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Ead the next one but I guess I enjoyed the first ten or twelve In this 24th book in the William Monk series the Victorian police detective investigates a kidnapping I m a fan of the Monk novels and ad igh opes for this book Sadly I was disappointed Commander William Monk of London s Thames River Police ad a difficult past A decades old injury left Monk with severe permanent amnesia a condition e Everyman had toide to remain a police detective Monk struggled to maintain the pretense and even recovered snippets of memory but The End (The 30-Day Collective Book 1) his life was a rocky road Monk perseveredowever and eventually married a fine woman named Hester and secured is current jobAs the story opens a wealthy London builder named Charles Exeter reuests assistance from the Thames River Police Exeter s wife Kate was abducted and the kidnappers ave demanded a large ransom for er return Exeter can put the money together but is unfamiliar with the location chosen for the exchange a filthy dangerous dilapidated slum called Jacob s Island Since the river police are acuainted with the ellhole Exeter would like them to escort Tarot for Magical Times him inand back out presumably accompanied byis wifeMonk selects five of is best men and the six policemen and Exeter approach Jacob s Island in a couple of boats Two men stay with the skiffs Monk and Exeter approach the exchange location and the three remaining cops stake out various exitsin an attempt to trap the kidnappersSPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTThe rest of this review contains possible spoilersThings go shockingly wrong owever The police are attacked the money is snatched and Kate is killed Exeter is distraught and the Commander blames Dangerous Heat himself for the fiasco What really eats Monk up though is the certainty that one ofis men is in cahoots with the kidnappers who knew exactly where every cop would be stationedAs the rest of the story unfolds Monk makes it Birds, Beasts, and Bandits his mission to bring the kidnappers to justice and to expose the cop who betrayedim Monk REALLY opes the traitor isn t Officer Hooper a man Monk considers is best copper and The Accidental Startup his friend but Monk investigates everyone involved in the Jacob s Island operation This exposes a lot of secrets including aanging offense And in that era you could be tried and The Man in the High Castle hung in a matter of days Monk also confides inis wife Hester an intrepid woman who nursed soldiers during the Crimean War and opened a free clinic for prostitutes and indigent people Hester asks Will Scuff a young man the Monks took in as a lad to secretly obtain information about the suspected police officers to determine if one of them could be bribed or blackmailedBefore long some clues about the abduction come to light a London ruffian starts spending A LOT of money Essays from the Visit of Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas to Heidelberg he should notave and a young woman who works at a bank discovers irregularities in Kate Exeter s trust fund All this puts the police on the trail of the kidnappersand leads to murder and mayhem Additional characters in the book include Celia Darwin Kate s plain almost impoverished cousin Maurice Latham a lawyer who s the trustee of Kate s trust fund Mr Doyle the manager of the bank that A Taste of Darkness (Mackenzie Vampires holds the Exeter accounts Oliver Rathbone an attorney and longtime friend of William and Hester Monk Police Officers Laker Bathhurst Marbury and Walcott who went to Jacob s Island with Monk and Sounds like a good story right Unfortunately it doesn t pan out These are some of the novel s flaws IMO The solution to the kidnapping is glaringly obvious but Monk is uncharacteristically obtuse He comes across as willfully blind to the truth The cops are constantly mooning around and sporting expressions of pity when they think about crime victims Come on They re in the law enforcement profession Not where we want a bunch of wusses Observations about the investigation are repeated ad infinitum and slow the book to a crawl The novel couldave been shortened by In Darkest London half Two characters fall in love almost as soon as they clap eyes on each other I don t buy this in ANY book and it s especially odd in this context A key witness commits perjury for a reason that doesn t make a lick of sense Hester who s usually a major character makes only a token appearance mostly to comforter Naturalistless husband I don t likeer being relegated to this roleFor me these and other blemishes detract from the bookOne thing the author does well is demonstrate the snobby attitude of the supremely arrogant upper classes who openly disdain anyone they think is below them I m always The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler happy to see these snotnoses get taken down a notch or ten If you re a big fan of the Monk stories you might want to read this bo. Irmish breaks out leaving death and destruction in its wake Who is to blame for what went wrong Monk senses tensions mount and no one knows who to trust Then a whistle blower claims that the ransom money was embezzled funds that incriminate Kate'susband and the case takes on a whole new meaning.

