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Only one who could help her Unable to remember who she was Stephanie accompanied him to the Diamond A Ranch where the passion soon flared hotly between them But what would happen once her memory returned Could she walk away from hi.

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Rsh Classy Desirable Dangerous And definitely off limits until their plane crashes From the moment he spied her at the airport Flint knew just the kind of woman Stephanie Marsh was Then their flight went down and suddenly he was the.

MR AUGUST Man Flint Carson Description Lean Hard Tough As proud and magnificent as the wild cattle he raises on his Texas ranch Lesson in love Never trust a woman especially the high society type Fatal undoing Ravishing Stephanie Ma.

DOWNLOAD BOOK Tall in the Saddle Author Mary Lynn Baxter –

Mary Lynn Baxter was born on 28 July 1943 in Lufkin Texas USA where she bred home of the cowboy hero of the Western romance which is one of the most popular of the category's sub genres She would be the first to say that it's her background that gives her a uniue feel for romance writingSince she was a young girl books and reading have been an important part of her life Only after she