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Ally clicking with this author Off and on for about 20 years I ve been informally studying the Warhol era and personalities that are the subject of this book Watson gets it I love what he has to say in the intro about how the factory worked what it was all about what Warhol did that was so special ust as sometimes it seemed like he wasn t doing much of anything I have high hopes for this one Loved this book What a wild ride those days at the FACTORY Anything you ve ever wanted to know about art in new york in the 60 s and 70 s So much in here I m still not finished I love anything to do with the 60s I was born in that era and it s fair to say that I m obsessed with every aspect of it politics history art pop culture music fashion and Ethnographic Research just the general feel and mix of those insane heady times This country will never be the same and thank god for that This book gives you a good sense of who Warhol was and the other people who comprised his Factory The timeline is presented well so that you can feel the rise and fall of each person s time there and the place in general What a fabulous thing it would have been toust experience it for even a little while I m so envious of people who lived during the 60s while my generation got stuck in the most conservative times ever th Love the cover and photos and appreciate the author s effort Andy was a visual artist so maybe best to view his work visually and not try to read about it in a book especially the details of his many films films that are slow slightly moving portraits But as Warhol said N sets his story in the context of the revolutionary milieu of 1960s New York the opening of Paul Young’s Paraphernalia Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball Max’s Kansas City and the Beautiful People Party at the Factory among many other events Interspersed throughout are Watson’s trademark sociogram than 130 black and white photographs some never before seen and many sidebars of uotes and slang that help define the Warholian world With Factory Made Watson has focused on a moment that transformed the art and style of a generation.

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Hardcover Book ↠ Factory Made Warhol and the Sixties TXT AUTHOR Steven Watson ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

The perfect in depth look into life inside the Warhol Factory and the lives of the many people that went through it s door So fascinating for anyone with an interest in the 1960 s New York art world This book is a good general history of the time period and the people involved However there were some parts that seemed to exclude pertinent information or lack clarity It is as if the author failed to realize that the reader does not share his knowledge of extended research Perhaps the oversights and mistakes are due to an inexperienced editor I read a first edition hardback later editions may have been changed For example our introduction to the actress Ultra Violet communicates her childhood desire to visit America from where It is not explained it is only through a photo caption that we learn Ultra is from Grenoble France Had to look it up online Toward the end of the book there is also a glaring mistake with the birth date listed on Warhol s headstone the book lists it as August 6 1926 Warhol s birth date is actually inscribed as August 6 1928 Google it for photographic proof This is not a strict Warhol biography the ghostly portrayal of the artist does not offer much in depth detail perhaps a reflection of his actual personality The idea behind Factory is to explore the personalities surrounding Warhol and their relationship to the social changing 60s For those interested in Warhol s universe it s worth reading Factory Made Warhol and the Sixties by Steven Watson 2003 how do you start a movementyou will learn a little bit about it al. Factory Made Warhol and the Sixties is a fascinating look at the avant garde group that came together from 1964 to 1968 as Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory a cast that included Lou Reed Nico Edie Sedgwick Gerard Malanga Paul Morrissey Joe Dallesandro Billy Name Candy Darling Baby Jane Holzer Brigid Berlin Ultra Violet and Viva Steven Watson follows their diverse lives from childhood through their Factory years He shows how this ever changing mix of artists and poets musicians and filmmakers drag ueens society figures and fashion models all.

L here They are better talked about than seen Warhol said in the 1980 s about the films that were made during the heyday of the Silver Factory The Silver Factory became when Billy Linich later Name in early 1964 covered with tin foil and silver paint the interior of an old hat factory close to the UN building in midtown Manhattan that Warhol had rented as his studio space This fantastic book focuses on the film making that took place during the in retrospective very short but glamorous period of the existence of the Silver Factory from 1964 to early 1968 During that period until being shot by Valerie Solanas in the summer of 1968 Warhol was mostly engaged in film making In 1965 he even announced that he had retired from painting he did make paintings during that period but only to finance his filming activitiesIn this book Steven Watson explores Warhol thru the lives of the characters who orbited around the Silver Factory He does a great ob as his approach allows him to provide different angles to look at Warhol and his art and many interesting facts are revealed that are new even to those who have knowledge about Warhol and the New York underground scene in the sixtiesThis is a highly enjoyable book which proves once again that Warhol was right about that it is great to read about underground films and film making whereas it is often painfully boring to watch them Jonas Mekas would probably disagree with my latter proposition but fully agree with the former This one might be up next for me I started reading the introduction and I m tot. Interacted at the Factory to create than 500 films the Velvet Underground paintings and sculpture and thousands of photographs Between 1961 and 1964 Warhol produced his most iconic art the Flower paintings the Marilyns the Campbell’s Soup Can paintings and the Brillo Boxes But it was his films Sleep Kiss Empire The Chelsea Girls and Vinyl that constituted his most prolific output in the mid 1960s and with this book Watson points up the important and little known interaction of the Factory with the New York avant garde film world Watso.

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