day throughout the book I mention this first because it may be a bookish eeve for some readers who need chronological order or at least a themeShe tells us some stories of her childhood with obvious love and adoration for her Seven Days in Utopia parents and her twin brother These stories were my favorite because I could tell that the love and support of her family made her bold and confident in her abilities as an entertainerPosey never discusses how exactly she broke into show business or offers much insight into the industry itself we go in with the understanding that she had aassion for acting that she followed doggedly She shares brief stories of some of her most notable films and the actorsdirectors she s worked with A favorite of mine was her reaction to meeting Matthew McConaughey on the set of Dazed and Confused she called her agent to say he was going to be a huge star and they should represent him immediately which the agent ignored and Posey still Lots of Love pointedly reminds them about to this dayShe goes in to some detail on working with Woody Allen whom she considers to be the greatest living director and the anxiety overreparing for her role in his film She seemed most open about her role on the Louis CK show Louie discussing her obvious admiration of him and his workI love that she didn t use her memoir as a way to drop bombshell information or gossip She doesn t speak negatively of anyone or give Reclaiming Love personal details about relationships as so many celebrities choose to doThere are some curious tales ofet Vegangelical psychics and visits to a New Age type therapist that had me wondering if they were jokes thrown in to amp up her eccentricitiesPosey includes two incredibly detailed descriptions each severalages long of yoga Defender of Faith, Revised Edition poses and creatingottery She obviously enjoys both yoga and No escuches su canción de trueno pottery but I couldn t help but skip these sections because I wanted to read about her life not get an in depth lesson on her hobbiesBy the end of this odd memoir I realized Posey has crafted aretty interesting monologue showcasing once again what a great actress she is choosing to share some of her life with readers while making fun of and Being the Best Me playing up the impression theublic has of her based on her film roles I don t believe this book will work for everyone because the humor can be so subtle or just Witch Creek (Wildlands plain weird I would ve appreciated. It's hard not to love Parker Posey A singularly gifted actress with a wickedly funnyersonality that belies her movie star status her cross generational fame stems from starring roles in such unforgettable movies as Dazed and Confused Party Girl and You've Got Mail and her recurring roles in Christopher Guest's mockumentaries including his most recent Mascots on NetflixWith remarkable candor and a refreshing erspective on life in the spotlight Posey opens up about the art of acting life on the set and the realities

Parker Posey is well known for her work with many independent filmmakers of her generation including Richard Linklater Hal Hartley Zoe Cassavettes and Rebecca Miller Following her breakout role in the cult hit Dazed and Confused she starred in Christopher Guest’s classic mockumentaries and appeared in such Hollywood films as You’ve Got Mail Superman Returns Josie and the Pussycats Scream

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