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pdf ebook Mail Order Christmas Bride – latinboyz4play.com

A very sweet historical story that is a must for any reader interested in this period Sterling Heather and baby Grace will wrap your heart and sueeze it I loved it The one thing that would have made this story perfect is if the town had fired the minister His actions towards Heather and Sterling while standing in church had me pursing my lips and glaring at the words that I had just read It also made me thankful for all of the Rights and Freedoms that I sometimes take for granted Well written historical fiction oes thatI really enjoyed the mysteries that started on page one Although I had a very good idea about who the villain was I couldn t uite wrap my head around the motive Well Done Sherri Absolutely love this story by Sherri Shackelford Sterling Blackwell receives a package only it s nothing he s ordered Who would send a baby through the mail In an envelope with the baby Sterling and the town s teacher Heather O Connor are named the baby s parents As Sterling and Heather take care of baby Gracie and find out who she belongs to secrets from the past threaten to What Happens to Our Trash? destroy the future they have planned The characters made me feel a part of the town and the story Whooes the baby belong to Can Heather trust Sterling to take care of her and the baby When the truth unfolds about Gracie s parentage will it free Sterling and Heather to become the family they ve been pretending to be or tear them apart For a great inspirational historical romance you won t want to miss Mail Order Christmas BabyI received a free copy in the hope that I would mentionreview it on my blog I was not reuired to give a positive review only my honest opinion which I ve The Pursuit of Mary Bennet done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers There are a couple reasons I adored this book One I love the author She writes fantastic historical fiction and this one is right up my alley Two I happen to love the cover Three the story was fascinating Yes it s a marriage of convenience story but the way it starts out is so unconventional There was a time in the old west when you could mail CHILDREN to someone That fact just floored me That s how the story begins This cute little baby Grace gets mailed to Sterling a handsome land owner and heoesn t know what to think When the birth record is checked it lists him and the school teacher Heather as the parents Can you even imagine The gossip of course is all over town and Heather is totally mortified The town preacher is a total jerk in my opinion but you ll have to read the book to find out why Eventually Sterling and Heather Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, decide to get married and keep the baby safe on his ranch so Grace wont go to an orphanage This was one marriage of convenience story that really felt true to life for me Theyidn t really know each other and there were a lot of things that had to get worked out I liked the way they eventually worked together to get the ranch running again and the men on the ranch were fun characters to read about There are accidents happening on the ranch and you have to figure out who is responsible for thoseA wonderful holiday book and the theme of love forgiveness friendship and holiday spirit made this a must read for me I Shooting for a Century definitely recommend it I love it when a book leaves me in good spirits and smiling and Ms Shackelford manages too that with her stories each and every timeMail Order Christmas Baby I, Partridge doeseal with rather serious issues of family Shadow of the Templar dysfunctions and baby abandonment and itefinitely isn t all feel good light fluff yet it leaves the reader with hope for the better Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light days to come and that message lifted my spiritsSterling Blackwell and. The Rancher's Special Delivery The package is addressed to him but rancher Sterling Blackwell certainlyidn't order a baby More scandalous still he and the town's pretty teacher are named as parents With gossip running wild only a marriage of.


