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Est person living here every bit as much as the biggest ichest one A nation that welcomes everyone aye even the English What I don t want is some sort of apartheid shole full of acist moronic ethnic cleansing w spasms like you I loved this book and can highly ecommend it to everyone I have already bought book number one in this series My husband is scouring the library for the est as he is also hooked Read and be enthralled Ten out of five starsI eceived this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest eview Every time I eview a Stuart Macbride novel I have a terrible time because honestly all I want to do is dance the awesome book dance Yes it s a thing in my house the youngest did one last night having finished the fourth Harry PotterAnyway you can t see me so I ll just have to use my wordsAll That s Dead is yet another fantastic addition to this series completely gripping first page to last irreverently hilarious and also dark as you likeOur favourite characters are back doing their own awesome book dance alongside a truly villainous villain a massive dose of eality and some ather horrific happenings The plot is taut and effective as ever it is an utter delight to ead as they all areIs there any need to say Nope Well ok just that if you are looking for uality writing brilliant observation and genuinely addictive plots within your crime fiction this series and this author should be high up on your eading listExceptional stuffHighly Recommended EXCERPT He brought the torch ound sweeping across the skeleton branches and bone trunksA pair of eyes glittered back at him too far away to make out anything but their eflected glow He stayed where he was Stalin Stalin that you No answering bark No esponse at all Whatever it was just stayed there staring at him from the darkness Hmph Nicholas pulled his chin up Well what are you then A fox or a badger And that s when he feels it A presence There s someone behind himThe smoky tang of whisky catches in his nostrils as they step in close their breath warm against his cheekOh GodHis mouth dries pulse stabbing its way through his throat There s a papery ustling sound Then a cold metallic one as a ghost white arm appears from behind Nicholas painfully bright in the torch s glow The arm holds an axe the blade chipped and brown with ust A fox or a badger A small laugh Oh I m something much much worse ABOUT THIS BOOK Inspector Logan McRae was looking forward to a nice simple case something to ease him back into work after a year off on the sick But the powers that be have other ideasThe high profile anti independence campaigner Professor Wilson has gone missing leaving nothing but bloodstains behind There s a war brewing between the factions for and against Scottish Nationalism Infighting in the police anks And it s all playing out in the merciless glare of the media Logan s superiors want esults and they want them nowSomeone out there is trying to make a point and they e making it in blood If Logan can t stop them it won t just be his career that diesMY THOUGHTS Classic MacBride Plenty of black humour a twisted plot showing off the worst of humankind and uirky characters all overlaid by a veneer of normality I am always excited by the advent of a new addition to this series And All That s Dead certainly doesn t disappoint Graphic grisly but strangely enchanting MacBride weaves his web entangling the eader in a desperate chase to catch an elusive and deadly chameleon5THE AUTHOR The life and times of a bearded write istStuart MacBride that s me was born in Dumbarton which is Glasgow as far as I m concerned moving up to Aberdeen at the tender age of two when fashions were uestionable Nothing much happened for years and years and years learned to play the ecorder then forgot how when they changed from little coloured dots to proper musical notes why the hell couldn t they have taught us the notes in the first bloody place I could have been performing my earth shattering endition of Three Blind Mice at the Albert Hall by now appeared in some bizarre World War Two musical production did my best to avoid eating haggis and generally an about the place a lotNext up was an elongated spell in Westhill a small suburb seven miles west of Aberdeen where I embarked upon a mediocre academic career hindered by a complete inability to spell and an attention span the length of a gnat s doodadAnd so to UNIVERSITY far too young naive and stupid to be away from the family home sharing a subterranean flat in one of the seedier bits of Edinburgh with a mad Irishman and four other bizarre individuals The highlight of walking to the art school in the mornings yes we were students but we still did mornings was trying not to tread in the fresh bloodstains outside our front door and dodging the undercover CID officers trying to buy drugs Lovely place But university and I did Pendence campaigner Professor Wilson has gone missing leaving nothing but bloodstains behind There’s a war brewing between the factions for and against Scottish Nationalism Infighting in the police anks And it’s all playing out.

