Books Read The Velvet Collar Velvet Lies #3; Pony Tales #9 –

Books Read The Velvet Collar Velvet Lies #3; Pony Tales #9 –

The Velvet seriesI can honestly say write that I have had the most enjoyable two days of readingthis was everything I wanted in a storylovehatebetrayal and forgivenessa must read for lovers of BDSMand with a much needed happy ending Absolutely loved the antics that Mark and Jen get up to Their lives are constantly on the line with a mother in law in the mafia and sneaky arch nemesis Redcliffe and Kyle waiting in the shadows to complete their grand lan which started with the forced marriage of our loving duo and somewhere along the line Mark needs to die Maybe Jen will be spared What awaits the air are lots of danger sex and orgasms Loved this seriesThis series was superb and will be re read regularly This was a thoroughly enjoyable ending Definitely recommended to anyone who enjoys sexy heros sassy heroines dastardly villains and likes humour with their erotica There has to be Please tell me this is not the end of Mark and Jennifer cause that ending is one I m so curious about I want to know what it ll be like when they have a new addition I m so glad this series. I made a bet with my newlywed submissive wife I told her that if she could behave herself impeccably for a week she could wear the trousers for a day That included being able to dominate me The bet was almost guaranteed to be impossibl.

Is worth reading 35 Stars 4 Stars for Velvet Lies trilogy After one year into marriage Jennifer Matthews continues to test her dominant husband Mark at every available opportunity As Mark continues to search for the whereabouts of Michael Redcliff and Kyle Levinson they are still living under the threat of danger Yet Mark is determined to win a bet with his wife but she is ready to up to the ante to earn one day to wield the whip Having you do everything I say without uestion I won t even need to tie you up and gag you This is going to be bliss It might almost be worth getting my ass spanked for From the first age the dynamic between Mark and Jennifer continues to be Sketchy Behavior playful and loving which is the opposite of how they originally started at Albrecht Committed to their future Mark has taken measures to keep Jennifer safe but being on the defensive makes them vulnerable However they findlenty of time for kinky Autumn Brides pursuits meow Fuck Seeing you tied up like this and utterly at my mercy turns me on in the worst way Jen With varyingoints of view elements of kinkery action. E to achieve and yet somehow she did it It looks like I'm in for a fun night doesn't it If that wasn't bad enough Kyle has been spotted near our home It scares me I can feel the net closing in and I'm still no closer to unravelling the.

Free read The Velvet Collar Velvet Lies #3; Pony Tales #9

And witty commentary the The Princess and the Three Knights plot is full of intrigue and suspense As Michael s need for revenge accelerates and with Kyle at the helm ready to inflict as muchain as The Beauty of Believing possible these characters areushed to their limits both mentally and Sticky Church physically Up and down The count from one to fifty became very familiar as the icy graveyard tried to claw its way into my body In this final volume the ongoing revengelot comes full circle with an explosive finish There is also an intriguing development surrounding Jennifer s family and I loved the dynamic Perhaps we will get of Rupert and Laurel I loved the allure of Mark submitting to Jennifer but I was very disappointed by the lack of details In this trilogy CP Mandara Forbidden Love Unchained pushes carnal boundaries and keeps the reader wondering what will happen next until the very last word The Velvet Collar would appeal to those who appreciate the exotic elements of kinkery and enjoy the tension of romantic suspenseVelvet Lies series A copy wasrovided in exchange for an honest review This was a FBR with Twinsie HawkeyFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit. Pieces We need to figure out what Redcliff wants and fast In order to do this I'm going to have to talk to my mother in law who still isn't speaking to me I have no idea what her roblem is She tried to kill me not the other way aroun.

Christina Mandara is a USA TODAY bestselling author and tends to write dark romance with lashings of kinky naughtiness Her favourite pastime is travelling and if it involves sun sea and sand then it’s all goodIn her spare time she’s usually cuddled up with a good book exploring the countryside or baking in the kitchen In fact she loves her kitchen so much she’s one of few woman who wouldn’

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