Stellar Victorian crime seriesRecalling what they d endured when Babys Mealtime his wife Hester was kidnapped Monk is moved by sympathy for Harry Exeter and swearse will do all The Miracle Equation he can for the safe return of the businessman s wife Kate who is beingeld for ransom on Jacob s Island a slum slowly sinking into the mud on the river s edge Exeter says The Dawn of Modern Thought he wants the River Police as escort to assure the safe return of Kate not to save the money and capture the kidnappersWith Exeter and a team of five mene trusts with The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, his life Monk leads the expedition But they are ambushed the money is lost and Kate Exeter is brutally murdered Because their plans were known only to the party it seems apparent theyave been betrayed by one of Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man his own men a devastating conclusion for Monk to face How coulde Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyon Blithe, have been so wrong about mene knew so well or thought Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 he did Ase delves into the backgrounds of Goethean Science his men suspicion begins to focus most of John Monkis right Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! hand man since the death of Orme Monk isarboring a secret and Digital Crossroads has further complicated the situation by falling in love with Celia Darwin Kate s cousin and a witness to the kidnap This relationship will add another twist later in the storySome readers may be annoyed with repetition as Monk and other characters review facts of the case But it should be borne in mind such plodding is true to real life investigations which are seldom the slam dunks Hollywood might lead them to believeAnother fine atmospheric and engaging mystery with finely drawn characters and all the twists we ve come to expect from Perry An extremely good novel featuring Commander William Monk andis men At times the writing was slow as the men s thoughts were repeated over again Monk is aiding a usband whose wife as been kidnap and The Einstein Theory of Relativity h3 is willing to pay the Samson forer safe return He How to Negotiate Your First Job hired Monk to oversee the exchange He selectsis men carefully and the payout is kept secret The woman was killed at the scene and the ransom money is missing The men are betrayed and one of them did the betrayal Monk and is second in command work to determine who was responsible This story as many twists and turns that will keep you occupied The ending is a surprise I Highly recommend this book seriesDisclosure Many thanks to Random House Publishing Groups Ballantine The opinions expressed are my own 4 and 1 2 starsIt is Victorian England and Commander William Monk of the Thames River Police Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, has received a visit from Attorney Oliver Rathbone Harry Exeter s wife Kateas been kidnapped and a reuest for ransom The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore has been received She was wither cousin Celia Darwin when it Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber happened Celia is very distraught The ransom is uite a bit of money but Mr Exeter can raise the funds He wants someone to go withim for New Exploration he does not know the area of Jacob s Island Monk feels for Exeter asis own wife Hester was kidnapped not long ago He chooses The Shaping of Western Civilization his second in command Hooper and four other trusted men to go withimJacob s Island is a swampy area of London universally ated and perhaps feared by the police But when they arrive at the exchange place the plan goes wrong The men are attacked and violence e Kate Exeter is kidnapped and eld for ransom Her wealthy The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles husband contacts Rathbone attorney and Monk s friend to get Monk s assistance in paying the ransom The exchange is to take place on an Island in Commander Monk s jurisdiction Monk assembles a team toelp in the pay off an This is book number twenty four of the William Monk Series Monk is Commander of the Thames River Police A wife of a wealthy developer is kidnapped Attorney Sir Oliver Rathbone suggests Cmdr Monk accompany Medicine and Religion him to pay the ransom Monk picks 6 key men to accompany them to pay the ransom Then everything goes wrongThe book is well written and the plot twists and turns as only Perry can do I am disappointed that my favorite character Hester was not iner usual spot as a key player We saw very little of Hester except near the end of the story I do The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, hope Perry brings Hester back as a key protagonist Iad a feeling that in the middle of the book Perry was using repetition as a filler Overall it is a good Victorian Mystery storyI read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book is eleven Valentino hours and fifty five minutes David Colacci does an excellent job narrating the book Colacci is one of my favorite narrators Colacci is an actor and director He is now a full time audiobook narrator Heas won many Audiofile Earphone Awards earned an Audi nomination and was included on the Best of the Year list by Publishers Weekly Another good offering in the Monk series I ll definitely F the Thames Commander William Monk is enlisted by er desperate usband to save Shunned her Kate's captors are demanding a ransom forer safe return and Monk and Craving (Willow Creek, his most trusted men must arrange a secretandover in the dark slums of Jacob's Island But on the night someone betrays them and a brutal sk.