Ot see eye to eye so off I went to work offshore Like many all male environments working offshore was the intellectual euivalent of Animal House only without the clever bits Swearing smoking eating swearing pornography swearing drinking endless plastic cups of tea and did I mention the swearing But it was money than I d seen in my life There s something about being handed a wadge of cash as you clamber off the minibus from the heliport having spent the last two weeks offshore and the last two hours in an orange ubber omper suit body bag then blowing most of it in the pubs and clubs of Aberdeen And being young enough to get away without a hangoverThen came a spell of working for myself as a graphic designer which went the way of all flesh and into the heady world of studio management for a nation wide marketing company Then some freelance design work a handful of voiceovers for local adio and video production companies and a bash at being an actor with a small a giving it up when it became clear there was no way I was ever going to be good enough to earn a decent living It was about this time I fell into bad company a blonde from Fife who conned me into marrying her and started producing websites for a friend s fledgling Internet company From there it was a oller coaster ide in that it made a lot of people feel decidedly unwell from web designer to web manager lead programmer team lead and other assorted technical bollocks with three different companies eventually ending up as a project manager for a global IT companyBut there was always the writing well that s not true the writing only started two chapters above this one I fell victim to that most dreadful of things peer pressure Two friends were writing novels and I thought why not I could do that Took a few years thoughDISCLOSURE I listened to the audiobook of All That s Dead by Stuart MacBride narrated by Steve Worsley and published by Harper Collins Audio All opinions expressed in this eveiw are entirely my own personal opinionsFor an explanation of my ating system please efer to my Goodreadscom profile page or the about page on sandysbookadaywordpresscom This eview and others are published on Twitter and my webpage This may be the 12th addition to the DI Logan McRae series by Stuart MacBride set in Aberdeen but I still anticipate the newest book with an eagerness and anticipation that places me amongst the community of eaders that are die hard fans of the series At this stage I know there is little that will surprise me but this makes little difference to the huge level of enjoyment that I know I am guaranteed to experience All the elements I expect are here the humour the comic wit the mayhem the iconic shambolic lesbian ueen that is DS Roberta Steel and a Logan that MacBride has eally put through the mill it is nothing short of a miracle that he has managed to survive Here Logan is eturning to work after a year of ecovering from a previous stabbing His new boss at Professional Standards the crocheting Superintendent Julie Bevan is easing him into work to support DI Frank King whose past a journalist is planning to expose and it is Logan s job to help Police Scotland manage this disastrous state of affairsNeedless to say it turns out Logan has to do far than support King who unravels in spectacular fashion as he hits the bottle sinks into an all consuming depression facing a wife that is intent on making his life a misery and the worrying prospect of losing his job thanks to youthful errors of judgement In the meantime Scotland is facing the kind of political nightmare that parallels our contemporary politics of Brexit with a deadly battle between those who support the union between England and Scotland and the extreme Alt Nats intent on a independent nation by whatever means necessary as they create a poisonous climate of fear with gruesome and brutal murders Professor Nicholas Wilson is a stridently prominent voice supporting the union and idiculing independence supporters He is a man disliked by everyone who knows him and has been abducted from his home leaving behind a heavily blood spattered crime scene The perpetrators display a comprehensive awareness of forensics as there is no trace left behind as it becomes clear that Wilson is not the only person abducted and in danger The put upon Logan has to babysit King put up with the idiots Tufty and DS Rennie and confront a desperate police hierarchy intent on avoiding any individual blame with scapegoats lined up bullying the lower orders as their stress levels hit sky high levels with the unfolding disasters and the never ending unwelcome pressure from the media What can I say Simply a fantastic novel and a ip oaring entertaining character driven narrative that will be loved by fans For those who have never ead this series I strongly urge you to give it a try Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC. In the merciless glare of the media Logan’s superiors want esults and they want them nowSomeone out there is trying to make a point and they’re making it in blood If Logan can’t stop them it won’t just be his career that die.

