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Ersepolis did But I suppose that since there is so much to tell in the struggles and journeys of African Americans in history as opposed to the personal accounts in Maus or PersepolisThis raphic novel details the long history of African Americans At the turn of the century many believe that the struggle is over There is no racism The world has changed This is wrong because it is here and exists right now all around the world The recent resurgence in the Black Lives Matter movement is proof But even now talk of it has diminshed at least from where I m standing But I believe that we are nowhere near done talking I still want to know I don t know nearly enough that I should know And that Windchill Summer goes for so many other people out there The struggles that the African Americans have endured has been over HUNDREDS of years And still they rise I really enjoyed reading thisraphic novel I actually learned some new facts especially from the 19th Century. Aign Compared by many to Art Spiegelman’s Maus Still I Rise is a breathtaking achievement that celebrates the collective African American memory imagination and spirit?.

Very interesting to read Two elders man and woman tell the history of African Americans from slavery to modern times in raphic novel form I liked how the elders sometimes bickered with each other as they told the story and thus illustrating that there are differing opinions on what happened in history It was also interesting to see that there is no clear cut absolutes Wealthy white slaveowners were depicted as reedy pigs but some were also portrayed sympathetically Black people were shot at brutalized but they re also shown as disagreeing among themselves as to what to do The book also showed that black people had a strong presence in politics even during slavery times I liked how that the book didn t just focus on slavery but on the conferences blacks held a Republican conference at one point That was delightfully ironic as well as the writers and scientistsThe only thing that turned me off was the drawing style It felt a little crude. Still I Rise is a critically acclaimed work with an impressive scope the entire history of Black America told in an accessible raphic novel form Updated from its origina.

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To me But the history telling was so rich I soon overlooked it This is something I would love to have as part of my library Four freedom trains out of five kinda weirdly capitalist but easy read and informative ood to refer folks without previous education on black history movements Funny how history repeats itself Still this is no time for a pity party Our history is a collective spirit memory and imagination We can look back at it for wisdom but also to learn from our mistakes and missed opportunitiesTo say that I ve learnt a lot reading this would be a massive understatement The story of struggle starts at the veeeery beginning something I ve never read about However I did find it difficult at times as the lettering would change fonts that were hard to read Also while the storytelling was compelling and reflective it was at times rushed particularly towards the end and the style wasn t as effective in conveying the story as Maus or L version which ended with the Million Man March it now extends from the early days of colonial slavery right through to Barack Obama’s roundbreaking presidential camp.

Download Ebook Still I Rise A Graphic History of African Americans –