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Me before eading The Burning Bridge Oh my gosh I m so excited to 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life read this ugh but I have other books toead but Im going to abandon those for this one because I miss Will s adventures Me immediately after Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, reading The Burning Bridge OH MY FUDGE GOSH WHAT NO WTH THERE HAS TO BE MORE THERE HAS TO BE MORE AHHHHHHHHHHHH scream that lasts for 10 minutes then slowly transfers into sobs NO NO NO NO I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS IS THE END AHHHHHHHHHHHH IT CAN T END LIKE THIS MACARONI NOT FAIR NOT FAIR I am honestly at a loss for words except for WHAT THE IN THE NAME OF KING DUNCAN JUST HAPPENE WARNING THIS REVIEW IS SUPER RAMBLY AND PROBABLY NOT THAT GREAT Burning Bridge is the second book in The Ranger s Apprentice series Iteally picks up from where book one finishes continuing to follow the story of the characters we were introduced to and following a few Whereas the first book can be seen as boring for 80% of the book The Burning Bridge has a lot plot for the A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners reader to immerse themselves in When I firstead this book in 2010 I emember not being able to put it down staying up late by using my lamp and covering the cracks of my door with jumpers so no one would know obviously I was a big ebel The Burning Bridge focuses primarily on Will Gilan and Horace They are on a uest so to say to visit the Celtics in order to provide information about an upcoming war However upon arrival it is obvious something is amiss The Celtics who are stated to be clean people have left watch bases abandoned and not in the standard they would The trio continue further into villages to find or less the same thing only to learn they have been outsmarted Basically the plot line so much happens that I don t want to mention due to spoilers as well CharactersWith characters we get so many perspectives I can t eally focus on certain primary characters in order to fill this section of my eview What is needed to know is we get humour from each perspective As well as gaining insights between the trio and Halt back at the castle where he seems to be throwing Lords in moats World BuildingThe world The international bestselling series with over 5 million copies sold in the US alone For years the Kingdom of Araluen has prospered with the evil lord Morgarath safely behind the impassable mountains For years its people have felt secure but the scheming hand of the dark lord has not been idle on a special mission fo.

Uilding wasn t as vital or obvious in this book since so much had been established in the previous book It was still present however with how the author described the characters and added a slight magical twist to it all It was alluring in the sense it is both historical and fanatical OverallOverall this eview is incredibly scattered but I woke up at 5am so I m giving myself a break personally I enjoyed this book immensely Seeing Alyss and Halt interact was hilarious as well was finding out about him and Lady Pauline I absolutely adore the characters of this series and would without a doubt ecommend it to people who are unsure if they should pick it up It s worth the ead I ll find you Will Wow I loved this book While the first book in the series was good this one was great There was action humor a good battle and a fantastic cliffhanger at the end Enjoy The author s command of the language allows the continuation of the story of The Ranger s Apprentice to flow with ease and familiarity Characters become those you care about nervous and anxious when they are in danger and happy and satisfied when a job is well done The on going story starts with the The Ruins of Gorlan and your memory is efreshed in such a way that it is not merely ehashing and eiterating the beginning over again but a gentle eminder of what proceeded at the start of the saga Halt and his apprentice Ranger Will are continuing their training of the anger method as Horace Will s orphanage mate is training on the battleschool field The first inklings of an invasion by evil and sadistic Morgarath and his Wargals is becoming apparent Gilan a trusted fellow anger was the first anger trained by HaltHe is sent on a mission with Will and Horace to enlist the help of the secretive Celtica nation a nation known for their mastery of mining welding and tunnel excavations When passing through many towns in Celtica an ominous foreboding is surrounding the townsthey are virtually empty of life and it is evident that they have left their homes in haste What happened to them Why does Gilan Halt and Horac. R the angers will and his friend Horace an apprentice knight travel to a neighboring village and discover the unsettling truth All the villagers have either been slain or captured but why Could it be that Morgarath has finally devised a plan to bring his legions over the supposedly insurmountable pass if so the king.

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E sense that it has something to do with Morgarath An adventure story touched ever so slightly by fantasy elements is filled with battle strategy and maneuversstrong yet compassionate men no good money loving mercenaries and intelligent and beautiful women The Wargals half men half bearlike creatures are controlled by Morgarath Their brute force is unmatched yet their every move is controlled through the brain washing effects dictated by Morgarath Will Horace Gilan and Halt combine efforts to aid King Duncan of Araluen in the defeat of Morgarath Will Horace Halt and Gilan along with newcomer Evanlyn Cassandraall contribute to Morgarath s demise but the story does not end conveniently as Will and Evanlyn seemed doomed to a life of slavery with their capture by the Skandias Will Halt let that happen I assume we will all find out in the third book of the series This book is very well written not only grammatically but in the emotion that the author can draw out of the eader The story plot line is exceptional and creates a world you can truly believe exists This atmosphere in the book is so ealistic you become immersed in the world inside the book The book is actually the second in a series However in the first two pages it explains the background and then dives ight in not wasting time on lengthy unnecessary explanations The story begins in an exciting manner with a chase a capture of battle plans and the beginning of a war The story continues growing in excitement and subterfuge Though the plot thickens it does not become over complicated and it creates an almost perfect balance of characters emotions and plot lines Everything that happens to the characters pulls at you compelling you to feel what they feelThis book is excellently written and I would ecommend it for anyone at any age It is a book that many no matter what age will find enjoyable to eadI loved eading this book because this book created one of the most ealistic worlds I have encountered in a book This book also balanced all of the elements ensuring I wouldn t get confused while also adding dept. S army is in imminent danger of being crushed in a fierce ambush And will and Horace are the only ones who can save them Perfect for fans of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings TH White’s The Sword in the Stone Christopher Paolini’s Eragon series and George R R Martin’s Game of ThronesA Song of Ice and Fire serie.

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