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Onaire hero who has a ONS with our housekeeper h 12 weeks later she is pregnant and decides to approach him He coerces her to marry him and after some drama they find their HEASounds like a typical HN trope rightThen why the high rating Let s discuss The H has temporary amnesia but that did not make him a dick The night they shared was passionate and consensual The h decides to tell the H about her pregnancy instead of hiding it He has to coerce her to marry him and she resists instead of giving in to his blackmail easily Post marriage she takes the OW head on The love confession comes pretty easily All conflicts are resolved with a few pages instead of things being put off for the very end ie him getting her fired his eyesight The H was super nice the h was sweet The epilogue was adorableA pleasure to readSafe455 The h and H have a one night stand she is a virgin and he is blind She tracks him down and he insists on marriage The H s blindness is hard for him to deal with but the snark is good and the pace is fast When he gets his sight back the story gets even better I really enjoyed the back and forth in this one and I think it was one of KL s better efforts I think I like her Italian and Greek H s the best cause they do get some good lines He was manipulative but not cruel In fact uite sweet hero with his need for her even if he didn t realize depth of his feelings about her This was a lovely read but very short With a blind H I was expecting something different but this turned out to be a typical HP It was like 3 stars I dunno why I gave it 4Book starts with h revealing about her pregnancy H is not some anonymous stranger who was so vulnerable and in pain about his blindness any but a confident billionaire who has accepted his defaults h is a ournalist n H misunderstands that she slept with him for a story Nay ntn new here H soon comes out of his misconceptions and proposes marriage h being the strong independent redhead slaps him hard and walks out of his office swearing never wanting to see his face again The very next day h looses her Dance and Cultural Diversity job thanks to the phone call H made H takes the advantage of her low and proposes marriage again with no choice h accepts and they are marriedAahh here comes the twistust before their marriage H goes on a trip to Rome n has his surgery which returns his sight He goes with the marriage full well knowing how h looks and he loves what he sees on the other hand h thinks H would have never proposed marriage or their one night stand would have never hpnd if he was not blind she thinks she has no chance against all the tall blondes especially if its someone so beautiful like H s ex fiance They both were sweet and I think H loves her from the first moment he accepted that there was than lust between them and persuades her ruthlessly to marry him h has some inferiority complex and considers herself ntn than a redhead with lots of freckles underline that freckles here she mentions them too many times We have Ow here H s gorgeous actress Ex fiance who loves her dogONLY And she only feeds him branded mineral water duh what a snob I laughed out loud at this pointNo spoilers I have become very lazy these days skipping all reviews and sticking to rating It took me 3 Hrs to finish the book and it gives that all good spring kinda feeling Hero and heroine spend one night together she ends up pregnant hero proposes a MOC but of course heroine falls in love with him When our blind hero regains his eyesight heroine is afraid he will go back to his actress girlfriend the woman he was about to marry before his accidentVery romantic heartwarming love story Epilogue totally melted my heart I even liked hero s bitchy ex She brought delicious angst I loved to hate her The heroine was adorable like most Kim Lawrence heroines and the hero a true hero in every sense of the wor. Hen Cesare suddenly regains his sight Sam's sure he's going to trade her his diminutive fiery haired bride for one of the tall slim blondes he used to dat.

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Epub Online The Brunelli Baby Bargain î Kim Lawrence – latinboyz4play.com

This was nothing special or different as far as Harleuin Presents but it was a pleasant read I gave it four stars because I reall like Kim Lawrence s writing although it probably is like 3 stars Definitely a book for those who like blind heroes although he does recover his sight about halfway through the book Heroine has a bit of an inferiority complex She sounds pretty attractive but seems to measure her petite violet eyed redheaded look against tall stacked blondes I was thinking I thought violet eyes were pretty special Mind you her fiance had cheated on her so that would definitely contribute to her issues A good book to pass the time after a long hard week This was a fun low angst book Except for Cesare being blind for half the book it had the regular HP tropes A ONS leading to a marriage of convenience However what made it enjoyable was that both MCs were extremely likeable and made an awesome pair The sexual chemistry between them was very strongDespite his arrogance and sneakiness I loved Cesare His wit had me chuckling most of the time He may come across as intimidating but he was good with the people who mattered to him like Tim his right hand man or his driver Paolo especially loved the exchange between him and Paolo when they go to Samantha s placeThe lift is out of order sir Paolo said in a tone that suggested this did not surprise him The building does not meet with your approval It could do with a lick of paint Cesare speculated Several Or better still knocking down Cesare laughed You are a snob Then his expression sobered A building that his fastidious driver found unacceptable was not one that he had any intention of his child being raised in The thickset Paolo who carried a few extra pounds around his middle was panting by the time they reached the fourth floor Cesare was not You need to take exercise my friendThere was no doubt he was thoroughly smitten with Samantha She was really sweet I loved the scene where they go for the scan and she describes the images of their unborn baby for Cesare since he couldn t see My only issue with her was her unnecessary inferiority complex but I liked how she didn t let Cesare s blindness stop her from giving it good back to him Loved their witty exchange You have an original way of proposing I ll give you that You wish me to go down on one knee and declare undying love The sarcasm caught Sam on a raw nerve she hadn t known she had and she covered her reaction with a display of flippancy Why not I could do with a good laugh It is not a bad thing either that with a wife in the background I will hopefully not attract those women who wish to hold my hand while I cross the road So that will be my ob No I don t think I ll change the present arrangement Paolo does not want to marry me Besides I suspect you would be likely to lead me under a bus Don t give me ideas she growled before she subsided into thoughtful silenceYou were trying to save me The sound of his amazed laughter made Sam see red The faint unease she had felt waking up alone had grown into full scale mind numbing panic by the time she d found his tee shirt at the water s edge and he was laughing We all make mistakes She glared at him as she thought how she had never seen anything as beautiful as him now She should have slugged him there for laughing after giving her the fright of her life believing he was going to drownI also enjoyed the exchange between Samantha and Cesare s ex Really cheered for her there And later on after she left and Cesare walks in I couldn t help laugh at his wariness knowing he d walked into something portentousIt took Cesare about two seconds to deduce that all was not well If the tear stains were not conclusive the stormy look in Sam s violet eyes was she was mad as hell and that anger appeared to be directed at him Oh you finally decided to put in Dark imposing billionaire Cesare Brunelli lost his sight saving a little girl from a burning car The only person who treated him without pity was the soft.

