download pdf Promoted Secretary To Bride Harleuin Romance –

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Loved this story I was a little disappointed in my last Jennie Adams book but this one certainly made up for it I uess they can t all be winners Jarrod and Molly were so cute I loved the fact that Molly had been in love with Jarrod for a long time but he didn t really notice her until she had a slight makeover although he trusted her implicitly and relied on her so much for his business needs Molly referred a lot to fairy tales and Cinderella Mollyrella in the book as she felt like sh. What was I thinking As if a new dress and a pair of borrowed hopes and dreams shoes were Ēna going toet me noticed by my scrummy bos.

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download pdf Promoted Secretary To Bride Harleuin Romance –

The romance Her characters never fall into bed on page 1 but instead fall slowly and deeply in love before they take that step It s not always you find that on contemporary romance but especially in Harleuins Her Australian settings never fail to delight It s a nice story about Jarrod and Molly Wasn t much interested in this novel It was so uick to read that I finished during a commute home Wasn t blown over by the Cinderella fairy tale of a secretary falling in love with her boss Me. Things seemed different and for one crazy moment I felt sure he was oing to kiss me Oh well it will be back to business on Monday.

E belonged in a different world than him Jarrod had issues from his childhood stemming from the indifferent and sometimes cruel treatment of his heinous parents He felt he didn t understand how to love and convinced himself he could never ive that to anyone It was obvious as the book went on just how much the opposite was true He fell so hard for Molly it was unreal but he didn t realize it until the end My favorite thing about this author s work is the slow buildup she always ives to. S After all he has barely looked at me in the last three yearsBut last night after Jarrod drove me home from that posh work party.

Jennifer Ann Ryan was born on 1963 in a small country town in New South Wales Australia She has travelled in America trekked Australia’s Kosciusko National Park lived and worked on a wheatsheep farm played piano at marriage ceremonies sung in a choral production and worked in jobs ranging from Legal transcription typist to motor mechanic’s office assistant She currently makes her home in