Ple all with their own personalities and flaws Yes even the cherubic child on the cover isn t perfect A nice surprise for a ChristmasChristianchild themed bookFor me the mark of a good Christian book is that you Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, don t remember it IS a Christian book but just enjoy it as a good story This isefinitely the case here Sure these characters go to church a couple of times but 1 it s Christmas and 2 it s the 1800s people Six Days in Leningrad did thatOther than that this is simply a nice little sex free romance that has some kissing etc but gives our characters time to fall in loveA side note I was really surprised to see the American wordiaper was absent from the story so I The Darkness did a little research It turns out that term has only been used since the 1950sI wouldefinitely recommend Mail Order Christmas Baby for anyone who likes historical romance set in the American wilderness It s not too cheesy but it s perfect for ChristmasOh and you SHEAR a sheep but they SHEER the sheep in this book I m Australian we have sheep everywhere It s a bit hard to overlook that one Review copy provided by NetGalley Absolutely love the clever premise for this Christmas romance A neat switch on the traditional mail order bride story And little Gracie is as adorable and beguiling as she appears on the cover of this book It isn t long before she has Stirling and Heather wrapped around her baby finger Which is my cue to say there is something soheart stopping attractive about a big ol rancher turning into a marshmallow over the feminine wiles of a two year old And that s a good thing because he is so gnarly stubborn about being noble he nearly misses the boat when it comes to Heather And she s just as gnarly stubborn with her Flyboy determination to notisrupt Stirling s life even though they are living in the same house There s a lot of frustrated longing in that marriage of convenience and I loved every page turning second But then an unexpected mystery A Dark Sicilian Secret draws these two together into a united front as they fight for a future they suddenly bothesperately want The premise of this book appealed to me a baby sent in the mail by train no return address Hmm where can the author take this I wonderedWhat she Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek did was create aelightful book I was left wondering why someone would send a precious baby girl to an unmarried couple listing them as the parents Strange It was beyond the realm of comprehension but given the time period had a bit of realismSterling and Heather were a fun couple They had interest in each other without anyone else knowing about it They are unexpectedly thrown together in a scandal and have a uick wedding Through it all they showed grace and fortitude The baby Grace was absolutely adorableThe book has an element of intrigue that takes a while to be revealed I Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography didn t realize the full scale of theeception until the end Sherri Shackelford At the Italians Command does a great job at keeping part of her plot a secret and surprising the reader If you are looking for a cute uick book to read This would be a great one to pick up It is a clean romance with some kissing and Christian themesSource I reuested a copy of the book from Netgalley All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own I ve read several Christmas novels recently and this one had many aspects I adored First of all a baby and then a historical romance that takes place in the Old West There was also the mystery of where the baby came from Iidn t figure that out but id figure out early on who was behind the ranch s freuent accidents I love seeing a marriage of convenience blossom and it was entertaining seeing the interaction of Sterling and Heather So pull up a comfy chair and enjoy this and many other Christmas reads from Harleuin this Christmas seaso. Without Sterling's help though she promises not to interfere with his life But staying aloof from her handsome husband isn't easy with a tiny matchmaker in tow A mistake brought them together but love might just make them a family by Christmas.

Heather O Connor find themselves in a predicament many couldn t handle well I admired their patience perseverance and goodwill to look after the precious baby girl and sacrifices they made for her wellbeing Heather is a character I easily connected with She loves order and numbers enjoys baking and crafts she is smart capable with an independent spirit she has a kind heart and she is careful to guard it against hurt and pain Sterling is an alpha male in charge and commanding yet his good heart his kindness and his generosity are obvious to anyone around him He is not afraid to take a stand for what he believes is right he joyfully takes care of the baby and plays with her and even play the nurse when the need arises His nightmarish childhood and the verbal abuse from his father still plays a part in his life both Sterling and Heather need healing from the past pain and wounds to be able to move onThe shyness Sterling and Heather process around each other is endearing but the connection between them is palpable their feelings obvious to all around them I enjoyed the complicated courtship between them as they try to get to know each other and take care of the baby and the ranch in an all around ifficult situation Historically the timeframe of the story is an interesting period as the country is trying to get back on its feet after the war and trying to build for a better future The evelopment of technology and the new challenges the people face are well embedded into the tale as it smoothly flows off the pages while paining clear images in the reader s mind of the events occurring An entertaining and uplifting tale of overcoming obstacles learning to trust and forgive opening your heart to the new possibilities offered to you and aring to face them head on A story that will touch your emotions yet will leave you with a smile and faith for the better tomorrows to come Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side Mail Order Christmas Baby was another great read from this author I ve enjoyed several of her previous stories so I was looking forward to this one The story line was uniue instead of a mail order bride someone received a baby in the mailand the birth certificate said the parents were the main characters I found the characters The Maid of Lorne delightful and the romance was sweet I loved how there were a few mysteries in the book and the ending was great All in all Mail Order Christmas Baby was a lovely read and I recommend it Disclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mentionreview it on my blog I was not reuired to give a positive review only my honest opinion which I veone All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am isclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising If you re like me and are creeped out by covers with only a baby or babies or a toddler on them on t worry there s much to this bookI actually skipped over Mail Order Christmas Baby the first time I was picking a review book that kid cover but then I went back realised the author was one whose work I really enjoy and How to Become a Virgin decided to be braveI am glad Iid This is one of the mature not in age but in character behaviour and author skill Love Inspired books I ve read and I really enjoyed both hero and heroineThe story has twists and turns and never rags In fact I might have enjoyed this book than any other Love Inspired Historical I ve read and I ve read uite a fewAll the characters came across as regular peo. Convenience can protect little Gracie and their reputations until her real family is found Heather O'Connor is content to be the spinster schoolmarm of Valentine Montanauntil Gracie's arrival stirs her heart She can't keep the adorable child.

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