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Of the 13 stories 3 were good enough for a typical issue of FSF It s a reminder to avoid Greenberg s anthologies of originals This anthology doesn t live up to the inventive premise of telling stories where roleplaying games and reality intersect I was ready to uit after the introductory material and early stories all ammered the same worn out joke about gamers being slovenly fast food addicts but I stuck around to see what Jim C Hines would do with Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, his story Mightier Than the Sword His entertaining tale was about libriomancers who could pull weapons and creatures out of SFF novels a premisee later expanded into a book of that name I liked Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, his references to real writers and novels including a subtle self deprecating joke aboutimself Reading Jody Lynn Nye s engaging Roles We Play about roleplaying being used as a therapeutic tool in the 19th century In Defense of Food has motivated me to seek outer novels Kristine Kathryn Rusch ended with an intriguing story about a magical RPG store in Lake Geneva Wisconsin The rest was forgettable including a short perfunctory tribute to E Gary Gygax after is death A collection of short stories about wait for it gamers and games Mostly DD though a few were about LARPs or video gamesAs almost always appens with these short story books the first couple stories were great and the last one was great as well All the ones between them ranged from meh to okay When I finish a collection of short stories I always say that next time I ll just read the first and last couple but I never follow through on that I always think that this might be the time that there s a good one in the middle and I ll miss itThe first story Escapism Black and White has to do with using virtual reality as an escape though itas a wonderful twist not at all what I expected from the story The second one Gaming Circle ad a great twist as well it surprised me in Let the games begin These thirteen original stories by veterans of the fantasy realms take role playing games and universes to a whole new level From a teenager who finds a better future in virtual reality; to a private investigator ired to find a dying man's grandson

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Read Epub Gamer Fantastic –

Fun way The last story Game Testing might کسی به سرهنگ نامه نمی‌نویسد have been my favorite of the book It was about the connection gamers can make with each other andow a family can be chosen instead of the people you re born to I m smiling just thinking about the main character and Cake Pops her storyThose three stories were worth the price of the book though it makes me grumpy to say so why aren t all the stories in it that good I rate this anthology on the strength of its best stories because it wasn t those authors faults that theyad to share this book with the bad ones In particular I enjoyed Game Testing Mightier than the Sword Aggro Radius and EscapismGame Testing the last and longest story in this collection is the true Brave New World highlight A real page turner with well flowing prose natural dialogue clearly defined characters and a great plot that I didn t want to end I ll be looking for from this author Kristine Rusch There were a small number of misspellings and revision errors the editors did not do their jobs but nothing editing couldn t fixMightier than the Sword is a wisecracking urban fantasy focused on book magic where certain people can pull things out of books but only 3 times a year Many real world authors and books are referenced but the antagonist is a fictitious author with this power whose booksave newly become popular Not a bad story though this one doesn t The Name of the Rose have anything to do with gaming despite being set at a SFfantasy conAggro Radius uses a non linear format going back and forth between the big chase scene and the events that led up to the chase and I think it wouldave been much better simply linear especially since one character is introduced after Street Food he s taken actions Also named a location both Annex and Annexe Otherwise this is a good Die Hard like action story with good characters and setting and some nice ideasIn Escapism we see theorror of Switch. N the midst of a virtual reality theme park; from a person gifted with the power to pull things out of books into the real world; to a psychologist using fantasy role playing to Memories of My Melancholy Whores healis patients; from a gaming convention where the real winners may not be who they seem

S most memorable scene in The Matrix writ large Bravo Chris PiersonI m leaving my reviews of the other stories out of this main review and focusing on the positive I m actually reading this for the second time It s that good Just an awesome collection of gamer stories bt authors who are gamers I d recommend this to anyone % Stars Great stories some a little odd but I Pakistan have to say overall this is the best short story collection I ve read in years The whole book gets the 5 stars not just the few authors I bought it for Steve Jim and Ed Great book and can t wait to see Gamer Fantastic is a great anthology and loads of fun for anyone who is a gamer in any sense of the word or knows one From Chris Pierson s powerful opener through Jim Hinesilarious Mightier Than the Sword to Ed Greenwood s moving tribute to E Gary Gygax this anthology of 13 tales is solid through and through An uneven collection of stories dealing with the concept of RPGs I wanted to like this than I did Several of the stories pushed into interesting territory and developed characters with some depth David Levine s Aggro Radius Steven Schend s Being Played Kristine Kathryn Rusch s Game Testing S L Farrell s The Gods of Every Other Wednesday Night On the whole though the writing is dull the characters flat the situations contrived A collection of 13 short stories all involving role playing in one form or another A couple of the stories I found rather bland but for the most part they were very good Jim C Hines story Mightier Than the Sword I found especially clever and I was only disappointed that the story was a one shot and not a side story from an already existing series Ed Greenwood s eulogy for Gary Gygax was uite touching as well and does make you think about Pitch Dark how much a simple game involving pencils paper and diceas impacted our society Overall a very enjoyable read. O be; to a multi layered role playing game that leads participants from reality to reality and games within games these imaginative and fascinating new tales will captivate both lovers of original fantasy and anyone who as ever fallen under the spell of role playing gam.

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