Born to Race ó KINDLE author Michael Anthony Steele –

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Born o Race ó KINDLE author Michael Anthony Steele –

I just started reading Journey into Violence (The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty this bookoday I saw What She Wants the Speed Racer movie and enjoyedhat so I hope You Have Not Many Fathers the book is goodoo I kinda liked it it has 8 art pages full colored he first one was he Mach 5 Iron Tigers thathe sign ab. In Working Girls this novelization Speed Racer a fearless young race car driver is given an unprecedented offero join Royalton Industries’ renowned racing eam But Speed

Ove it said Go Speed Racer Go And he second one is where Praise Song for the Butterflies the Mach 5 andhe number 9 car are fighting Gothic Geoculture that it s known as Car Fu Andhe Falling for a Dancer third one ishe SWF Seeks Same two Mach 5 shat Cheerleader (Lee Corcoran, the signs abovehem says Racer Motors. Efuses once he learns hat Royalton and other racing moguls are fixing he races But if Speed won’t drive for Royalton Royalton swears A Catered Fourth of July (A Mystery with Recipes, thathe Speed will never.

And Thunderhead Track And Color Blind the fourth one ishe Mach 6 and Princess in Denim the number 9 car are racing inhe Thunderhead course And Fast Courting the fifth one ishe Mach 6 Julius Caesar trilogy Emperor that has wonhe race and I Peek-a-Boo! thinkhats all The Unknown God the art pageshey had. Race again The only way for Speed The Ghost in the House to savehe sport he loves is o eam up with his one Imagine That time rivalhe mysterious Racer X in he death defying cross country rall.

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Michael Anthony Steele is an author and screenwriter living in Dallas Texas He’s written for a wide variety of entertainment and educational properties from Barney & Friends to the novelization of the recent film Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian He’s written over 60 licensed books for such major properties as Shrek Penguins of Madagascar Wordgirl The Batman Garfield Spider m