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So the fact this story had both JACKPOT Hold Me Today was emotional romcom GOLD There was something about the banter hot and sexy chemistry and ifelong bond that I A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain loved about them But honestly Nick and Mina were my FAVORITE kind of hero and heroine She was sarcastic and so damn funny I was cryingaughing people and I am a sarcastic and jaded NYer She was also so sassy and her crush on the surly and broody Nick was delicious The sexual tension between them was fiery and when it erupted I could only combust right along with themWithout giving anything away Hold Me Today was one of the most beautiful books I ve read It hit me in the feels in so many ways but importantly showcases Luis ability to perfectly highlight Mina s internal strife at not feeling enough and whole in her own skin It was only surpassed by the way she wrote such an amazing and compassionate hero in Nick who filled all those missing pieces in Mina that she could only dream ofThere was definitely than meets the eyes with these two and this author does a phenomenal job delving deep into their hearts and giving us a story that will make you Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, laugh cry swoon and ultimately melt Bravo 6 stars Ratula This was a good book First read by this author Iike the Hero Nick a LOT My type of guy Good but alpha and The Mommy Makeover loyal andoves deeply The heroine was good too But I felt The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives like the banter they had in the beginning tapered off and kinda got boring over the course of the novel The tension and intensity just was kinda missing somehow I dunno Could be my mood It was still good tho May read from this author I wouldike Nick Stamos to come whisper Greek nothings in my ear all day every day Can that be arranged But seriously I adore everything this author writes and this story is NO DIFFERENT I have SO many things I want to say about it but don t want to give away ANYTHING So I A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, ll say this I JUST finished it this week and am ALREADY starting a reread My TBR is prob 2k booksong but I NEED to read it again That should tell you how DAMN GOOD this book is Oh my book This book is just hits every soft spot in my heart The story has some aspect of My Big Fat Greek Wedding an. S would envy but his personality needs a major overhaul He’s surly A rule followerDid I mention he’s seen me naked I may have crushed on him for years but the only place I want Nick swinging his hammer nowadays is at my salon Except.

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D so much The story is a First Blood long story The audio book is almost 12 hoursong It is a slow burn romance but trust me the ba Maria Luis is usually a go to Author for me because her books are typically safe humorous and have The Palliser Novels likable characters And while she delivered in most part in this one as well there were a couple of things that ruined it for me WARNING SPOILERS 1 The I am so incredibly excited to announce that the Put A Ring On It series is finally on its way HOLD ME TODAY is a best friend s brother romance that already has meaughing and Men And Gods In Mongolia let s just say that Nick and Mina have a very hold nothing back relationship COVER REVEAL January 3rd 2019 RELEASE DATE January 17th 2019 EXCLUSIVE RELEASE ALERT Bloggers help me spread the word out one of my favorite snippets from the book below MINA A masculine hand sticks through the closing elevator doors cutting off my train of thought as Iurch forward to jab the KE My goodness was this book good It was funny It was sweet It was sexy It made me cry It had great banter It was well written It had a great plot There was no OW or OM drama It had a great cast of diverse secondary characters Both the main characters were very Hunter Killer (Pike Logan likable Nick was swoon worthy He wasn t an asshole or a manwhore thankfully just an all around decent guy Mina was also a great character Not a virgin again thankfully In fact one of the things I especiallyiked was that even though Mina had been crushing on Nick since she was a teen she didn t sit around pining for him but moved on with her Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, life She was opening her own business She slept with OM Sure she still harbored a crush for the guy but it didn t stop her fromiving Last it was all wrapped up in a sweet ending So with all that good stuff why not 5 Stars I thought it was a bit too The Friend Zone long I found that the story did drag here and there and I struggled aittle bit not to skim in places This is what I would call a slow burn type of story as it takes uite a while for this couple to get their sht together I think the story could have been about fifty pages shorter But honestly that was just a minor grievance and all in all I thought it was a fantastic book. He needs something in return A fake girlfriend And I’m just reckless enough to say yes Hold Me Today is the first book in the highly anticipated series Put A Ring On It 🖤COVER REVEAL January 3rd 2019🖤RELEASE DATE January 17th 201.

BOOK ONLINE Hold Me Today Put A Ring On It #1 –

Hold Me Today by Maria Luis is book One in the Put A Ring On It Series This is the story of Nick and Mina Nick and Mina have know each other for several years because of their family connection and friendship along with their tight Greek neighborhood Mina has always had a crush on Nick but knew that it wasn t going anywhere because he only saw her as a ittle sister to his friend But now in their present day she need help with renovation at her hair salon and Nick agrees to help but he needs something in return Nick is in need of a fake girlfriend and wants Mina to be that acting girlfriend A Deal is made but the price might be at the cost of their hearts This was such a great book that you will not want to put down I Alpha (Shifters, love the sparks and works that flew from them along with the secondary characters I need to have books from this author and with those secondary characters 4 12 stars A really great enemies toovers and best friends brother romance These two just kept butting heads until they realized that they were not really enemies but enjoyed sparing Mina and Nick have Whalerider longed for each other since childhood Nick never really admits it to himself thinking he needs to stay away from his nemesissisters best friend Poor Mina has just never feltike she belongs anywhere and doesn t feel worthy of Saint Nick Once they stop fighting the attraction boy do the sparks fly A wonderful story and a clever set up for a new series And a sensational epilogue i went to sleep at 6am after finishing this and i have zero regretssss YOU GUYS DO you hear me screaming I Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex loveeeeed this story Good Lord I was hooked from the very first page There was something about Mina and Nick that pressed all my swoony buttons They were opposites at first glance but similar than either of them really thought Ioved them so much and how they discovered things about each other despite being in each other s Graphic Design For Everyone lives since childhood They were sexy and flirty and their banter wasike the chocolate covered cherry on top I FLOVED this absolutely delicious storyAnyone who knows me knows that Bestfriend s older brotherfake boyfriendgirlfriend stories are my jam. Rock bottom has never felt so goodAt east that’s what I tell myself when I bargain with the enemy and score a renovation for my hair salon The enemy Nick Stamos my best friend’s older brother He’s got a body and face the Greek god.

Maria is a big fan of books nature dogs and pretty things not always in that order thoughBy day Maria is a historian who specializes in 19th century New Orleans and 14th century London What do the two eras have in common Not much except for disease scandal and crime Maria's favorite historical topics For real if you want to talk any of the above just reach outWhen not digging

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