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READ A Perfect Amish Match Indiana Amish Brides #3 AUTHOR Vannetta Chapman – latinboyz4play.com

D this book I could feel the anticipation within me growing as I wondered and waited to see if they would acknowledge their feelings and fall in love I love the community of the Amish and I love how Olivia Mae cares so deeply for her grandparents I highly recommend this book It is a delightful read that helped me recapture some of the sweet feelings of early loveI received an early copy of this book My review is honest and my own I have not read the prior novels in this series Yet this book can be read as a stand alone novel It has been a long time since I have read a book from this line of books Yet I was drawn to this book because of the Amish theme I am a sucker for a good Amish book I did not get just a good book but a great book Where Olivia and Noah were concerned I loved them both Olivia had some spunk to her Yet she was not the only nice surprise Noah had a good sense of humor to him He had tons of jokes Although the jokes were on the corny side You know you have found true love when someone will laugh at your corny jokes That is exactly what happened with Olivia She even tried sharing some of Noah s jokes with her friends and they did not find them funny as Olivia did Olivia and Noah made such a sweet couple They were good together I lo. Oint his parents than try again But when matchmaker Olivia Mae Miller agrees to provide courting lessons Noah’s perfect match becomes clear it’s

Noah Graber is a content bachelor but he grudging agrees to go on three dates set p by Amish matchmaker Olivia Mae But as the dates continue to go disastrously he begins to wonder if he s been overlooking his best match Olivia Mae is devoted to her grandparents who are starting to have trouble with their memory She is a strong responsible young woman and sometimes she struggles to ask others for help I love how she helped others and cares so much about the ones that she loves This story had such a fun premise and great interaction between that characters It was a delightful read from beginning to end and I loved how Noah takes the time to spend time with Olivia Mae s grandparents This book has such a fun Winners Dream uniue spin on the Amish romance and it felt fun and fresh Overall a charming romance with great faith and touches of humor that brought a smile to my face An entertaining and enjoyable read I received a complimentary copy of this book Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own A Perfect Amish Match is a delightful story of an Amish woman who is known to be a matchmaker for others in her community While attempting to set Noah Graberp with one of her friends a slow and nexpected friendship buds between him and Olivia Mae As I rea. Every courting disaster has led him to herAn Indiana Amish Brides storyAfter three failed relationships Amish bachelor Noah Graber would rather disapp.

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Ved when Noah s mother told him that he was a man when he found himself putting Olivia first I found my perfect read with A Perfect Amish Match This was a short and very pleasant read that besides handling the typical Amish romantic problems also handles a serious issue Alzheimer sThere was not a lot of preaching perhaps a tad than I m comfortable with but that and the serious side story aside I love this book and I generally love this authorARC supplied by the publisher A Perfect Amish Match was such an enjoyable read There were some serious topics covered including caring for someone suffering from Altzheimer s symptoms The love that Olivia Mae showed for her grandparents spoke highly of her character and endeared her to meThere were plenty of humorous moments in this novel as well That Noah From his corny sheep jokes to the two dating disasters in the story he had me cringing at times But it was oh so funny to read aboutAnd finally the romance between Olivia Mae and Noah was just right It felt very natural and plausible I liked this story from start to finish and even though it is book three in a series it can be read as a stand alone novelI received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my ownYou can read this review on my blog. Livia Mae herself With ailing grandparents at home she hadn’t planned on love or marriage Might a future with Noah be everything she’s been missin.

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