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His mini novel was a romantic read with a HEA The whirlwind romance of Carlo and Estrella uickly moved from pain and disillusionment to true love I wanted the characters to find happiness together Estrella s desire to help the orphan girls in India had me cheering and Carlo once he realized his rror was a perfect knight in shining armor It amazed me that Jane Porter was able to convey so much Snowy River Man emotion and romance using so few words This was a really short little story and was just okay The heroine is a model and has already learned her lessons about what is important in life She is in Cannes trying to get funding for a film that will benefit orphans in India But the hero sees her makes snap assumptions about her personality and sexual promiscuity andmbarasses her horribly in front of the people with the money He spends the rest of the story trying to make it up to her First I think she forgave him way too fast but he did some pretty cool stuff to make amends Still we overlooked the fact that he had no right to treat her that way regardless of her actual personality Had she been a promiscuous slut who was look. Retty face In Cannes to find a distributor for a documentary that's close to her.

This story was a great uick readit has misunderstanding and romance When things come to light for our hero he knows what a giant mistake he has made Which makes the groveling Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze even better Loved it I loved this mini novel The characters draw you in and make you fall in love It s the perfect combination of love hate romance and philanthropy I had to read this in one sitting because I didn t want to put it down Another great book by an amazingly talented author I first picked this up from Harleuin when they rolled out Harleuin Mini I really liked being able to pick up a romantic short storysometimes a uick read is the perfect pick me up Injoyed this uick read by Jane Porter I found the pace kept me interested in the very moment of Estrella and Carlo s romance I love to read Novellas when I am running short on time to sink deep into a book This Novella made me wish that it was longer though The characters were well written in the amount of space they had and made me want to cheer for them and want to know about Estrella s cause If you love Jane Porter you will love this story with a heart as well as romance Argentinean Estrella Galv n is one of Europe's top models but she's much than a

Ing for her next meal ticket that was no way to treat a person But still the romance nded up being very sweet and the Malakai (Wicked Games, ending was awesome view spoiler I love a man who will give it all up for the woman hide spoiler Argentinean Estrella Galv n is one of Europe s top models but she s much than a pretty face In Cannes to find a distributor for a documentary that s close to her heart she meets Carlo Gabellini a man who thinks beautiful women are all the same Mistaken for a MistressWhen people believe in the lies they were told as fact someone gets hurt But when that same woman ttys to become better than that she has to over come so much He had to let go of what he was told in order to really get to know her But will it be to late Could have had a betternding Be specific I hate spending money on a book only to have it completely ruined by the The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone ending This book started off nicely It was sweet the whole way through Then thending was just abrupt A few pages of pilogue could have changed this one star to a five 35 starsshort and uick read with a sweet h and a POS H who makes serious attempts to grovel very nicely. Heart she meets Carlo Gabellini a man who thinks beautiful women are all the same.

Read Epub Mistaken for a Mistress –

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Born in Visalia California I'm a small town girl at heart I love central California's golden foothills oak trees and the miles of farmland In my mind there's nothing sweeter in the world than the heady fragrance of orange blossoms on a sultry summer nightAs a little girl I spent hours on my bed staring out the window dreaming of far off places fearless knights and happy ever after endi