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Nd enjoyed this The complications brought about the sordidness of poverty and trying to rook everyone who came within their sphere left me feeling a bit dismayed but that is hard core facts which cannot be denied and cannot be sugar coated When life ets tough you ve just ot to survive and this is one way of doing soI was still left dissatisfied at the end of the story as its pretty open ended but I did read it right to the end. Then twisting together as the action takes them from the narrow passages of the Old City dark with poverty and the mysteries of santeria into the leafy streets of Vedado and the sea breezes along the Malecón Caught up in this decaying world the women step into history but also into themselves making priva.

Confused me as to what their role in the story was and how it was oing to end Two women one is Lorraine seeking the elusive Amado and then there is Mathilde a journalist looking at the Cuban revolution through an exiled American a former Black Panther Since my knowledge of the Cuban Revolution was scant and even less knowledgeable about the role of America in the whole scenario I found the historical snippets very ood reading End Mathilde a French journalist is writing about the end of the revolution as seen through the eyes of Bailey a Black Panther and plane hijacker an exile from the States and from the sixtiesThe two women don't have much in common or so it seemsBut in a single week they find their lives running parallel and.

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( BOOKS A Private House ) by Anthony Hyde – latinboyz4play.com

Set in Cuba with very interesting characterization it brought out the best and the worst of a failing economy where normal citizens are so deprived that they resort to every imaginable scam possible to find a buck Alongside that is the story of a rather naive woman trying to find the young lover of a friend of hers to ive him a legacy that has been beueathed to himIt was a conflicting story and at times the numerous characters. Cuba's dazzling sun casts the darkest shadowsA Private House Anthony Hyde's brilliant new novel takes us into the lives of two very different women and to one of the most remarkable cities in the world Havana in the twilight of the Castro regime Lorraine has come there to honour the dying wish of an old fri.