N appearance then I suppose I should be grateful Cesare studied the colour on her cheeks and the glow in her eyes and smiled If the audible grating of her teeth was an indicator she appeared to find the smile provocative What have I done he asked thinking about how she had looked when she had woken this morning her hair on the pillow her face sleepily flushed Nothing Absolutely nothing Sam muttered She ust loved entertaining his mistress She glared at him some and waited while he brushed an invisible speck off his trousers Then he smiled the lopsided smile that always made her stomach flip She watched as he picked up a book off a bureau and ran his finger down the spine He put it back down with exaggerated care before he crossed the room towards her in a handful of long legged elegant strides I feel like I ve walked into the middle of a scene He arched a dark brow sardonically and folded his arms across his chest Would you like to fill in the gaps for me cara I felt the book could have done with a little angst and intensity but I nevertheless enjoyed it I m going with Brenda and Sruthi for the details I Pilgrim Snail just have to add that the h rubbed me the wrong way after chapter one Read this two months before the publishing date And I have to say it was the first time I did that and I loved it This book was awesome but also sad The drama was good without being OTT The hero well he is complicated and at first I was very are you fur real here dude However the he interacts with the heroine and you get a glimpse of his inner workings you come to realize that he is one very emotionally damaged guy Never mind the blind part because I that not even the issue Even though it appears to be The heroine well she isust about the most amazingly loving person You can see how insecure she is from everything she does But honestly she is An Unsafe Haven just about the most beautiful person ever I don t understand how she can t see that but the hero does Ahhhh The author did a greatob with this trope which I adore gets pregnant by the one night stand thing She is an auto buy for me Has been for years Book safety This book is safe however there is some OWOM drama but no cheating Of course the hero uses condoms in his past I didn t like this one Some of the scenes were very frustrating It s not new in HPlandia that we got an arrogant dominating and deceptive hero H was blind though he got blind through an accident 6month ago The H h slept together when H was dealing with his post blind stage She got pregnant and informed H about it The pregnancy news meeting didn t go so well obviously H did offer marriage but the h refused Next day h got sacked and the H was behind it H then somehow managed to convince the Loving Lies (Summer Lovin, jobless h for marriage And they started to have sex regularly 1 month passed and they got married The h was already in love with H And she was worried that if H was able to see then he never would have married her Before the wedding H had a surgery and able to see again He saw h on their wedding day first and thought she was beautiful H didn t tell h that he can see again and continue to deceive her One day after their marriage h learned everything She asked why he deceives her but the H answered her it was not that important Then Little OW drama OW throw lots of bullshits towards h but she held her ground and dignity I have to give some score h because of this Then a little bit of argument because of the OW with H and HEA I don t mind angsty in HP s if there is no slut shaming and cheating But this oneust bore me cause there were lots of internal monologues but very little interaction between the characters And H never apologizes what he did so there was no groveling Safety Issues H was celibate for 6month and h was virgin It was safe The Brunelli Baby Bargain is Samantha and CesareWha This was so goodWe have a blind billi. Skinned virgin with whom he spent a passionate night Now she's expecting his babySamantha gets the one reaction she didn't expect a marriage demand But

Though lacking much authentic Welsh blood Kim Lawrence comes from English Irish stock She was born and brought up in North Wales She returned there when she married and her sons were both born on Anglesey an island off the coast Though not isolated Anglesey is a little off the beaten track but lively Dublin which Kim loves is only a short ferry ride away Today they live on the farm her

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