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( BOOK The Immigrant ) ↠ Manju Kapur – latinboyz4play.com

I have really enjoyed all the earlier books by Manju Kapur Home Difficult Daughters A Married Woman But The Immigrant was uite a dampner The story was just not strong enough for me I think Kapur should stick to stories set in India rather than explore the immigrant life as many others have done earlier She is best at telling stories set in India she brings to life the realities of India like none others I was leasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book which I Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen picked up in a hurry on my way to a 5 day holiday not much in English to choose from in Frankfurt mostly by the title blurb It is the deceptively simply told story of Nina a bright apparently attractive 30 year old spinster by current Indian standards whose widowed mother is desperate she marry and reverse the bad times they ve fallen on since the brilliant and charming though he left them destitute fatherhusband s unexpected death The beginning is a bit slow and bogged down by not the clearest or tightest writing but characterization and interaction is so alive and I grabbed this book off my mother s shelf because of how strongly I empathized with the main character described on the back blurb After all Nina is a smart well read young woman who is told repeatedly how close she is to the end of her marriageable girl shelf life Unfortunately as I began to learn about Nina s life especially after her marriage I realized how little I cared for a woman without the self confidence and independence to deal with the struggles of settling into a brand new life in a brand new country Granted unlike Nina and I suppose many of the other young immigrant wives I meet I moved to the US with an American education and the confidence that myarents would not be shocked or heartbroken with any decision I could rove to them I had made carefully But in the end her inability to face up to reality and deal with tough situations head on really turned me off and made getting through the last third of the book incredibly strenuousSo although I think the book is well written it s just didn t do it for me did not like the story if there is onebut 3 stars are for the melodious language which i enjoyed a lotcould have 30 ages short because it become dull in between and there is lots of uestion remain unansweredbut i have enough information that i can assume what may be happenedwell not bad read and lack of story do not mean there is not a story but story is much like open which i rarely readBest book i read from and Indian Novelist after Anita Desai A novel about an arranged marriage eh that s not really the right term because. Nina at thirty sees herself as increasingly off the shelf But then unexpectedly a roposal arrives Ananda is a dentist in Halifax Canada The two marry and she leaves her home.

I d just call it an introduction was arranged by an intermediary the marriage didn t take lace until over a year later after dating but all of the characters insist on calling it arranged so whatever between an Indian woman and an Indian man who had Orange 5 (オレンジ, previously immigrated to Canada Ugh this book was terrible The marriage shockingly because novels about marriages so often focus on happy relationships doesn t work out with the difficultiesrimarily centering around their sex life and the husband s roblems with remature ejaculation There s so much endless angst over this but because this is a literary novel and therefore never described the sex in any detail I had trouble figuring out what specifically the The Scot problem was Even now having finished it I m still not sure if they were upset because they weren t having sex at all or upset because they were having nonenetrative sex Though I lean toward the no sex interpretation based on a scene fairly late in the book when the wife alludes to reading about oral sex in a textbook In which case Jesus Christ characters get it together and figure out your other options Though it was set in the 70s which Spring Snow perhaps makes a difference to the amount of sex education they might have had I don t know if I have to spend huge amounts of time trying to discern if your characters even know what cunnilingus is when it s central to thelot you have failed as a writer Also apparently the husband doesn t believe in masturbation so damn dude no wonder you have The Greatest Victory problemsAnyway something like 80% of the book is the two main characters separately bemoaning their sex lives and then abruptly at the end they both have affairs there s a rape and someone s mom dies all coming out of nowhere with almost nothing to do with therevious chapters Despite the book s conviction that it was about The Immigrant Experience it never really managed to tie the sex theme into thatAnd randomly there were a ton of typos in my edition I don t know what s up with that I didn t read it as an ebook so it wasn t a scanning Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, problem I read this on the strength of Difficult Daughters but this book is so different that it seems to have been written by anothererson It s a real mish mash of issues arranged marriages late arranged marriages genteel Fates Monolith (MacLomain, povery in Indiaolitics immigrant integration At the Wolfs Table premature ejaculation rape extra marital affairs overseas ualifications etc etc Both Ananda and Nina reveal themselves to be unpleasant individuals too concerned with themselves and their egos There a whole of lot of exposition telling us rather than showing us of theirroblems and issues And her country to build a new life with him But there is always to marriage than courtship And as Nina discovers truths about her husband both sexual and emotional her frag.

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S for the sex uite frankly WTF Ananda s relationship with his enis is amusingly described and his efforts at sustaining his erection can be comic spraying it with dental anthestic for example but on the whole it s clinically and unpleasantly described and really I don t want to know about anyone s sex life in such detailOverall a mess of a book Manju Kapur was born in Amritsar India She is an Indian novelist Her first novel Difficult Daughters won the 1999 Commonwealth Writers Prize best first book Europe and South Asia She teaches English at Delhi University under the name Manjul Kapur Dalmia She studied and received an MA in 1972 from Dalhousie University in Halifax Canada and an M Phil from Delhi University Th The Immigrant by Manju Kapur is a book of multiple layers the story of arranged marriage of Nina and Ananda is only the opportunity to discuss the wide range of other issues marital relationship adultery differences between Eastern and Western culture life of an immigrantI ve found the beginning of this book a bit of a struggle I wasn t sure I liked the style it was written it seemed a bit uneven and too jumpy However somewhere in the middle it all came alive to me I ve started to enjoy the storyline and characters Nina the lonely soul trying to adapt to life in different country different culture trying to find her feet and Ananda with all his flaws secrets and annoying habits trying hard to assimilate in his adopted country losing a touch with his roots and his ast Personally The Immigrant made me aware of some aspects of modern Indian culture and on a emotional level it reminded me of my own experiences as a immigrant trying to make a living in a foreign country Nina was a compelling enough character actually and if given the chance I ll Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, probably read some of Manj Kapur s works But whatrevented this from being an actual good novel and as one reviewer claims A truly compelling The Perfect Weapon portrait of a marriage was that Ananda was an UNMITIGATED DICK So a good half of the novel the half that wasn t about Nina was his internal monologue going Dick dick dick dick dick How did it take the entire novel for her to realise that I was surprise by how the bookulls me gently to keep on reading until I finished It has a calming effect despite the Psychic Protection plot twists and all Weirdly enough without too much words used to describe feelings the writer manages to write enough for me to keep on going Thelot is not bland or anything like that it has enough wonder and inuiry in it for me to keep on reading But I remember no upset exclamation or shouts along the rocess except the ending. Ile new life in Canada begins to unravel The Immigrant is another mesmerizing saga about the complexities of arranged marriage and NRI life from this most beloved of novelist.

Difficult Daughters won the Commonwealth Prize for First Novels Eurasia Section and was a number one bestseller in India Her second novel