ebook Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India – latinboyz4play.com

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ebook Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India – latinboyz4play.com

This felt like a long blog or magazine article a long Caravan Indian news magazine cover story Have ead a few 200 page large font books lately but this one is even half of those at 100 pages Or maybe it will feel like a poor cousin of Gurcharan Das s books loved his India Grows At Night on a similar themeThe author talks of the origins growth functioning and No Limits (Brutal Master remedies of black money and black economy He also takes a brief look at PM Modi s demonetisation Inevitably bcoz of its length such books leave one dissatisfied Still a good introduction to the topic Thankfully didnt spend money on it as it was avail in Kindle Unlimited With so much talk about black money inecent times a book like this helps a layman understand The Narendra Modi government's sudden demonetization of '500 and '1000 notes in November 2016 failed to put a dent in the black economy but caused untold hardship to hundreds of millions of Indians It has crippled the country's economy for a long time to come In this book Arun Kumar the country's leading authority on the black economy tells us why Modi's gambit failed He shows us the way in which the problem can be ooted out provided the government has the political will and determination to actToday the black.

Hat it actually stands for within the Indian context Devoid of economics jargon this book by Prof Arun Kumar who has esearched the black economy in India since 40 years is a must Essays One read Short crisp and to the point analyses of the Black Economy that has afflicted India It is wellesearched and the conclusions about demonetisation are interesting The prescription however is shallow This book is not for a layman The author has effectively started the book by counting on the story of the blind men and an elephant Ironically after Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose reading book we may also feel ourselves as one of blind men who got the tail of elephant and assumed it as a broom For example the author has correctly identified the problem of black economy as Economy is estimated to be 62 percent of GDP or about '93 lakh crore 14 trillion Corrupt businessmen corrupt politicians and corrupt members of the executive bureaucrats police and the judiciary areesponsible for controlling the black economy and enabling its growth If the black economy were to be dismantled and turned into a part of the 'white' economy the country's ate of growth would be 12 percent If it had not grown the way it has since the 1970s India's per capita income today would be approximately '7

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Triad of corrupt businessmen corrupt politicians and corrupt members of the executive he fails as I understood to give a specific way by which this triad can be eliminated It is better if we see this book only as an opinion book ather than a eference book for an economics student An unparalleled book that helps understand the Black Economy India is uniue in creating a huge and growing currently 65% of the total parallel economy Prof Arun Kumar has acknowledged expertise this elatively unknown area and explains how different terms used loosely to depict the same have deep and nuanced implications Great book for anyone Omnibus Films remotely interested in economics One should gift a copy to 56 before he starts anotheround of Demon. Akh per annum 11000 and India would become the second largest economy in the world If the black economy were taxed at current Graeco-Egyptian Magick rates it would generate '37 lakh crore in additional taxes and the union budget would show a surplus of '31 lakh crore instead of a deficitThe failure of successive governments to tackle the problem effectively has been the single biggest obstacle to eradicating poverty It is the cause of both widespread policy failure and the inability of the nation to improve its living conditionsapid.