Kindle Ebook All That’s Dead ↠ Stuart MacBride –

35 stars Wow This is probably one of the best police proceduralcrime novels that I have ever ead It is my first Stuart MacBride book but it definitely will not be my lastScotland has survived two eferenda In the first they voted against independence believing the Better Together campaign So in the second the EU eferendum they also voted to emain together and were oyally shafted by the English nationalists who decided that it was OK for the English to vote to take back control but not the Scots It is not a huge leap to understand that many Scots are a wee bit miffed However thankfully no one has yet taken their disappointment to the extreme level of the so called Scottish Nationalists in this bookSomeone is targeting high profile anti Scottish independence pro English ent a mouths and they are not just throwing milkshakes and eggs First target is Nicholas Wilson a constitutional scholar who is loathed by even his closest associates So when he goes missing not a lot of tears are shed However the blood left in his home and a macabre parcel later to delivered to BBC Scotland make it clear that this is no ordinary Missing Person situation DI Frank King has been assigned to lead the investigation and Inspector Logan McCrae from Professional Standards back at work after being stabbed in a previous book has been assigned to keep an eye on DI King King is under suspicion of having Alt Nat terrorist links His marriage is failing he is drinking too much and Logan has his work cut out for him if he wants to save King s career and his own and solve this crime the scapegoat s scapegoat had no intention of letting the original issue scapegoat screw things up and land him in it King explains You know how the Alt Right is full of white supremacists gun nuts acists and neo Nazis Well Alt Nats are our own home grown version Only without the guns and Nazis And it s the English they hate The crime the many unexpected twists and turns before the eventual solution are so well designed that you are compelled to keep eading ight to the bitter end But that is just window dressing for the eal treasures in this novel the wonderful writing and the amazing characters The scenes are always so perfectly set that you could be a fly on the wall For example A small bark crackled out in the hallway and Stalin hobbled through the study door Wheezing and whining Fading brown spots Legs stiff with arthritis A clockwork Jack Russell that was slowly winding down Bees bumbled their way between the flowering weeds that lined the drive hoverflies buzzing amongst the thunderheads house martins eenacting the Battle of Britain jinking and swooping and diving while a clatter of jackdaws looked on from the farmhouse oof A clipped voice came from a oom off to one side as if every word was being throttled to stop it screaming emphasising the Highland burr Deep wrinkles slashed their way across her forehead barely concealed by a sweaty brown fringe Mid forties going on homicidal And then there are the Scottish dialect words expressions and insults which I loved discovering Luckily each is used in a context that makes it easy for non Scots to understand eg Mrs Bag For Life aised a walking stick and took a wee hurpley step forward one of the lippy auld wifies My favourite insult was the Womble funting dick muppets There were so many great sentences that I just had to ead out to my husband Because I had not yet ead any of the earlier books I missed some of the character development and was on the whole presented with perfectly formed uniue believable characters such as Logan and the intimidating foul mouthed lesbian Steel and had a little catching up to do However my favourite of all was the ever cheery ever helpful high as a kite on caffeine Tufty like a kicked dachshund Pity poor Tufty Bless his little Starfleet socks but that lad was a complete and utter weirdo Tufty is severely underrated by his colleagues asking Tufty had always been a long shot It wasn t as if he was enowned for his Sherlock Holmes style steel trap intellect was it He wasn t completely thick the boy was great on sci fi trivia so if Star Trek Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Battlestar Galactica came up at a pub uiz he was your man but actual police work Might as well ask a drunken hedgehog to fill out your tax eturn but eally is a computer whiz Brave Sir Tufty s algorithmic methodology is inspired but without computing power it s like trying to push a ten tonne blancmange uphill wearing nothing but flip flops and an amusing hat and eventually he comes up with the goods He also makes a habit of hacking Logan s phoneNationalism is a blight on every country and in the book nationalism is taken to obscene lengths Steel sums up the feelings of many Scots I m all for independence But I want a Scotland of the Enlightenment a nation of fairness and euality a nation that cares about the smallest weak. Scream all you want no one can hearInspector Logan McRae is looking forward to a nice simple case – something to ease him back into work after a year off on the sick But the powers that be have other ideasThe high profile anti inde.

Aka Stuart B MacBride The life and times of a bearded write istStuart MacBride that's me was born in Dumbarton which is Glasgow as far as I'm concerned moving up to Aberdeen at the tender age of two when fashions were uestionable Nothing much happened for years and years and years learned to play the recorder then forgot how when they changed from little coloured dots to proper musi