ONLINE BOOKS Dark Tide Rising William Monk #24 Author Anne Perry –

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It was a bit predictable Or so I thought But predictable changed as the book went along First I was certain definitely certain that it was this guy who was behind Kate s kidnapping and the murders Oba, the Last Samurai hmmm I guess not So then I was sure it was that guy Nope My whodunnit really was a uestion The author kept the mystery a mystery But then it dragged on Someone in the police department was allegedly connected to the crime and all the suspicion about each other the what ifs and maybes became tediouslaborious to read The repetition of facts and explanations in the middle pages along with the continual allusion to the secret past of Hooper became annoying until the secret was finally revealed three uarters of the way through I will sayowever it was a great ending Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book I appreciate it Anne Perry can write no wrong There IS one strange sentence deep in the book that Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, has a long preliminary phrase but no verb I decided to leave it as it wasThis is another winner colorfulistorical setting the seamy underside of Victorian London belying Perry s extensive preparatory research believable ie not exaggerated interpersonal behavior especially between Monk and is team but also in another sweet glance at Monk and Hester s marriage AND an early int at something sweet to come for two others couched in their social standing and personal backgrounds and a delicious lagniappe look it up of a story within the story that ONLY serves to elucidate Victorian mor s and in particular the strange but pointedly minimal interaction between two policemen I really didn t mean that sentence to be so long Sorry In other words this little interior story clarified but didn t particularly move the main story alongalthough it DID clear up some of Monk s main dilemma in the plotGreat psychological interplay as usual and some of the lesser characters are given non scutwork assignments Thanks Ms PerryThis is one of the best Anne Perry books I ve read and I ve read them all I opened it before breakfast because the newspaper The Wood Demon hadn t yet come and finished it around 7 pm A balm for an ailing body and bored mind First Sentence Monk sat beside the fire and felt theeat seep through First Shapes him Kate the wife of property developer Henry Exeter is kidnapped during an outing wither cousin Celia Exeter is told Dispatches from Dystopia his wife will be killed ife doesn t deliver a large ransom to Jacob s Island one of the worst slums in London William Monk Head of the Thames River Police and three of Max and the Tom Cats (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 8) his best men go along to deliver the ransom When Monk andis men are attacked it s clear they were expected Not only do the kidnappers escape but Kate is found brutally slaughtered How well does Monk really know Ancient World his men Did one of Monk s men betray their plans to the kidnapper Perry creates a palpable sense of urgency She overlays that by establishing the dangers involved and providing a strong suspicion to taunt the reader with the uestion as to who can be trusted One can almost sense Perry smiling as she takes readers along wither There is wisdom in Perry s writing which can see as being appropriate to today The raving madman is perfectly easy to recognize It s the one who believes Fighter he s good that alle does is justified who is Събрани разкази, Том 5 hard to see The one who is in the center ofis own universe is the real danger Perry doesn t simply introduce one to the characters She enables one to see inside them The Real James Herriot helps one understand and often like them as with Hooper and Celia Those who follow the series will appreciate seeingow Will aka Scruff Waterloo (Sharpe, has developed The relationship Monkas with others Cinderella his wife Hesteris men and particularly with คนรวมวิญญาณ 1 โรงเรียนติววิญญาณ his former boss Rathbone says so much about the character Because of that one can senseis pain at thinking one of is men may ave betrayed Mary After All him and the other men Redemption in ways both large and small is an important theme in Perry s writing Her thoughts on grief is something with which many can identify and empathize as are Monk s self doubts It is things such as this which make the characters both interesting and real She brings characters in from earlier books but always in such a way that new readers are not confused It is lovely and a nice distraction watching as a relationship develops The conversations between the two characters are delightfully done Perry s descriptions create wonde When a ransom exchange goes deadly wrong Commander William Monk of the Thames River Police faces the terrible possibility of betrayal by one ofis own trusted menAnne Perry as penned another winner in this 24th in this. DARK TIDE RISING is the 24th compelling mystery in the William Monk series from the master of Victorian crime New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry 'Anne Perry's Victorian mysteries are marvels of plot constructiontruly remarkable' New York TimesWhen Kate Exeter is kidnapped on the shore

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