BOOKS READ The Untied States of America Polarization Fracturing and Our Future –

Pretty uick read somewhat disturbingly plausible As I sometimes do I just rabbed this book off a shelf in the library I liked the cover and the word play to find out at home if it s worth my time Initially I wanted to bring it straight back unread as I found the formatting like reading all the different posts on face book for hours except after a while I ot it there was coherence to it and the points being made are really interesting namely that countries and nations evolve and change and what possible future scenarios for the whole North and Central Amerikan continent could look like A bit of humor a lot of information a thought provoking text Three and a half stars What the hell make it four Enriuez s clear headed thinking is always a pleasure Enriuez s overview of treaties with Indian tribes er nationsand the implications for the United States forms the most interesting aspect of this book I hate reading non fiction but I loved this book and its format I may reread it now as the election looms I had three major problems Can a country be like a marriage that has run out of cash and steam resulting in the inevitable frank discussions about just who is pulling his or her own weight Eventually even those who love each other sometimes conclude they cannot stay together Juan Enriuez’s uniue insights into the financial political and cultural issues we face will provoke shock and surprise and lead you to ask the uestion no one has yet put on the table Could “becoming untied” ever happen here It’s a uestion made especially relevant when we are faced with such unpromising facts as• At no other time have we had the unwelcome convergence in which the three key sectors of business overnment and consumers are so tapped out due to debt that each lacks the financial wherewith.

BOOKS READ The Untied States of America Polarization Fracturing and Our Future –

H Mostly a lot of facts and not very well organized He had some The Horse in Celtic Culture good things to say but I think he could ve found a coherent way to present them The premise of this book that America may break up into smaller parts oret new states at some point in the future is convincing and perhaps seems probable now than when it was written pre real estate crash pre Obama It mainly argues this by showing that many other countries have broken up recently and enumerating some of the serious difficulties America is having with Native American relations immigrant relations red state vs blue state stuff etcHowever the book reads like a series of factoids and every sentence is in a different font size or alignment than the previous sentence so it tends to read like this BIG GIANT FACTtiny little fact Medium sized factso as you can see ANOTHER BIG GIANT FACTThe books was or less a list of statistics with very little actual argument oing on Plus it was poorly structured For example the chapter on Europe was mostly about Canada Maybe now even prescien. Legitimacy of people on the “other” side becomes the currency of the day where people in blue states are seen as odless liberal elitists and those in red states are seen as well rednecksCitizenship Enriuez says is like buying into a national brand If the brand promises one thing and delivers another could it then have the same fate as a tired product on a supermarket shelf eroding losing support even disappearing Countries even one as powerful and successful as America live on fault lines When a fault line splits it’s near impossible to put things back together again What America will look like in fifty years depends on what we do today to act on the issues raised in The Untied States of America Also available as an eBook From the Hardcover edition.

Ith this book1 The format is so precious that it draws attention to itself and away from the material as if the author knows the material is too thin and manipulated to stand on its own The jumbled format also helps to disguise the fact that some of his boldest assertions of fact for example that human beings are evolved from various pre human marker species are unsupported by evidence in either text or notes2 The falsehoods he deploys in his argument are too Every Boys Dream glaring to be anything but intentional He derides the unrepresentativeness of the US Senate by pointing out that 40 million African Americans are represented by one senator while eight white senators represent 27 million people in the upper midwest Senators represent states not people as very explicitly stated by the Constitution and as an educated person he must know that He can only be distorting the facts to prove a point3 The repeated ass A very interesting approach to presenting an argument it s not as literary as it is visual Lots ofraphs charts and statistical data Al to come to the rescue of the others • Most assets are not being used for productive purposes but for speculation resulting in people lacking incentives to create real wealth focusing instead on buying selling and flipping real estate • As religion starts to mix with politics we have a culture that allows us to fall behind what were previously third world nations because we are now treating science the way we did sex in the 1950s banning or burying evolution theories and research into promising lifesaving areas such as stem cell research When the enemy was outside for example the threat perceived when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik and people feared America would lose the brain race we rallied Now the enemy is within and we polarize Defaming the.

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